Apr 10, 2009 - 2:50 am
Title: Reason why i'm not playing on the main server again

not because of my performance last time,.. but because i've clicked i forgot my password, and i checked all my email addresses and can't find which email address i used to sign up for the main

rambled by Langel around Apr 10, 2009 - 2:50 am
Mar 28, 2009 - 8:19 pm
Title: Apologies to Alf

Just before i stupidly tried to take back my indy planet in my endy and died without an escape pod,.. i borrowed some credits from the team planet. Alf is at 11 in the main,.. so i hope my stupid move didn't affect the team. Sigh,.. i'm really dumb. No point in targetting me in future games. I'm too dumb,... not much of a challenge to others or help.

Cheers, Langel

rambled by Langel around Mar 28, 2009 - 8:19 pm
Mar 21, 2009 - 5:34 am
Title: All bushed out

And 3 more students to go. As some of the oldies like Tempest (wonder where he is?) may know,.. .


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rambled by Langel around Mar 21, 2009 - 5:34 am
Mar 20, 2009 - 10:47 pm
Title: Sigh...

got killed in the main. I know it's my fault but i feel intense melancholia comin' on. Being a musician, i'm prone to depression. I should stick to stock trading. Somehow i'm more detached there, than so attached here to a big virtual ship.

Note to self: don't play AAT when working,.. you may get attacked when leaving your computer unattended.

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rambled by Langel around Mar 20, 2009 - 10:47 pm
Mar 20, 2009 - 1:14 am
Title: Weird line...

when i go to:

i get:
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/www/profiles/editprofile.php on line 25

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rambled by Langel around Mar 20, 2009 - 1:14 am
Mar 20, 2009 - 1:12 am
Title: Stylus Manager

In Singapore, there is an I.T. fair every quarter,.. in Dec, March, June and Sept/Oct. I have always visited the March one and at times the others, and wanted to set up an Opera fan booth because i love the opera browser so much. At home and work, i have Mozilla, but Opera is still quicker,..

Anyway, recently, i bought an Asus Eeetop,.. or EEEpc or something like that. It's a touch screen pc that I like, being a tactile person. I've had the earliest qwerty keyboard phone,.. a cute zany blue Motorola 'toyish' phone that works brilliantly,..  and always was an early adopter for idealistic phones.

Anyway, the Asus Eeetop always gives me error messages whenever I play AAT. Something about the stylus manager and not being able to read/write into the memory,.. it's strange. Wonder why it conflicts.

rambled by Langel around Mar 20, 2009 - 1:12 am
Mar 19, 2009 - 4:21 pm
Title: How did you discover AAT? :P

Back in the day, it was a Polish friend called Michal or Michmaj (userid),... we'd met in the Opera browser forums, and he introduced me to a tv show called 24 and this game because I was playing Age of Empires. I didn't latch onto 24, but i did immediately like playing this!

He's now married, and a father of one... he sent me the links of his wedding photos and his child's birth (:eek! lololz,.. who says internet friendships aren't real?

The new game system is a bit complex,.. reminds me of the high-end phones, which i buy for its wonderful features but use mainly the main functions of SMS and calls haha. I'll get to it though,...


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rambled by Langel around Mar 19, 2009 - 4:21 pm
Mar 19, 2009 - 4:15 pm
Title: BACK (for good?)! ^_^

I've joined the AAT main game,.. and celebrated by getting killed in my level 16 pioneer,.. thereafter Alf took pity on me and invited me to join his team.

Coming back here, it's not kinda retro,.. i realise that no matter how many things have happened in my "real" life, i wouldn't choose any other avatar for the world than that crazy pretty blob. I'm still kind of the same person i guess.

My boyfriend is resigned to losing me to this game,.. he came out twice, and i didn't take his offer of a massage, twice. I think i better go back and soothe his ego. *wink*

I hate Tony Roma's honey ribs for dinner last night. And their spectacular 'onion loaf', and their average calamari and salad.


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rambled by Langel around Mar 19, 2009 - 4:15 pm
Feb 22, 2008 - 3:32 am
Title: Thankee thankee for the smilies in the AAT game!

:-D :grin:
:-) :smile:
:-( :sad:
:shock: :? :-?
:???: 8) 8-)
:lol: :x
:-P :razz: ops:
:cry: :evil: :twisted:
;-) :!: :?:
:idea: :arrow: :|
:-| :neutral: :huh:
:barf: :biggrin: :bigthumb:
:blah: :bowdown: :drool:
:dunno: :frown: :hs:
:hsugh: :momaru: :naughty:
:nono: :nuts: wned:
:rant: :rant2: :rofl:
:sadwavey: :slap: :squint:
:thumbsdown: :ugh: :ugh2:
:wavey: :wiggle: :wtf:
:yum: :worried: :sick:
:ladysman: :baby: :bandit:
:flame: :nag: :deal:
:zzz: :alf: hone:
:hrm: :chill: :shrug:
:disgust: :brows: :member:
:angel: :wave: :cheers:
:hungry: :clap: :argue:
:kiss: :weird: :jester:
:dapimp: :king: :mecry:
:bye: :idea: :cow:
:heart: :ctrlk: :birthday:
:ninja: :flag: :google:
:thwak: :stab: :scared:
:redx: ignored:

rambled by Langel around Feb 22, 2008 - 3:32 am
Feb 19, 2008 - 12:18 pm
Title: Questions i don't know the answers to (updated)

Am on http://www.fallen-legion.net/aatraders/main.php with an excellent & talkative teammate - alensky,.. but not many active players.... wish more would join...

1. Do spy hunters hunt embezzlers? Can the spy hunter be the embezzler himself?

2. What is the proportion of good debris to bad debris?

3. Can my ship be entirely destroyed due to bad debris?

4. Who here still picks up debris?

5. Can spies or embezzlers be hidden in debris? (obviously i'm fascinated by debris!)

6. When scanning using long range scan, does the port properties revealed (ore, organics, goods & energy & N.A) show up in the local map? Thank you Lucky!!!

7. Is it true that embezzlers don't start embezzling till 3 days after they become active dignitaries? So, if you keep on firing them every 3 days, you won't be able to get your credits embezzled?  

8. Should i keep on destroying planets i made till all are High ORE High ORGANICS? Or does low ore, low organics mean that it's high in maybe goods and energy production?

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rambled by Langel around Feb 19, 2008 - 12:18 pm
Feb 18, 2008 - 10:41 am
Title: The girl in the picture... :)

We were all provided with templates for our blogs,...  this was my first choice, because i admire that kinda body... and if i were a man, that would be the kinda body that turned me on the most. And it's quite a rare body type amongst us Chinese coz our cheongsams favour the slim and svelte, not the voluptuous,..

This is the sort that had gone out of style many years ago. Ripe, but not quite overblown, with full, soft curves and snow-white skin befitting a Venus of days past. Large, luscious breasts encased with nothing by her hands. You can easily uncover her hands from her boobs, because she wants what is coming as you can indulge in sensual play with knives, wax, a bit of danger. I don't know,.. that's something i've not told my bf because he's a bit squeamish.

Being topless, her undergarments only have to match her lipstick and headscarf.... There's no need for a garter belt, or sheer stockings to be sexy. She had a perfectly balanced hourglass figure despite her little tummy, which was invitingly soft. She's perched on a pair of platforms, that add just the right casual but perky touch.

Nope,.. i'm perfectly straight,.. it's just that i'm imagining her to be me hehe...  

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rambled by Langel around Feb 18, 2008 - 10:41 am
Feb 17, 2008 - 8:09 pm
Title: Learning Curve increase...

truthfully,.. my knowledge of AAT is still half-baked... i think you need to be a credible mensa candidate to know its ins and outs... as it is,.. i'm only no. 1 in the little server http://www.fallen-legion.net/aatraders/ranking.php?game_number=0 by hard work. Alone. I still haven't figured out how to be efficient and effective in playing this!

How do we cater for newbies and old hands? (and half-baked, average people like me who wants to be smart, but ne comprehende?)

There are many gaps in my knowledge about the existing game that i wish i could fill but i don't know how. Alas,.. if there are future developments, i guess i can still stay on the current version.


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rambled by Langel around Feb 17, 2008 - 8:09 pm
Feb 15, 2008 - 7:10 pm
Title: Why does the Federation scan my ship and my planet?

I'm on http://www.fallen-legion.net

rambled by Langel around Feb 15, 2008 - 7:10 pm
Feb 12, 2008 - 7:46 am
Title: Nobody's in the chatroom! ^_^

*tap-dances around the big blue large empty, echoing room*

rambled by Langel around Feb 12, 2008 - 7:46 am
Feb 12, 2008 - 7:27 am
Title: New new site! ^_^

Am on http://www.fallen-legion.net/aatraders/ranking.php

I committed suicide the first time after bein' hit by a debris,.. (will i NEVER learn?! to pick debris,.. ) (in my case,... the debris killed the cat) heheh

what i want to know is,..

Brandt Reeves ** how did he get such an incredible score? with such few turns? Is it with debris?

2. Also tried the new AAT chat room,... so mod cool! I'm in it now,.. and hopin' someone will join, although it's quite hard i think,.. singapore time bein' +8 GMT,.. and almost the only other S'porean AATrader i know is Shermond.

3. as is the new phbb3 Everything's for the better,.. now if only the old players keep on coming back, we really should all keep in touch.

KUDOs to PJ and TH,... may 2008 go resoundingly well for them!

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Feb 11, 2008 - 9:22 pm
Title: The beginning of 2008...

is overwhelming me.

I'm in sunny singapore with nice beaches and cooling coconut trees, and i'm living a stressful life.

1. Marketing for my music school,.. www.bedazzledmusic.com
It's only open for 2 days because there are no students on other days. But i'm paying 2.8k USD a mth for the space in town,.. and have signed a 3 year lease. I need to get my

a) website design
b) brochure design & printing
c) banner design & set up

Now, i'm selling pianos in the space. But not very successfully heheh. 1 piano in a mth,.. that only covers 300USD of the rent.

2. What is the chance that the man you thought you would settle down with has mental illness? My fiance is not mentally "normal" and not just repressed. I love him,.. but he hears and sees things that aren't there. And whilst i love him,.. i don't think normal people appreciate that their partners are sane. I didn't realise how much stress there can be if there's a higher possibility of any children having a higher chance of schizophrenia or mental illness,..

Himself being mentally ill, and me not having known it for more than 2.5 years has caused me to lose my confidence in myself. How can you know a person, and yet not know a person?

I find him physically attractive. But sometimes i don't respect him. But when i try to find out why i don't respect him, my feelings get all convoluted. You know,.. love must also be about admiration. IF you don't admire something, you don't love it?

I hope he'll be completely recovered. But if not,.. love is for richer, or poorer, mentally sound or not.

All this, apart from the normal stresses of a couple getting and buying a house,.. trying to find time to spend together. And i find it hard to articulate my feelings in person. I don't think he realises how hard it is on me, finding that he's not the "mentally healthy" person i thought he was. I keep on telling myself that we're all not exactly sane, especially in this stressful world,.. we all have our foibles and quirks and ways of coping and self-soothing. I want to stand by him, but at times i'm so tired. I want to play AAT again and have fun, and forget for a while,.. but there're so many things to juggle,.. my students, their progress, exams,.. my family who don't know about his condition. Having not enough money. I used to be mistaken for being 10 years younger by cab drivers 2 years ago,.. now no more.

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Oct 3, 2007 - 8:50 am
Title: I opened up a music school...!

And i've been living a very unhealthy life. I miss

Rasti, Max Griswald, Alf, Tempest,.. Ak,.. Oakman (although we hardly talked), The Donald, CSimplex, FBM, <<Big>>, Phaser,.. Dark Soul... Lucky Starrr.... Of course, PJ and TH, the guardians.

This site has given me very lovely memories.

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May 12, 2007 - 6:46 am
Title: My Birthday is tomorrow,.. ! (Mother's Day)

In Singapore, we celebrate Mother's Day on the 2nd Sunday of May. Once every few years, my birthday, 13th May, falls on Sunday too,.. although i was truly born on Friday the 13th.

Do you make a big hoopla over your bday?

For me, i'm just having a birthday cake cut on the beach at midnight with a few girl friends.

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rambled by Langel around May 12, 2007 - 6:46 am
May 5, 2007 - 2:32 pm
Title: 3.3-pm just fine on me own! :D

Help me find a job and immigrate there, please.

rambled by Langel around May 5, 2007 - 2:32 pm
May 3, 2007 - 10:35 am
Title: Sigh,..

There was something wrong with the autoroutes when displayed in the Opera browser,.. when menu opens, it doesn't show all the autoroutes i have. I'm out of the French and Alf's server i guess. Sigh.

rambled by Langel around May 3, 2007 - 10:35 am
May 3, 2007 - 1:01 am
Title: Can anyone help me a little?

Am unable to log into the forum because of some admin issues,...

1. What does the percentages beside the resources produced by the planet? Does 100% mean that it's operating at 100% efficiency, that i chose the right rate of production, or does it mean that that's the maximum quantity of that resource that planet can hold?

2. I suspect that there's an embezzler amongst my digs, do i get rid of all just to get rid of one?

3. Are there digs that are production sabotageurs? Because for a planet that's supposedly high in ore and organic production, its organic production isn't as efficient as all the other planets.

4. When is the best time to borrow from the 1GB? )

Care to help, anyone?

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rambled by Langel around May 3, 2007 - 1:01 am
May 1, 2007 - 11:23 pm
Title: Summary of last few blog Updates

1. Phirephly received a compliment from Valience regarding her story update. Didn't have time to catch up as my real time friends too have
posted labyrinthine stories,.. hers though are well-written and not chunky.



2. *Fakecajun's latest update is delightfully breezy. If you've missed him, go post a comment or 2 on his blog.

FC: Do mind that coffee gives you ulcers if taken on an empty stomach!



3. Max Griswald wrote a heartfelt, albeit melancholic poem.

Who knew a tortured soul lurked within him?



4. Big posts an update about Time Twisting. Which got lively comments.


Frankly tho' Big,.. i'm glad of the 4hr limit,.. that way my eyesight remains perfect.  


5. SPAR7AN, who's 17, plopped down a lively post on all the players that've been returning.


He also poses a question at the end that those mathematically inclined may want to try their hand at answering.


7. Moonraker posts a one-liner about how he's forced to blog. Strange,.. how can anyone be forced to blog?


Maybe he can be forced to lend me some credits hehe


8. Neon,.. oh neon! he's still around!


Haha, neon has been selling eve online timecodes,.. but i'm setting up an online adult shop with a friend in the next few months *crosses fingers* just so that i can get trade prices for the things i use!


9. Tempest came back as well, but more in the sidelines,.. everyone drop by yea!


10. Lucky Starr posted a personal rant, which i understood,... what i didn't understand were the comments... ?



11. Also,.. for those of you who've been missing out,.. go check out the spirited debate btw a few individuals about the new tournament coming up! There's already 3 pages of history to browse through! If you delay any more,.. there'll be more to plow through in a few days!


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rambled by Langel around May 1, 2007 - 11:23 pm
May 1, 2007 - 10:49 pm
Title: Hehe! I'm finally in a game! ^_^

The server i first signed up on, never gave my pw despite me checkin' over 10 times and double-checking that i gave the correct password! (is that what it means by the water never boiling when you watch it lol!?),.. that's why i like Alf's server,.. where the pw is immediately given.

Anyway,... i was doing fine, with an ER of 13,.. then it plunged because i hit a debris where i lost 10 levels all around,.. so that brought my ER down to 6 (bbbbbooooo!) that really hurt,..  since my last 1500 turns or so was wasted.

Why do people wanna collect debris anyway? The rewards are slim,.. and the punishments are severe,.. kinda like gambling, no? Now i remember why being risk-averse is good. And it all comes back to me now, why i stopped collecting debris.  I mean,.. out of the 20 debris i collected, only 1 gave me a meagre hoard of mines, (500 or so), the bad debris made me lose 40 turns, the extremely bad one made me lose 10 off ALL my tech levels.

Do you still collect debris? Had good fortune in doing so?

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rambled by Langel around May 1, 2007 - 10:49 pm
Apr 30, 2007 - 5:20 am
Title: I'm back! :P

After approximately 1 year? I don't know...   

oh,.. more like 1.5 years,..

Tried to get immediately into the swing of things,.. but got befuddled by what's vps and tb on alf's servers,.. and then when i tried out http://aatraders.planetenigma.org/, i've been waiting more than 6 hours for my password. So sad,..

Going for a movie after 10pm today,.. it's a different guy every day of the week. Some days 2 guys... like today, but these aren't your normal guys,.. these are guys who put career first, and women are just like ornaments, easily discarded.

I see these people have updated their blogs! Wow,.. they're still around! ^_^

Max Griswald
lucky starr

And of course,.. our beloved developers PJ and TH have stayed the course and charted new territories which i'm eager to explore... gosh,.. when i left, i think it was version 0.21 or something,.. =))

Any hugs for me? )

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Aug 7, 2005 - 10:17 am
Title: I don't want to have to think abt a blog subject darn it! :)

PJ updated his blog with more technical stuff. Gotta love a guy who knows what he's doing. 2 ex-bfs attracted me coz of this same quality,... however one was too young as he was my age, and that's not what i'm looking for in a l-t bf & one was an expatriate. Yea,... not exactly long-term qualities,..


For those who want to prove a male friend's theory right, go PM Ai chan/add a comment in her blog. He claims that girls who sit there looking vulnerable at clubs get the most pick-ups.



I'm clubbing almost every night, even after church,... solely coz i like the music, dancing, company, alcohol,... not to pick up guys with bedroom eyes. That's a nice way of keeping count, and of reassurance that i'm still attractive. Was supposed to go to Velvet today at 10p.m. to meet a yuppie real estate tycoon, who enviably owns a few properties i lust over,.. however had an unexpected accident with my shoe. I'm not at all attracted to guys who're born with a silver spoon,... and look like a metrosexual Adam Sandler (Asian version), but he is more interesting than most guys.

Singapore has a burgeoning night scene,... and what with a fluid expat population, there're always new people to mix around. Well,... the locals just keep on becoming more and more beautiful. but frankly,... it's so fake to just go to the clubs where 'beautiful' people hang out. I wouldn't judge them as being superficial,... but the accents definitely are.

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rambled by Langel around Aug 7, 2005 - 10:17 am
Aug 6, 2005 - 11:41 am
Title: latest

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/www/profiles/addblogcomment.php on line 267

when i tried to add comments to Neongreen's blog?

Saw Alf's blog,.. won't be playin' his new test server as my fav. is 5 turns/5 mins heh,...


PJ utilised his skills and divined that the code in the Crimson room was wrong.


I'm such a slut,... raging hormones I even have to plead with friends to go with me to clubs, otherwise i'll simply go home with a stranger/s. My sense of self-preservation is too undeveloped.

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rambled by Langel around Aug 6, 2005 - 11:41 am
Aug 4, 2005 - 8:40 pm
Title: i don't like the 'a subject is required!'

I don't know how eudorabanks does it,..


i'm not irritated, just chaffed that i can't figure out how to get such an enviable e.r.,... my aim in any game, is not to be first, but to try to be the most efficient player in the fewest turns,... so it's not that i'm eating sour grapes at not being first,... i can't care less. As for ubex, i think he is simply a more efficient player than i am.

Could almost give up,... can anyone  PM any 'features' of 0.14 hehehe I promise i won't exploit them,.. or use them at all. Cross my heart. Call it intellectual curiousity. Or did PJ/TH ban telling too,... hmm,.. kinda remember them banning telling in the forums *sulks*


Xeven's gets his point across more lucidly in print than any 17 y/o American i know and 99% of the expats here in Singapore. Too bad I can't smell even a whiff of AAT in that potpourri.



Another entertaining blog entry by Big by the way it's titled,


ROFL.... Noobs just don't get it...

Have to say, readin' Big's past subject titles, he really does a nice flair for copy-writing and encapsulating the contents of his blogs.



Ak,... you're a genius! (even if you can't spell the word right)


For you,...



Mystery of Time & Space,... i solved that in 2002 so i'm not sure if i remember the solution,...


if that doesn't work,.. try this:


these were game other Chinese users played a few years ago and recommended it to me. If you've any you'd like to recommend to them, pls PM me.

The most frustrating one i hate:

Uninvited - The Quest for the Red Diamond



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rambled by Langel around Aug 4, 2005 - 8:40 pm
Aug 3, 2005 - 10:21 pm
Title: Thank you Tarnus for your PM

altho' he didn't reveal any cheats ... and to PJ for trying out the Crimson room,.. trust me it works,... I'm also on this site by an ex-Opera browser employee (H-kon),.. and posted almost the same thread there. He also had trouble finding the safe combination. *pats PJ's head fondly* hehehe,...


I'm known as Gdrep there, because my chinese name sounds like 'good reputation', altho' the meaning is more feminine.

Wow,.. 1599 active profiles,... tried joining a spanish AAT server,... haven't gotten my confirmation email yet bah! But PJ & TH's AAT is making its presence felt,... don't think there was a spanish server before?


Ai chan updated her blog for the 1st time with a 1-liner 'I have no ideal of who is fighting who or why.' There's more in her profile page, than her blog page actually.

i've PMed her with my answer.


BW,... ahhh,.. my friend,... he's suitably thankful to Alf, and looks forward to to another tourney with AAT stalwarts.  He also appreciate's Big's support hehehe,.. Big has mellowed!


Phaser begs a leave of absence from us for suitably worthy causes,... well,.. at least he explains unlike some others hehehe,.. everyone who faces real life probs,... could do it like Rasti does,.. and garner support from us as an internet community.


By the way,.. did FBM post in his blog that he is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl called Miyavi?


stalker is from Latvia, and his 1st post is a self-intro,... he's been playing AAT for 2 years.



rampage is from PA, USA,...


nice bites of AAT-related blog entries.


neongreen is another responsible AAT member,... who doesn't leave us hanging by informing us he'll still be contactable via email. He'll be kinda busy in the next few months.


Caught up with his past blog entries,... nice one on subliminal messages he


Darthvaderrocks is a joke. Maybe he just joined for the free blog?



Rama's virgin entry reveals he's from the military,...



Sorry can't type more as i've to work in 10 mins.

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rambled by Langel around Aug 3, 2005 - 10:21 pm
Aug 3, 2005 - 8:08 am
Title: Questions regarding version 0.14

i joined AAT when it was still version 0.14 (oooo fond memories of the past are sinking in),... and didn't discover any cheats, altho' i've heard there were a few,... so do the cheats still work? And if so,.. can someone post them hehehe,.. coz i'm on this server: http://dedicated.oddessey.org/aatrader/index.php which cheerily has a 'no-kill' policy,... but i don't see how the top 2 players have such a high eff ratings, seeing that my e. r.'s usually the highest in all the games i've played, unless it was due to lucky debri. But to have lucky debri happening to 2 so early in the game is quite far-fetched conclusion to reach.

The margin is just too wide,... or is it? hmm,... don't mean to seem arrogant,.. but really,...

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Aug 3, 2005 - 8:11 am

rambled by Langel around Aug 3, 2005 - 8:08 am
Aug 2, 2005 - 9:18 pm
Title: Try getting outta these 2 rooms...

Today, try this free game. It's very interesting and I was glad to be one of
the few 'in the world' to successfully solve them.... Can you?... he he he

The Crimson Room:


There are 13 items hidden in this room in order to
let you get out of this
room. If you found:
0-6 items, your IQ is very low, total idiot
6-8 items, Low IQ, u r an idiot
9-10 items, u r normal
11-12 items, your IQ is high, above the average.
13 items found and get out of the room, there are
less than 4000 people in
the world can do it. (Or so it was claimed,... like in 2004....)

The Viridian Room:

The Crimson room is much easier than the viridian room. But i've solved both in less than a day,.. it really depends on your determination really! Feel free to PM me for answers/clues.

http://www.fasco-csc.com/works/bluechamber/index_e.php (The Blue Room) is the latest, coz Pink Prison is not up,... frankly,.. i like it best coz it's not so frustrating,... and those little white circles on both the left and right tell you exactly where to click.


My fiance says he thinks it would be nice if couples die within months of each other's death,... i find it macabre. I really really do.

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rambled by Langel around Aug 2, 2005 - 9:18 pm
Jul 25, 2005 - 7:25 am
Title: PMs

I see lotsa new people playing,... so i'm not sure if i want to post my private life for strangers. PMs are most welcome,... thanks for them.

P.S. I firmly believe in contributing to the developers of this game and the maintenance of this site. It's just that my wallet and internet connection haven't been in the same room for some time, but will get round to it.

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rambled by Langel around Jul 25, 2005 - 7:25 am
Jul 21, 2005 - 11:25 am
Title: A Subjeccccccct ios required

Am drunk,... can almost walk in a straight line. Almost Almonst..... oh no, just spotted a spelling error. Went to a pub called 'One Night Stand' because if i'm getting married next year, i won't be getting any more 'good' kisses. My fiance doesn't excite me with his kisses. With his touches yes.,... but he takes 30mins to get me to the peak. Or so. Other guys have taken only 2 mins. It's not dependent on the guy, it's the girl.... and yet,.. why can other guys get me excited faster?

I'm pleasantly buzzed,... wion't go to bed with any guys since he has proposed to me. So i've come home alone. Must play more AAT. Don't get me beat up in a game if i remind u of your girlfriend. I apologise if I've offended anyone. I am sdorry for being away for so long.

<Edit: I see Shermond has come back! Can't wait to read yoru blog,... but i'm rather rather loose in the head,...' >

<Edit 2: See lots aa changess,... see rss templates? rss teampltes? huh? must be rss newsefeeds.?> Why is there a need.... oh well,... let me bogo sign up a for a sierver and edit this really really ununcharactereistic blog entry. after that.> tomrorrow morning. TYes....

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May 31, 2005 - 7:38 pm
Title: A subject is required?

I may get married soon,... someone i've just dated 3 times has proposed to me. But like Tempest said, when you know it's the one, all it takes is one date.

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May 16, 2005 - 8:48 pm


Pardon the lack of formatting below: Kudos to Thunderball (the only non-TDD in the top 10) who i forgive for taking my planets because he probably needed them to rise from the ashes 5 times. This sort of resilience probably is shared only by George W. Bush lololz

Devilitto is all grown up,... Big is near the top as can be expected,.. Ak was always as steady as a rock. To all my teammates, you guys deserve to be where you are! ^.&

As for those who made it to the top 25, facing the stress of being out-numbered and yet not throwing in the towel too soon,  you all equally have my utmost respect.


Standing Score: Rank Player Online Team Kills/Deaths Captures Lost Built Good/Evil Experience Eff. Rating Turns used: Last login
1 6,690,281 Devilitto The Dirty Dozen+ 43/0 251 7 4 -12 30,891 180 37,156 May 16, 2005 - 5:56pm
2 5,938,620 Dracula The Dirty Dozen+ 19/0 150 4 8 -34 11,491 230 25,827 May 16, 2005 - 5:22pm
3 3,983,549 Ak5intoe The Dirty Dozen+ 16/0 28 0 11 -25 5,414 134 29,777 May 16, 2005 - 6:43pm
4 3,713,912 ABlitz Online The Dirty Dozen+ 0/0 9 3 28 1 1,853 145 25,657 May 16, 2005 - 8:45pm
5 3,467,343 YoYo The Dirty Dozen+ 0/0 0 5 86 3 2,480 107 32,557 May 16, 2005 - 11:42am
6 2,813,246 Veracity The Dirty Dozen+ 0/0 0 1 36 9 1,382 101 27,970 May 16, 2005 - 9:21am
7 1,860,256 BarrowWarden Online The Dirty Dozen+ 0/0 0 0 25 12 1,056 68 27,272 May 16, 2005 - 8:43pm
8 1,718,216 Krieghund The Dirty Dozen+ 4/1 36 11 3 -30 2,866 75 22,805 May 16, 2005 - 5:18pm
9 1,631,345 Shag The Dirty Dozen+ 0/0 2 21 62 18 1,097 44 37,441 May 16, 2005 - 6:36pm
10 1,381,428 Thunderball Ogur 1/5 20 29 33 -28 1,697 41 33,291 May 16, 2005 - 8:23pm
11 1,175,819 MindWyrm The Dirty Dozen+ 0/1 10 8 22 -7 1,507 36 32,384 May 16, 2005 - 7:26pm
12 1,094,455 Namibia The Dragons of Blood 0/0 1 58 114 3 144 33 33,225 May 16, 2005 - 10:38am
13 1,083,292 PhirePhly The Dirty Dozen+ 1/2 3 6 22 25 1,196 37 29,510 May 16, 2005 - 8:30am
14 932,542 Le_rieur_gris The Dragons of Blood 0/4 3 26 88 -3 1,330 32 28,762 May 16, 2005 - 4:21pm
15 915,198 Lucky Starr The Dirty Dozen+ 1/0 25 42 79 8 2,051 26 34,918 May 16, 2005 - 4:40pm
16 888,144 Langel Online The Dirty Dozen+ 0/0 0 5 9 9 233 69 12,783 May 16, 2005 - 8:45pm
17 824,636 Oakman Oakman's Coterie 2/1 20 21 16 12 1,896 40 20,435 May 16, 2005 - 12:36pm
18 733,502 Khendroc Ogur 0/0 4 0 5 -4 856 42 17,446 May 16, 2005 - 8:31pm
19 721,791 Uncas The Dragons of Blood 0/7 0 13 17 5 195 27 26,321 May 16, 2005 - 3:53pm
20 695,573 Inferno The Dragons of Blood 0/3 3 16 17 1 0 27 26,144 May 15, 2005 - 3:47am

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May 16, 2005 - 8:06 am



Why can't people accept infidelity?

When I was a teenager, I thought I would allow my husband complete freedom to sleep with whoever he wanted, so long as he did not bring diseases home. Now however, I check carefully that the man I'm with is with me totally and that his eyes didn't swivel to any other woman, no matter how beautiful.

I found that in a guy who I care about. However, his conversation skills were sadly lacking. He was tall, broad, was sensual, considerate, some would say good-looking (in a Chinese way) and *TOTALLY honest*. He was the first guy with whom I seriously considered as husband material. The rest were just boyfriends. BH was the first person with whom I would have been alarmed if he even looked at another woman, which he never did. But jealousy was ready to spring up.

So what's my stand on infidelity now? There are always bound to be people more physically attractive than the current partner. I know I'm instantly interested in visual symmetry, and then the fact that the man is not an air-head, and then the fact that the conversation will always flow just like champagne. If he fools around with other women,.. I think I can live with that. After all, they may teach him a few things I didn't know.

There's the thing about my faith,.. I believe that the Good Book is good in that it is wise to the ways of the world and humans. That husband and wives should always be faithful to each other, in body, if not in spirit and in thought, because a lot of complications *will* result due to adultery, such as STDs, babies born out of wedlock, and money/time flowing out of the family coffers. Just like lying, stealing and committing murder is likely to generate fall-outs that are socially messy and personally stressful.

Is it possible for a person to grow on you, like an old familiar duvet freshly laundered? To be deeply in love with someone and to be deeply loved in return? When is it going to happen? I'm never going to settle.

Can I live with a playboy husband? With a roommate I'm fond of, yes. With a husband? There's my idealism, my faith, belief that I'm worthy not to be given anything less than the complete person that just isn't pride and prosaic matters such as progeny, inheritance and attention will likely be divided.

What if I fall in love with a swinger? Is love enough for me to forego my current value systems?

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May 15, 2005 - 11:01 am


Clocksprings reveals 'sensitive info' as seen by a pawn in the S'pore Armed Forces. Our blogs are not googled i don't think,..



A-blitz is a tad bored at this point with the tourney. He mentions LS,.. -- see Lucky,.. you're in someone's good books! ^_^



Neongreen mentions a desire to create a totally low bandwidth no images template. Go PM him if you support his idea!



LS was unable to get the snowball, he reports, as he was hard at work. But he made some progress.



Krazy Krista is one of the players who thrive in high turn game servers.



A new girl on the block! ^_^ She's an EMT oooooh....


Now,.. her blog got 20 hits,.. guess you guys read this blog too coz i'm female eh? Or coz of the planetary news i deliver? lolol...



virgin entry:

quote]Huzzah, here I am.


DS reports that Oakman's Coterie is off to a strong start!


May be a bit outdated though...


Big thanks Moonraker for being included in the list and Alf for having a great tourney server. He also proses about his own philosophy.



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May 12, 2005 - 8:07 pm


Oakman is trashing poor Yoyo's planets,.. just as well, as SG planets are so hard to maintain,.. usually Ak or Big's around at this time,.. wonder where they are? Oh well, those planets didn't have much on them,.. only 25b each i believe. and they've been maxed out for a long time as Yoyo didn't tell me specifically how to get there so i couldn't help him upgrade many a time that it has been maxed out. Now Yoyo is 4th. He used to be 3rd when i logged in 1 hour ago.

Oakman took 3 of Big's planets and a few small planets from other teammates. He's got guts! ^_^ *admiringly* I kept my cash from my planets and hid in the sector which has the most fighters and told everyone to do the same,.. I think I'm the chicken little Ak referred to hehe

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May 12, 2005 - 10:17 am
Title: I'm havin' so much fun!

With nice hulls i'm making 11b in 90turns in the tourney,.. (just in case people think i'm riding on other people's backs) for the main i've no time for a while,.. gave up 2 dates and a facial,..

Oakman's quiz: (my answers)

1. Frank
2. Junior
3. Dill
4. D. Take it to the House
5. A. Big
6. C. Max Griswald
7. A. Neongreen
8. C. November of 2003
8.  A. Azumanga Daioh
9. D. Dogma
10. D. KABOOM!
12. D. The cordless phone interupts my connection
13. D. Away on a trip
14.  C. A polish bakery
15. B. 56 Kb/s
16. A. The disco ball
17. C. Terry Goodkind
18. C
19.  C. 4
20. A. Ohio (Darn! I wish i wasn't AFK durin' chat, Oakman!)

19 and B. Nachos Bell Grande meal

P.S. Unfair,.. i bet Big will win.


Moonraker records the results of the main for perpetuity


Rasti's wife is doing very well and champing at the bit, like a high-strung Arabian


Alf and tourney start and new expected code


KZ and first day of tourney


As for me,.. there were some things i wish i could undo,.. like i kept 65b in a teammate's planet, but when i took it back, his max credit limit immediately fell to 80 or so,.. much thanks,.. hope you enjoyed the interest. Don't dare to say the teammates name for fear opponent teams will know which planet to target.

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May 6, 2005 - 3:41 am


I'm mad! Wouldn't mind killing someone right now,.. (coz of my work) but i must take care not to let rage or anger control me.

Big waxes lyrical about which way hell goeth.

Rasti yearns to be as evil as he can be. Big deal. Sooner or later, there's no limit to evil. For every sadistic/violent act, there's another worse thought to come that can be acted upon and enjoyed. Did you hear about the man who ate the music teacher in Germany?

I think today's air is very black... nobody seems to be pure today.

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May 5, 2005 - 8:37 am



teaammate, who isn't not the regular attacker, but is dirty, mean and brutal in any sense of the word.

LS is the slammer? But you're definitely the evil Dane!

Big also likes Oakman's avatar:


Why are there only 11 members in each team? And the French team,..... well,.. are they gonna be decimated early as they have fewer members to track or are they gonna fight valiantly as the underdog?


Sanitar cleared his blog of past entries,..

Sanitar, aren't you in Oakman's team? just PM him to resend! ^_^


Oakman thanks Big for his compliment and portents that those who haven't logged in already to accept their invites aren't gonna to show up. For the sake of the DOTB team, i sure hope theirs do.

Big and Oakman,.. i don't get the finer points of the avatar,... I sincerely don't see it. All I see is a Jesus with a heart, and 1 finger is pointing at someone and the other = thumbs up. What's the significance exactly?


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May 4, 2005 - 7:30 pm


I'm sick at heart,.. my dad's gone off the rail,.. but he's only in his 60s,.. Tempest turned 27 when i wasn't looking... maybe he's engaged by now,.. Right now,.. my real life family isn't doing me any good. I need to relieve stress! trying not to slip into a depression. I hate being me!


Dear Big,.. garlic is an aphrodisiac for both men and women, did you know that?



Neongreen talks about the internet access situation in NZ, and has also set up a wiki about AAT.



Tarnus warns us all that if we find ourself podded, it's his nature.


He's in Wraith's team did you know that? I can't find out who the attackers are on my team,.. except Ak (finally got the hint, but only after poor Alf had to sit me down and completely tell me the answer)


KrazyKrista is back from prom and will start playing AAT again,...



I'm speculating that Honorata is a french girl,.. i mean,.. how can a guy be called Honorata?


Oh yes,.. the guy i dated last night is a French Canadian,.. in his 50s, and boy did he know how to kiss. I've to tell you that divorced men really know their stuff. The other parts weren't so good though.

I don't feel so good about my life now

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May 3, 2005 - 10:31 pm


Lucky Starr/LS got drafted into the dirty dozen,.. and he is gonna use sly, dirty, smelly tactics,... I say he'll need all the garlic he can rub under his armpits if he's gonna repel Big...



On the other hand,.. what is Duo doing forming a 5th team of his own called Fire Nation? lololz,.. With a nick like that,.. guess he's a sub team of Dragons,...

DS has been drafted into Oak's team. Mainly he talks about his feelings about this move, and about the captain, but if you've never played in a draft before, his last entry is a good reading start on what to expect in a teamed tourney.  



Peter_W recommends that it should never slip our mind to have an escape pod handy. I wouldn't belittle his advice if i were you. Even the most fabulously experienced players around here have made that mistake before. You will know if you've been reading blogs.



Alf tried to give me a hint as to which team i got drafted to,.. can you decipher his clue? Good... that means you're smarter than i am.



Neongreen is looking forward to phase 2 of the AAT overhaul. Frankly, i don't believe in fretting a cut/wound for example and wanting it to heal faster,.. but then time works differently in the East. We're more philosophical and patient about it. And what with keeping a full time job, I really don't like putting pressure on any man,.. only where he likes to be sheathed.


How much does it cost for broadband access in NZ? Can you work part-time to pay it off? It's just a mere US$15/month here.

/My stress level from family, especially my mom, even my dad: 110/100... I'm so stressed! I can feel my blood pressure rising this morn,..

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May 3, 2005 - 11:42 am


toe the line? Can you please give me past examples of unpopular decisions/restrictions that I may chaff at? ^_^ You make me sound like a rebel? :sniff:

/Me goes obediently to the corner and await my drafting

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May 2, 2005 - 9:31 am


Have decided to bid my current bf farewell. Will treat him to an unforgettable night,.. His only flaw is that he doesn't occupy my mind. Or gives me enough instinctively what my body craves. Sometimes I think I'm too picky. He's extremely well-educated, got a good build, good character, financially very sound, probably won't cheat around coz i've got a higher sex drive than he does. But he's stubborn, a boring conversationalist with extremely narrow interests and NO PASSIONS. how can one live without being passionate about at least one thing/ one interest/person/one hobby etc..? Please answer me!

I'm slightly attracted to another musician. He's got an emotional pull to him, he's got great empathy/draw on my feelings and we both share an innate understanding of music and can discuss music for hours. Only, physically, he's not exactly my type, being lanky, but when I look into his eyes, I can drown in them.

Can't wait for the tourney to start,.. I've been checking and checking for the draft results,.. but still don't know who's team i'm on. I'd like to have been on Wraith's team,.. but then it seems that Big got drafted into Ak's team, and i don't think Ak will trade Big away for anything,.. so i guess the players in Ak's team will be serene that they're safe from being harassed by 2 players with aggressive playing styles.

Wish i knew whose team i got into by default and whether i'll get traded. The suspense is frustrating!

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May 1, 2005 - 11:27 am


*Groan* BigggGGGGGGGrrr! you're a wicked tease! And I'm an idiot! lololz :lol:

As for you guys,.. check out the list on http://aatrade22.websnz.com/ranking.php

This offer has been accepted



Rasti's wife,.. gosh,.. lol,.. you go, girl! ^_^ Be careful about desensitisation though,...


Dear Rasti,.. there are some drugs which I approve off,.. drugs which enhance sensations... and we all know your wife is safe with you! ^_^

Games without flash? lololz,.. i just watched Triple XXX or something like that,.. starred Wesley Snipes and can't remember what,.. lotsa explosions. The icing may be nice, but what's important = contents,.. Another 'save the president' story,.. Okay whilst it lasted But definitely not arthouse quality.

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Apr 30, 2005 - 9:02 am


Clocksprings: don't bother reading his blog:


unless you're interested in WarCraft,...


BW updated,.. Yes BW,... i got it but only after Big's edit,.. it's easy after the edit,.. but before that i was 'ne comprehende' lololz sorry Big! ^_^




Big reveals that his namesake 'Big' has Self-D,..:evil: and that he'll try to emerge from his coffin to suck the blood of potential victims in hopefully a week's time. Maybe Big may even be in time for the draft tourney? :eeks: lololz...


Fissure updated. He moans that he's likely to be targetted because he betrayed me in the last game both of us played. But frankly, I think people don't have the energy to target him specifically you know?

Anyway, I take issue with him claiming that i've undue support from players. Even if a face-less XYZ were to get betrayed, and XYZ has a blog and a teammate like KZ, I think the act of betrayal will still stink to high heaven. this is not Survivor where 1 million dollars is at stake tempting us to resort to deceit. But Fissure has apologised, and I've decided to forgive him even before then, believe it or not.

Good luck Fissure, may you be recognised as a 'young gun' in your own right. Please recognise that I don't ever want to hear that you're capriciously seeking retribution from SlIM from Latvia or Donald Dick for revealing your gloating when I've forgiven you.

Fissure also reveals his love for contact sports in his blog:



Peter_W reveals in his nicely written blog that he saw a list of who  Ak5intoe wants in his team!


Oh,... I want to know! I want to know!


Wraith posted how he chose his team name... Nothing about who's in his list tho' hee~ :lick:



Once again, the url to watch is:


19 players have still not linked to their profiles, hence, i think the total no. of active players in each of the 4 teams  to be 15-17,.. :skull:


Tomorrow's a Public Holiday,.. i'm doing lunch and dinner, and teaching in between. Can't wait for the draft to start,.. i tell you,.. occupying my time like this is much safer than defending myself from the unwanted advances of real life men who refuse to believe it when I say 'no' . So far, no lasting effects,.. and at least I'm not being cloistered in a room in front of the computer most of the time hee~~

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Apr 29, 2005 - 3:47 am


Draft News:

85 people have signed up, of which the following have not linked their profiles. They have but 20 hours to do so:


Frankly,... I would like to play with Baal. So i hope he/she signs up. Surprisingly Diablo hasn't linked his profile,.. maybe i missed something in his blog? When Big links to his main profile, we'll know who is cheekily taking Big's nick...

Ak5intoe - The Dirty Dozen
Aschens (a.k.a. Ares/leader of French server) - Dragons of Blood
Oakman - Oakman's Coterie
Wraith - Draft Team Three

lol,.. i'll leave you to draw your conclusions about the leaders of the diff teams from their team names. I know who i'll choose.

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Apr 28, 2005 - 9:15 pm


Forum news:

1. Alf reports that more than 20 profiles haven't been linked to the player who signed up for the draft tourney. You can still sign up at


if you want to play, but remember to link it to your profile here on the main server!


2. Tarnus reports likely outages from friday night till mid afternoon on saturday because of the moving of the servers on 30th April.


3. Please read this for the changes coming up in the new version:



Whenever there are blog updates loading up, the first one I always read is Rasti's although I tried in the past to summarise them in the order that they were posted,..

1. Rasti thanks everyone for their PMs. Rasti's wife is on low dosage pain-killers. i share exactly the same sentiments on drugs.



2. Bloodstorm's is from Portage and this is his entire virgin entry:

i will destory who gets in my way in the name of the blood kingdom ha ha ha ha


Looking at my own virgin entry though,... can't say it was much better hee~


3. Peter_W's virgin entry is a respectable paragraph stating that after his papers finish, he's gonna spend too much time on this game and also promises to give a blow by blow account of the draft tourney.

Dear Peter,.. i hope you survive long enough to furnish us juicy details.

Peter also questions whether we'll know how many times we were traded over,.. i.e. how transparent the choosing process is.


4. Oh my! Another virgin entry,..! This time it's by a player called Krauklis,... from Latvia

He asks how is he gonna trust the captain,... funny guy lololz,.. and also wants to know how spies/critical information traders within teams are to be dealt with.


5. kool_kid updated. His updates are generally worthwhile reading...


The problem of choosing the 4th captain has been settled since his entry


6. Neongreen tells us he won't be playing in the draft tourney due to lack of time.


7. A-blitz's blog looks very nice. In his last entry, he wrenches your heart with a plea to pick him for the draft tourney as he's the quintessential team player.


As for me,.. i filed my income tax returns online yea! ^_^ Using the Opera Browser,.. yay yay! ^_^ My government's website actually supports Opera yea! ^_^

I sorted out a major-league tough prob with a student's mom today... God is good all the time! ^_^ Praying actively rules if only a miracle will do!

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Apr 28, 2005 - 12:51 am


State of my mood:

High coz of one of my dusting mornings. My kitchen, balcony, bed and living rooms are spick and span. Also because i received a PM from Rasti,.. I feel really energetic,.. and that's good coz i've got to file my income tax returns by tomorrow lol So i better get going to make my afternoon as well spent as my morning! ^_^

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Apr 27, 2005 - 2:18 am


I honestly can't wait to be as old as Alf,... if age confers with it wisdom.

Alf deserves a hearty pat on the back! %_%

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Apr 25, 2005 - 10:00 pm


Big reports that another 'Big' has taken his usual nick on the draft tourney,... Actually i saw 'Big' in the rank list, but didn't realise it was not the one and only BIG.


Read Rasti's blog,.. he's wife is undergoing the operation in a few more hours.

And Rasti, regarding your Singapore casinos question in chat, 15 out of the 17 companies that have applied have been selected to submit their proposals.

rambled by Langel around Apr 25, 2005 - 10:00 pm
Apr 25, 2005 - 6:36 am


I agree with Rasti's solution 100%. Why make a simple thing so complex? He's definitely got more emotionally intelligence than the current decision makers.


The above was a stand-alone entry that deserves its own mention. But Fissure's too much, so i'm adding this edit. I think you should read his blog to get both sides of the story, but only if it's honest. As it's a bunch of lies, then it'll just mess your mind up as to who to believe.

P.S. I've got no energy to lie. Unlike Fissure who's 17, I'm working, organising the house and part-time domestic help, finding temp lovers whilst finding the right man, preparing for a graduate degree in music, doing toastmasters, doing volunteer work 4 times a week, and AAT. My only online game.

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Apr 24, 2005 - 11:19 am


SliM from Latvia said General my *erm* team-mate has duped me. Well,.. what can I say,.. i've told KZ yesterday that I didn't trust General a.k.a Fissure. His name is John, from NYC. He was the one who wanted to be on my team.


General is supposedly playing in the Draft Tourney,.. I send my condolences to the team leader, hee *wry grin*

As for the game,.. thanks SLiM for your honourable and passionate concern and for PMing me that General has had a history of betraying his teammates,... it doesn't matter. I stopped playing actively a few days ago after I felt General betrayed my trust, otherwise my score would have been at least double of General's current score. i know linking my planets tog. by warp links is not wise, but that was just temporary.

Now,.. this is how he got to be a General? Shame,.. I thought military men were sexy. He should name himself Politician lololz


Quote from Langel:
So lucky,.. i wish i had Computer Elective in my time,... if you'd like to meet up one day, just PM me, and I don't mind treating you to buffet at the Long Bar @ Raffles Hotel as i'm a member there.

Dear *Lucky Starr*, that offer was for Shermond,.. a student who probably doesn't have much money to his name,.. not someone who can afford a luxury cruise to Singapore lololz We're building 2 casinos here,... you may want to come here whilst it's still relatively unspoilt by gambling or other social ills. There's only been one local kidnap case in the past 5 years and that was by a known family member,... you really don't have anything to worry about. In the meantime,.. do enjoy your trip to Hawaii,.. it's not one of my fav. places to visit unless i've a partner. Over in Southeast Asia (SEA), our Hawaii is Cebu in the Philippines, Bali in Indonesia, Langkawi in Malaysia or Phuket in Thailand. i like living in Singapore because we're just not more than 2hours away from different countries.  

*Lucky Starr* has had 3 posts since my last update. The earliest post was a message for me. The 2nd last post was a post in the forum about coding intelligence out in plain sight in his blog, and giving the key only to people who pay him. Kinda like a game. The last and newest post tells us the result of his poll in the forums.


This is bignose's entire virgin entry.... unprepossessing but maybe there's more to come :

Quote from bignose:
Apr 23, 2005 - 6:12pm
Posted By: bignose
reach for the stars


clocksprings is from Singapore,.. but his blog barely has anything about AAT. More about his computer science stuff or other games....


Neongreen comments on FakeCajun's blog, comparing his lousy school network/obsolete computers with FC's...


Seldrin's virgin entry:

.: Apr 22, 2005 - 7:36pm :.
"Nothin to say...."

If you were hopin to find somethin interestin to read yer lookin fer it in the wrong place.


Wild Angel will be playing AAT, but not tourneying...

P.S. I'm not sure whether it's a pillow behind her ,.. but it kinda looks like a part of an angel's wing...

All the best Wild Angel,.. please be back for 0.30 so that I can play with you. It's my honour. I'm not an arrogant upstart at all


I missed DS's last posting,.. didn't realise i was mentioned in it lololz,...

DS warns that he may be unable to see the draft tourney to its end and says that if that's okay, he would still like to play. I support your entry, DS! ^_^ After all,.. we just do the best we can.


Gosh,.. where have i been to miss *l337 m45t3r f0n9*'s entries,... they're quite a nice read, altho' i may not agree with his judgements totally. =D But whichever ultimate conclusion that you arrive at, it's good to read his blog and see what other players think.

His latest blog entry is titled:

   Life as a Miser (or, Living Without an Excelsior)

However,.. i think this player is a must read/must have for our new FAQ. He has a gift for classifying/organising information and formatting them neatly.



Big has posted!


Well,.. beautiful reads his entries are,.. big and bold,.. I'm sorry i missed his earlier entry,..

so sorry, Big!

In this latest post, he reports that Tarnus and KZ has signed up for the tourney,... I think I will too then, and finally link my profile to the ranks.


As for me,... well,.. the men have blurred. This is what happens when you date too much. Like i see a link to the right,.. it says 'Paintball Gear Links'. i know one of the men likes paintball as he played it in MIT, and he wants to set up a paintball place here in Singapore,.. but it takes a while to jog my memory as i sometimes fit 3 dates in a day together with work. If you're wondering how i get the energy,.. it may be because I don't ponder overly long, but simply do it.

After dating so many, over a hundred, with at least four-fifths of them having an MBA or Masters in other fields, like engineering , I've come to the conclusion that I don't have to sleep with men for them to like me. Altho',.. that doesn't mean that I don't want to. But will the right man want to marry me if I don't have sex with them as a 'try-out'? Am i being over-idealistic? This was much simpler b4 when S'pore was more conservative and sleeping around less common.

i think lying down the edge of the kitchen table and back until the feet can be placed flat at the edge. A chair may help if it's too high for the man.


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Apr 21, 2005 - 9:22 pm
Title: Player No. 148

Awww,.. Neongreen can't play in the tourney,... because of school,.. if i had a son, I would like him to be like that and have his priorities right. =D

Uhm,.. what other game are you playin' ATM, Neon? ^_^

P.S. This LPN will be entirely green in honour of Neon

Also,.. y'all may want to read his blog entry dated Mar 30, 2005 - 1:25am... it kinda foreshadows the LS/MR tussle hee~

Ahh, Neon,... it's *truly*, not *truely*...



Moonraker astounds. He deleted all the bitter blog entries to do with LS. Now, that's healthy AND Classy. ^_^



FakeCajun's blog entry is worth reading,.. altho' you may have to reread it to understand it.


Reminds me of what Phaser explained to me a long time ago when i questioned him about why he did what he did,...


As for me,... I'm not v. happy. Some people just don't know how to behave... When i said that i'll lend 30b, and gave the pw by PM, I expect him to only take 30b, and not 48b i had on my ship, and then more from my planet, and also upgrade 1 planet by so many levels without my permission. Next time i'll only give my pw to team mates such as Kai, Rasti, KZ. It's not that i want to be cautious,.. as this is only a game,.. but there's such a thing as being well-brought up and self-mastery over greed or arrogance etc.

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Apr 21, 2005 - 10:46 am


Langel Planetary News,.. (Latest Edition!)

Mr Bean's,... let me save you the trouble of going there. Not worth the click,.. it's just a one-liner which just sits there.

"They call me Mr. Bean"

Usually I'm v. kind to virgin entries,.. but this is just too limp for words. [Hee~ enjoys private joke =D]


LuckyStarr apologised directly to Moonraker,..


awww,.. so sweet. Today in my piano class, i went thru with them the magic words in life, 'Thank you, please, sorry, you're welcome, you feel so big/hard/wet' lolol =D

No more feuding,. that's right,.. now let's all kiss & make out.


rambled by Langel around Apr 21, 2005 - 10:46 am
Apr 20, 2005 - 8:58 pm


1. Shermond is a fellow S'porean, albeit a much younger one. I would guess that he's 16. And peeved that he misread the schedule for his mid year Commons. He is eagerly awaiting 0.30 and the downfall of LuckyStarr,.. hmmmmmm...

When i was your age, i took: English, Literature, History, Mathematics A, Mathematics D, Biology, Chemistry, Music Elective, Higher Chinese. Good luck to you Shermond,.. please work hard and get all As,..(even in Higher Chinese because the standard has been dropping since my cousin's time, so you should be making all A2s at least, are you?) So lucky,.. i wish i had Computer Elective in my time,... if you'd like to meet up one day, just PM me, and I don't mind treating you to buffet at the Long Bar @ Raffles Hotel as i'm a member there.


2. Lol,.. the word to describe Lucky Starr is IRREVERENT lololz just check out his latest quote!


Frankly though,.. i'll just purge my profile and start a new one. I'll never have guessed that LS is nearing 40. Hope he's having fun despite the backlash. Both Moonraker & LS write well in getting their points of views across,..  

3. Oh no,.. i hope i'm not humanising divinity,.. but those who've taken up some form of Eastern exercise will feel connected to the spiritual plane that the animals, humans, plants were created to have feelings and wouldn't it follow that the 'divine' made it after himself/herself/itself as a form of vanity perhaps?


4. Whether or not Napalm has a smell is beside the point,.. what matters is the cool factor i guess lol!


Napalm increases the level of CO, and kills quite instantaneously,.. for those who don't know.

P.S. For no. 3,... i know Rasti will not mind me havin' a diff opinion. we've all had different experiences, and he's humble enuff not to mind that. I'm trying not to put my faith blindly and just mimic seniority lololz,.. =D altho' truth be told,.. those who live longer generally see better, are wiser. I wouldn't give up my 24 y/o self for my perfect 20 y/o self. Even tho' i notice my abdomen is no longer effortlessly slyph-like *sighs*

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Apr 19, 2005 - 10:09 pm


Because of BW's PM during the game, i'm resuming my 'Planetary News' or LPN



Lucky Starr - is one cocky guy,... he's darn lucky not to be targetted more,.. maybe because he's so cocky, he's amusing that he provides that entertainment quotient (for me) to be kept around just that little while longer. [Don't let me sway anyone into any hasty decision please]. =D Read his blog for ruminations about selling intelligence. And the pitfalls heh




KrazyKrista - doesn't post anything much in her 4 entries, but she's waiting for FunDmental,.... Only visit her blog if you want to see a pic of an attractive 18 y/o girl in St. Louis. Too young for me  unfortunately, even if i was male hehee


Moonraker surprisingly doesn't have many more entries than KrazyKrista considering how famous the player is. I've been hearin' about Moonraker ever since i joined AAT probably a year ago. Read his blog for avatars etc. and it's a solid read, even the latest provoking one-liner.


Don't ask me to make out the words on his avatar tho',... i don't wanna strain my Asian eyes,..



I've been correspondin' with Rasti,... i think I should look for a husband whose only physical impairment is short-sightedness from playing AAT/other intellectual games and not possible liver disease from excessive alcohol or lung disease from smoking. I'm spending US$8k a year on annual premiums. Such is my individual responsibility to my family. Hope that this is the last health scare in his immediate family that he's going to be subjected to.

Read Rasti's blog for why he's been away. One thing I like about joining real life activities like Ashihara Karate is that you become part of a big family, nowadays with Asian families becoming smaller, and blood extended family becomes like acquaintances, we need to fight the apathy to just let everything slide, and instead show the people you care that you actually care whether they live/die etc.


He doesn't sound too pressured does he? ^_^ But then appearance can be deceiving... i sure hope he's not taking too much Valium or those chemical stuff to relieve stress that i watch on tv as being prescribed in America,..


Please sign up for Alf's tourney after reading his blog


He wants to get the game started before PJ gets ver 3.0 out hehe Alf is very committed, resilient and good-natured, a spillover from his real life true-self i suspect.  He answers a lot of the questions on the forums,... as do tarnus & PJ, albeit he doesn't get involved in pesky issues hee~



Marksman's blog is a breeze to read,..


The latest one is a rant about Lucky Starr, but none of those curses or beneath the table stuff. =D




Urgh,.. too American for me,.. indecipherable for a someone who's not familiar with Americanisms

I've gotta keep remindin' myself about who is who, and i get confused with the new nicks.
And just when I got it firmly stuck in my head that the Hibernated Bat is Count Big =D heehee, he goes back to Big LOL! Welcome back BIG =D You're deliciously controversial! I think both nicks suit you,.. but somehow BIG overwhelms the more subtle if wacky hibernated Bat if u know what i mean.

Joined Alf's tourney,.. but haven't decided whether or not to get myself purged by not linking to my profile. 15 turns every 5 mins is a bit too much,.. hell even 10 turns per 5 mins is too much what with work and all. 7 turns is more like it,... too bad the last tourney i joined my computer failed me. That reminds me,.. the prob still exists heh,.. only now i'm playing on my dad's 10 year pentium 3 Win98 (formerly Win95 can u believe it?!) old computer whereas my doubly fast 3 year old computer Pentium 4 WinXP computer is restarting and restarting. BAH!

Sounds more like hardware prob to me,... coz of the grinding sound.

Good luck to everyone in the coming tourney. The Pope comes from Germany and is conservative not progressive? heh,.. i'm not Catholic but i do hope the decision will not backfire.

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Apr 18, 2005 - 8:17 pm


It's getting to be quite a hassle maintaining >30 planets,.. especially since i just got my 1st planetary revolt. The col no. was well under what the default limit, so i wonder whether having no digs attributed to inadequate governance.

lvl 0 (tiny grey planet)
lvl 1-5 (smallish grey planet)
lvl 6-11 (smallish gold planet)
lvl 12-15 (smallish light blue green planet)
lvl 16 (medium purple planet)
> 16 (big grey planet? creamy big planet? dark blue black planet?)

Have not sorted out which picture type signifies the best groomed planet. Have posted this 3 times in diff forms in the forums,... and not gotten a straight answer. I think i'll go write/read some erotica instead.

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Apr 12, 2005 - 10:12 am


I miss Rasti so bad Rasti was the best,.. he taught me AAT in my 1st 3 AAT games. He was very generous in helping me learn, and lending me credits when i needed them to upgrade. Now when i'm 1st place on http://aatraders.outpost10f.com/
i think of him,... and feel so alone! i don't know anyone,...

I thot Baal was Rasti but he wasn't,... saw DS in chat i thought,... but when i went there he was gone,... missed again! D-A-R-N!

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Apr 8, 2005 - 3:42 am


Sometimes i get bored coz hardly anyone is online. I used to play on the Canadian AAT but i only got a white screen after playing for nearly a week i think. My computer is abruptly re-starting again, but i've used all the popular antivirus software/spyware/malware detectors and none of them work,.. including Kaspersky.

The price of my new hp is the same as a brand new top of the line desktop,.. it's an O2 xdaIIs, and i think it's not as user-friendly as the SE 910i,... even tho the specs are better.

I've tried to enliven the aat game i'm on by posing riddles in the shout box. The winners get 10 mill credits and the location of different unchartered upgrades ports. I see from the ranking that i'm ranked first,.. but really i've no idea why as i'm not optimising my turns at all. I'm quite inefficient in this server. Hope this server gets more lively.


I'm looking forward to more aggressive players like Big,... and i think good players can still override my lead because my engines and stuff are just mediocre. Why not try taking away some of my planets that way i've fewer planets to tend?

I know i got too greedy and built too many, so... Haiz,.. guess i'm a poor disciple of Tempest lololz...

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Mar 29, 2005 - 10:53 am


I've been playin' in 2 games, topped one and moved on to another where Tempest is playin' and showin' me the ropes.

Frankly i came online at this late hour, not because it's the normal time for my play,.. but because i feel bruised.

I went on a date with a guy i've gone out with previously on a date. He was forceful previously but today he went over the line and used his fingers to penetrate where his fingers shouldn't be whilst on the cab ride home. If you can imagine half an hour of agony, (altho' i don't know why you should!) you'll be able to empathise how I felt.

Thanks for Shermond's PM. He's also a S'porean.

There's no need for such brutality,.. what does he have to prove?

rambled by Langel around Mar 29, 2005 - 10:53 am
Mar 23, 2005 - 10:44 am


I'd just like to say hi to PJ & Tarnus,.. i'll be playin' on a couple of servers. One of them seems to have disabled the Nav Computer function,..

I've only got my computer back a week ago,.. and when i logged in, i found that Tempest left me a PM,.. (hey Jeff! are you readin' this? =D ) telling me about the very special person in his life,.. a Moroccan (hope i spelt that right) girl. I'm dating an osteopath right now,.. who unfortunately isn't a gadget guy, and uses IE(!!!) but there's this animal factor. And what can i say,...  he just knows how to use his hands to please a girl. I'm not exactly taking him at face value,.. because just yesterday i watched Miss Match, starring the girl from Clueless (i think), and my osteopath seems to have the same moves as the chiropractor she's dating, including knowing exactly the right words to say. Eerie.

I wanted to abandon AAT altogether when i saw the main page: aatraders.com and saw how seething with unfamiliar ruggedness, not even a hint of femininity,...There's nothing feminine or inviting to females there. So where am i to get female gaming friends? but Tshal is still around =D.

What kept me here, was that Jeff (Tempest) updated his blog,.. so i saw he was still active.

As for my chiropractor, there's the lust factor,.. he's built and brawny, quite tall,.. 1.83 and 1.57 do go together without any probs,.. has a gymnast's body,.. is kind, considerate, articulate and is definitely attractive, but unfortunately, he's gonna be leaving the country soon. He's British.

Anyhow,... do welcome me back,... =D Wonder if Rasti, Alf, Phaser, Bovine & the other people whose blogs i used to read are still around...? I seem to have old PMs from the 'Hibernated Bat'???!!! Strange,.. i don't seem to remember knowing him... Wonder if FBM came back.... will check your profiles for blog updates.

Have fun guys and thanks to Tarnus & PJ for still hosting this site.

rambled by Langel around Mar 23, 2005 - 10:44 am
Oct 28, 2004 - 12:22 am


I've been forcibly cast off from AAT sorry,.. someone has been stealing my unencrypted wireless network access, so i wasn't able to access the internet since the last time i updated my blog. Darn i missed all the tourney-related blog updates not to mention tourney play.

Take care y'all,... whilst i audaciously try to charm a knowledgeable stranger into helping my family regain internet access. There's this network security company beneath my home. Don't really dare to approach my isp coz i'm not sure it's legal to share the bandwidth across 3 or 4 computers at home.

rambled by Langel around Oct 28, 2004 - 12:22 am
Oct 13, 2004 - 2:59 am


Remember,.. * means that a blog has lotsa juice.

* Oakman talks about his real life, his disappointment that his friend has quit the tourney,.. and what he's currently doing in the tourney.

* Diablo suggests a ladder system. I like the idea,.. but i think it'll take a year to play 15 other people individually.

* Satman a.k.a. Alvin and wife (Queen Amidala a.k.a. Phyllis) are both retiring from AAT. They are 47 years old... (or thereabouts,.. and have been married for 28 years and are grandparents..)He reports that this entry will be his first and last.

* Max Updated,... i don't know about you, but the fact that he's currently ahead of vICIOUS in the 1-1 tourney is infinitely more interesting than his blog entries.

rambled by Langel around Oct 13, 2004 - 2:59 am
Oct 11, 2004 - 7:10 pm


1. Diablo is in a dismal mood coz he got podded in the tourney (and a series of mistakes b4 that),.. he's gonna concentrate on the main now.


2. Max Griswald talks in a matter-of-fact way about the tourney and his position. He also wishes Vicious well.


3. Lol! Rok also forgot his escape pod,... haiz ,.. poor guy,.. took a few beatings before that too. He wishes everyone else all the best in the tourney.


4. Dragon Wolf in a weird shoot-off,.. says in his first entry that he's not interesting in blogging here coz he has already 50 other blogs.


5. a bold rousing entry from Vicious,.. to thank everyone for their concern,.. and also to announce how he's currently doing in real life, and his future plans. He's back alright... ^_^


6. Oakman struggles with his dedication to playing this game vs his real life studies . He also reports on his meteoric rise in the game servers.


7. a recap of the tourney's 1st day by Dark Soul


was just looking here:http://www.aatraders.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=7 have to say that it's quite messy,.. with so many stickies..

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Oct 10, 2004 - 12:17 pm


i've no time! to play! too sleepy,.. will doze off after a less than 15 mins at the computer..

rambled by Langel around Oct 10, 2004 - 12:17 pm
Oct 9, 2004 - 9:44 am
Title: So many errors now! unfair to me playing... ...

Haiz,.. even tho' i used hundreds of turns, and most of the rest didn't use any, they are still higher than me in rating because of the embezzlers...

1. Can't access the upgrades port,.. nor can i do anything really. Fatal error: Unknown function: bigtitle() in /private/var/www/html/tourney/port_upgrades.php on line 19

2. They always accuse me of using a lag cheat,.. when i've not clicked on any pages for *ages* heh,..


3. Cannot do irscan

Warning: main(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1026 is not allowed to access /var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb-time.inc.php owned by uid 70 in /private/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2274

Warning: main(/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb-time.inc.php): failed to open stream: Invalid argument in /private/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2274

Warning: main(): Failed opening '/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb-time.inc.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php'); in /private/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2274

Warning: main(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1026 is not allowed to access /var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb-php4.inc.php owned by uid 70 in /private/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2280

Warning: main(/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb-php4.inc.php): failed to open stream: Invalid argument in /private/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2280

Warning: main(): Failed opening '/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb-php4.inc.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php'); in /private/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2280

Fatal error: Class adorecordset: Cannot inherit from undefined class adodb_base_rs in /private/var/www/html/tourney/backends/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2288

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Oct 7, 2004 - 12:45 am


John Lorson is on the mend,.. lookee here,.. will ya!



A Complete List of all teams in tomorrow's tourney (as of now) and their slogans,..

Alone In The Dark -"Warrior of Darkness"

assassinators of all -"we assassinate for money"

Batoznici -"Batoznici"

Big the PeaceKeeper - ""

Bob the (Bxx) Builder - ""

Borg - "We are the Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile !"

Damage Inc. - "The name says it all."

death avengers - "killings are job!!"

Death Dealer - ""

Even One is a Fighter - "..."

Freelancer - "I'm a freelancer... and I like it."

Gold Monkey - ""

Griswald's Aces - "Gods of the Sky..."

Hell is Coming! - ""

Sniper Team - "SNIPER TEAM!"

Strawberry Smurfette - "I'm green and red and go round and round!"

Take the Canoli - "Leave the gun."

The Alliance - "we wil survive"

TransFormer (TF) - "Fan of TransFormers"

Vagabond Exile - "*newb*"

* Bovine edited for the 3rd time,.. (remember the asterisk means that the blog is worth reading!) He talks about what he's doing on the D/E server, the main game, as well as him wishing that there'll be new names in the top ten list of the tourney.

Diablo edited for the 6th time, concurring about his well-wishes to John Lorson, aka Vicious... he doesn't mind the tourney starting early, only he's just entered the main, and has vast minefields to tackle,.. so that may lead to his focus being divided.

* K Z is sitting out this tourney... Goooo KZ!!! U've your heart in the right place!

koolkid will be joining in the tourney a little later coz he's going to northern Canada to visit his family (or stuff to that effect)

* Alf updated regarding the pro-Am series of tourneys. He also included a list of helpful reminders/hints, just in case you become over-excited.

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Oct 5, 2004 - 12:59 pm


Remember,.. * implies that the blog has substance and is worth reading.

1. Oh the cheek!   kool_kid thinks that one gets into the top 10 just by adding random thoughts,..!

2. Warning! Alf would like to start the tourney early,.. go post in the forum


if you have an issue with that. He also reminds players who want to do this tourney to link your profile with your player, otherwise your registration will be deleted 30 mins before the game starts. No exceptions.

3. Big got a peek at the new sector notes.

4. Diablo wants you to watch out for the "SliM" guy... i know what he means,.. don't you? 6_^


I dated again for the 3rd time this week,.. making up for lost time,.. I like this man,.. but am conscious more than ever that we're two separate individuals,.. both of us are independent souls,.. both of us are INTJs,.. how can we become two halves of a whole, even though i've not detected any incompatibility, background wise?

I spot a personality trial, more than a 'lack of physical attraction' obstacle.

What I like about him,
1. Christian, with a similar moderate outlook
2. very intelligent
3. More mature than I am,.. (and i feel my lack,.. but if he doesn't, then who cares?)
4. Mother works,.. so he probably doesn't expect me to be too saintly about housekeeping, although I will want to keep a good home.
5. I like the fact that I can grow to respect him.
6. Nice taste in clothes and music.

What I don't like about him,
Nothing so far.

Neutral about,...
1. He doesn't use apostrophes,.. he's the 1st of the guys I like who doesn't possess perfect written English. And doesn't use 'its' and 'it's' where appropriate. It's good though, in the sense that he *hopefully* will not expect me to be perfect in every detail too.

Is this the man i'll grow to love?

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Oct 4, 2004 - 8:54 am


Met another good match,.. what's with this?! Just when i decided to come out to date after seriously grieving for my aunt, i meet two good matches?

This man,..

What i like  
1. He's definitely a man, not a half-boy (like yesterday's)
2. He's tall... and has a nice body to snuggle up to
3. He works hard at his job
4. The first two are superficial things,.. but what about his character? well,.. conversation doesn't flow as easily as yesterday's date,.. but then yesterday's date has a very good and surprising music grounding.
5. He's more beddable I feel,.. more sensual. Even though he's quieter... i wouldn't mind seeing if there's physical chemistry... *dreams*
6. Isn't irritating, frankly,.. in all the men that i dated before my aunt's death,.. there were some jarring notes during the date, except for one, who really became my closest platonic friend. He's very clinical and I love him, but in a mental way.


My hair has finally stopped dropping. I have thick, healthy hair,.. but after my aunt died, my hair fell out in clumps,.. even now, my hair is still shedding, but not so much. But,.. i'm not complaining,.. i don't mind being bald if only my aunt was still alive.


1. Diablo has joined the tourney...

here are the relevant links provided by me again:


2. Max Griswald is in the top 10 for blog hits,.. as for dating you Max,.. lol... aren't u just my age or slightly older? 6_^ go date some nubile 18 y/o lol!

3. PJ has updated,.. his first update in 2 months,.. he also shows a knack for spelling and grammar, so i hope he will change the spelling of 'Availible' to 'Available',... this mispelling (amongst others) really rubs me the wrong way,..

Anyway,.. his update was about the need for server hosts to use MySql version 4.0.3 and higher and his work to reduce the number of files being accessed during start up... Good job PJ! ^_^ We're supporting you in spirit lol as you do the crunch work... even non-hosts...

4. Hebus's blog,.. (virgin entry!) has a quaint flavour Read it if you want a change.

[3rd Edit: I can't sleep,.. i keep thinking of my younger cousin having lost his mom at such a young age of 19... here in asia, we live with our parents until we get married,.. and our parents are with us to help take care of our children even when we move out,.. yet i don't know what i can do to help him,.. he's a guy, i'm an older female,.. not exactly motherly,.. i don't know what i'm good at helping him survive the death of a close loved one. Introduce him girls his age? Ridiculous! I've prayed about it today,.. i'm afraid i'm not praying as often as i should coz i'm not putting God first in my life,.. but God willing, He'll be gracious enough to just take my prayers at face value, and help my cousin thrive coz i'm clueless. No one has died in my family (nuclear and extended) for over a decade.]

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Oct 3, 2004 - 9:22 am


Max Griswald updated,.. he was the first to join the tourney,.. and darn if i don't detect a note of gloating in the blog's tone lol...


I think i finally met a good match,..

What I liked about him,..
1. Non-threatening, but medium attractive
2. Diverse similar interests, and good at all.
3. Articulate
4. Interesting
5. Self-employed
6. Gave me a sense of security
7. Does things fast,.. walks fast too
8. Has a nice voice
9. Slightly unconventional
10. Doesn't take unnecessary risks

What i'm neutral about
1. He's not very tall,.. only probably 5 feet 6,.. (or he seems only 5 feet 6,.. coz he doesn't intimidate me when i walk with him)

Any bad things?
1. Doesn't take care of himself enough... and i'm not particularly the mothering sort. Just a bit.

But it's still only the first date,.. but it's the most pleasant first date i've experienced. I wish he was the last of the 100 men i promised myself i would date... i'm sure he's the best of the lot,.. but in dating, i grow in maturity, i learn about hurts and highs,.. so that when i finally settle down with a steady someone, i will be ready to pamper him and be content with him, to be loved and to love.

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Oct 2, 2004 - 7:21 pm


1. Big tells DS that Stormy Ray got purged,.. that's why! ^_^

* 2. Ramasi turns in a splendid entry,.. about who he is,.. and his history in BNT and AAT. His blog was word perfect! except for one word,.. he used 'content' instead of 'contend'. Oh,.. and he lives in Malta-- wow!   

3. Diablo reports nothing moving in the UE AAT game,.. so he's joining the Danger2You Server where he likes the extremely high port prices since the game has been running for fairly long.

* 4. Bovine submits a cogent update on his beginning on the DE server, as well as his speculations on the new tourney. I definitely agree with him about Alf.

5. Vicious just updated in an entry which exhibits a zesty sense of humour,.. i think Vicious is quite young in real life,.. am i right? He reports that he's laid a huge minefield in DE before SDes,... and is also experimenting in coding a blackhole in another AAT development.

6. Hebious_Wompus submitted an extremely vague nebulous entry ,.. but who could be critical of someone named "Hebious Wompus"? lol... certainly not me!

* indicates recommended reading...

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Oct 2, 2004 - 4:55 am


Thanks to Bovine,.. *nothing* can keep me away from those SMILIES! ^_^ tHANK YOU,... /me serves a heap of gratitude on a platter!!!


DS is finally 5th in the DE server,.. he is puzzled as to why there isn't any mention of how Stormy Ray died,.. could it be because the admin removed him?

His last blog entry is just a paragraph,.. a brief update on who is where on the ranking charts, as well as who is at risk of losing his position.


Alf reports that a new tourney is coming up. It is imperative for everyone to go here:
to vote.

As for me,.. i went gym yesterday at 6 + and ended off with a half-an-hour swim after 10pm. Looking at myself in the full-length mirror within the posh bathroom of a country club, I console myself that age hasn't caught up with me. Not yet anyway. Just in case you don't know,.. one of the first signs of aging: the waist thickens from the handspan of a lithe nymphette to an elephant's leg. And lines begin to appear on the neck and stuff

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Sep 30, 2004 - 11:06 pm


1. Rasti lost his roof in the last hurricane! But at least his body is intact! ^_^

2. Slepkava is at http://aat.paisums.lv/ but reports that he has almost 3000 negative turns. Some minor skirmishes on AAT, but he'll survive.

3. mommi2 seems to be a 13 y/o female,.. but her blog is empty.

4. KZ edits his blog update 'Top 5 AAT Administrator "No-No's"' again,..  altho' i truly can't spot the difference from whence i read it last and now lol!

5. BarrowWarden is happy to be on his team,.. and enjoys good relations with Vagabound especially. He likes the AAT blog system as a means to know each other better.

6. DS is aiming to get into 5th/6th position on DE3, he is on the 2nd-rated Flock of Predators, whilst Black Sheep reigns dominant.

7. kool_kid extends *extremely* belated,.. (but probably no less appreciated ) thanks to CS, Tempest, KZ and Bovine.

8. Neongreen would like to have a party when 1000 profile accounts are reached. Well,.. only 20 profiles more to go! Altho',.. it could be pointed out that there are really less than 1000 profiles because altho' PJ may have been the first profile,.. some numbers are skipped -- i've no idea why,.. so actually there's no player 3 or stuff like that. If i remember correctly, i'm player 148,.. but as i said,.. some profiles don't exist. :?:

9. Big is back from Romania! yayyyyy welcome back Big! WELCOME BACK!

Big also talked to Tarnus after his return,.. and found out that sequential search is no longer possible in the newest version... (can't say i use really), but to Big, that was how he tried to find your lairs... Well... so now you know how he has been managing to find them all along! lol! Too late tho',...

10. Annilation is back from his cold turkey and will be catching up with y'all if both of you were previously acquainted.

11. You should read Max Griswald's blog about why he's missing in action... But to satisfy his curiousity, it's probably because the neighbour didn't know how to encrypt her wireless internet connection lol! Good for him and us anyway.

12. urgh... General's latest update was to report that 37 people visited his blog... well,.. General,.. it got 60 hits when i arrived there,.. nothing much tho',..

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Sep 26, 2004 - 11:25 am
Title: I dated a Canadian...

Due to a friend (you know who you are), I was convinced to try Canadian men. So, I asked my friends if they knew any Canadian guys. One of them knew someone,... an auditor in PWC, so gave me his number, but told me that he was in a serious relationship. After my aunt died, i've not had any interest in dating at all. So,.. a few days ago, I called this guy up and asked if he wanted to meet up with me. He agreed.

So I met up with him,.. we went for coffee, and then later on to a pub with live music. But frankly, I thought the music wasn't brilliant or creative.

I wasn't really attracted though,.. here are the reasons:
1. He was kinda schizophrenic. He repeated stuff unnecessarily, stuff that he told me once. And repeated it all over again, as if he couldn't remember that he told me before.
2. He was single when he met me, and as my aunt just died not even 3 weeks ago, I didn't want to meet up with single guys.
3. He's leaving for 3 months almost immediately.
4. Tried many last-ditch attempts to convince me to return home with him
5. No mental stimulus from him
6. No common interests.
7. Poor verbal communicator
8. Sloppy dressing

Good things going for him:
1. He was well-mannered.
2. Considerate, empathetic
3. Pleasant-looking.
4. Nice soft hands and feet, arm hair

rambled by Langel around Sep 26, 2004 - 11:25 am
Sep 18, 2004 - 7:02 pm


Diablo welcomes you to join the UE server,.. that's strange,.. i thought I reported on this very same entry in its exact entire form, a few updates ago,... hmmm,.. maybe he accidentally deleted his update, and so updated again?


Rasti has been an excellent complementary team mate to me. However, i feel truly sad that in killing Rok for me, he has dropped to second. I think he deserves to be first, and anything less is unfair. However, i've currently only a slight lead, i'm not sure why i'm leading, coz yesterday when i logged out i was very much behind him. And Rasti hasn't logged on in the meantime,... i suspect it's because one of his main planets went indy,.. i will find out later.

In the meantime, i've learnt that Rasti should have given me credits to take revenge instead of me asking him to take revenge for me,.. because in the end, the Federation damaged his ship to the tune of 5 bill, and he had to pay a bounty of 25billion  to them for killing Rok.

I wish i didn't let my anger cloud my thinking, I should have calmly accepted his offer of credits, instead of thinking that I don't wish to be a burden on Rasti. I didn't intelligently conclude that i would only have been a temporary burden and not a total credit drain on our team to an outside party and I would have soon repaid Rasti with interest because that's nearly the amount i spent in upgrading my ship, and everyone would have been better off, including me, coz not being attacked much, I let my turns go redundant whilst as I didn't know what to do after ending up in a pio.

P.S. This is my worst update ever in terms of command of the English language. It's very bad, I'm ashamed of it, but my thoughts are too erratic right now.

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Sep 17, 2004 - 5:30 am
Title: Now,..

don't we all love langel?  I know I sure as hell do!

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Sep 16, 2004 - 4:07pm

Awww Max,.. i would say I love you too,.. anything to get you a career you enjoy immensely. But don't worry. According to sociological studies, if you're not above 40, you fall into the demographics whereby even tho' there is slow job creation, you will still have many chances to reject job offers. So the situation is not dire.

However, altho' Max Griswald 'love[s]' me (and i appreciate his tender sentiment),.. Rok evidently doesn't!

Your ship was destroyed, but your escape pod saved you and your crew. Click here to continue with a new ship...

Darn Rok made 90 spies of mine perish my log today doesn't make for much happy reading L=(

Planet defeated! September 17 2004 09:53
Your planet Solarium in sector 3101 was defeated in battle by the wretched Rok. The people of the planet welcome their new ruler. You hear a testimony on FNN : "We're glad to be rid of that old fart! We don't want no stinking loser who can't protect us!". You swear to make them pay for their arrogance.
Planet bombed! September 17 2004 09:53
Your planet Planet Solarium in sector 3101 was bombed by Rok. You used 0 energy and 0 torpedoes in your defense. You lost 0 fighters.

Planet defeated! September 17 2004 09:44
Your planet Simone in sector 3101 was defeated in battle by the wretched Rok. The people of the planet welcome their new ruler. You hear a testimony on FNN : "We're glad to be rid of that old fart! We don't want no stinking loser who can't protect us!". You swear to make them pay for their arrogance.

Planet defeated! September 17 2004 09:38
Your planet Salazar in sector 3101 was defeated in battle by the wretched Rok. The people of the planet welcome their new ruler. You hear a testimony on FNN : "We're glad to be rid of that old fart! We don't want no stinking loser who can't protect us!". You swear to make them pay for their arrogance.


There i was minding my own business... can't people mind their own?

rambled by Langel around Sep 17, 2004 - 5:30 am
Sep 16, 2004 - 2:32 pm


* Have you seen Neongreen's last few entries? What can I say,..? He's on a rampage with what my country people call 'heck-care' attitude.... he's going crazy with the oddball server, and i'd sure be interested to read the blogs of players who're upset with him hehe

* Kool_Kid is at odds with Samuri for something the latter said in the shoutbox,... and hence the retort here in his blog update

* Big is off to Romania and so he self-destructed on the D/E server. He invites everyone to have a go at 7123 and pick it clean,.. like scavengers. In the meantime, he wishes good luck to his ex-team, and derides that the only real challenge was and still is to figure out who made up the team, Black Sheeps.

* lol,.. stuffy is a pretty stuffy guy...! let's read his entire virgin entry...:

Sep 16, 2004 - 1:12pm
Title: this game has potential

This game has potential.  All it needs is some fun and a few reasons to want to play.  The combat is pretty fubar too.

Also the economy needs to be fixed.

* And,.. these new guys haiz... Harry's virgin entry no less...



im the best
Post Date: Sep 15, 2004 - 10:09am

How bloody brilliant...!

* Read Rasti's latest entry... if only for that marvellous last line... But his whole update is engaging!

* Subiako is complaining that his current game doesn't show,...someone should tell him to log out properly before it shows... are you gonna be the one to PM him? Coz i'm not... too tired. He reports that the reward from the debris hunting is laudatory.

* Now this is what you call an impressive virgin entry!=^_^-

bRANgo reports that unfortunately, he only kept himself updated with blogs after having played AAT for some time. And whilst he has also started off his blog rather late, he makes a nice grand entrance with his list of what he'd learnt so far through normal trial and error and the painful experience of losing an excelsior. Go read his blog yourself,.. i'm not gonna spoil his thunder ^_^

* PJ made a fairly short report that a Real Life work project has delayed the AAT development by 2 months, but he'll get back to it probably tomorrow,... and in the meantime, if we could just possibly vote in the poll he's set out in the forums.... i'd voted. Did you?


* definitely a short update by Max Griswald,.. let's wish him luck for his shot at an IT position with the National College of Business and Technology. Just mention that you play AAT,.. that'll impress 'em! hehe

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Sep 13, 2004 - 11:21 pm


May i this time finish what i started! urgh!

* K Z reveals that the settings in Universe Empire are revealed in useful detail, and recommends to all admin to do the same. I agree!

* a must-read from Bovine about what players are capable of in a temperamental fit. He is regretful and will *hopefully* be back when the new version is up...? As he has quit the main and the D/E servers.

* FBM is leaving for good! What do you mean you can't spare the time?!!! Just play on a server which only gives you 5 or 10 turns per update lah! /me contemplates sending a 'you jerk, you abandoner!' PM to FBM hehe,...

* Well,.. vicious updates with vicious glee, reporting that it is he who laid the minefield that disheartened Bovine.....


rambled by Langel around Sep 13, 2004 - 11:21 pm
Sep 12, 2004 - 9:42 pm


I'm going to summarise all the recently updated blogs in an effort to keep my mind off sad things and feel closer to the living (if virtual) world.


Slepkava has an amusing turn of phrase i realise, after reading all his updates. In his latest update, he reports that he's in the top 5. I think probably in one of those local latvian servers,... frankly, i think just by maximising turns used (which i never do), would be enough to propel most people to the top 5 of medium-sized servers where the chances are, some people *will* become idle.

Thanks to Tarnus for his PM. It's good to know that empathy can bring people closer. I really appreciate the contact.

It's almost a week now (exactly 6 days), since my aunt died. I can't say that just because we live in a nuclear family, with only our immediate family that we see daily, that the permanent loss of a relative doesn't affect us much. My best friend's mom died in December,.. i thought I was pretty much grieved because her mom hadn't even reached 50. And her mom, Auntie Vivien was a very generous, forgiving and loving person. But even tho' I thought of the memory of Auntie Vivien (my best friend's mom) daily for 2 weeks, the feeling of loss wasn't as deep or painful.

rambled by Langel around Sep 12, 2004 - 9:42 pm
Sep 12, 2004 - 12:14 am


Ever since my aunt died on Tuesday morn,.. i've developed an propensity for checking that the gas is turned off,.. even when i'm playing the computer

She didn't die of gas inhalation or anything like that,.. but just breathing difficulty,.. and she was only 55 years old,.. leaving behind two sons.

After work on weds, i went out with someone for comfort. He's devastatingly built, but i was too numb to feel more than a slightest bit of attraction. So he may be feeling a bit rejected right now. On thurs, i brought an old friend to the last day of the wake. He invited himself actually coz he knew i was grieving and needed someone to help take my mind off death. Where are my female friends in all this? I don't know... they just stop at sending messages of condolences,.. that's all. But it's alright, they may not know how to handle mourning. I don't really know how to either.

rambled by Langel around Sep 12, 2004 - 12:14 am
Sep 6, 2004 - 8:09 pm


CS updated,... new game at : http://www.csimplex.com/aatrade/


Subiako updated,... he's from Dundee. Now,.. altho' crocodile 'dundee' was set in Australia,... i remember reading from my romance novels that it's in Scotland,... unless there's more than 1 'Dundee' around. Probably. He's playing on the LoNAF server where he maxes out his turns,...

he asked for advice on blind dates. my only advice is that if he really finds her a 'brilliant lass, an a cracker with looks!', then don't let her get the idea that he's only out for a good lay. which means that,... at least 5 dates before attempting to do any light petting. Because,.. women's magazines tell us that if we're interested in a guy,... we need only sleep with him within 3-4 months. Of course it depends on what her expectations are of him as well. But worse comes to the worst,.. i think she will grant a 'pity fuck' if he's a nice guy. But then she may well be very different from me. There were many a time tho',.. that guys touch me on the 1st or 2nd date, but whilst i may enjoy it, i will not see him again. Because it shows an impatient man, and impatient men probably won't make a sexual experience a fabulous one. They probably won't experiment as much. They might think that one angle of thrusting works with one woman, it'll work with others,.. because they aren't patient enough to find out.


i'm afraid this latest update by Vicious is out-dated,.. coz he's no longer the 1st on D/E....


MoreDeath seems to be a rather informed player. He plays on maddnetts server or something like that where he and the other 2 top players are on the same team. Rasti and i are on the same team too, on CS's server. hope that doesn't prevent more people from joining. (?)


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Sep 6, 2004 - 5:49 am


Combat lost! September 05 2004 18:13
You ship is being attacked by Anakin Skywalker. Try as you might, you cannot defend yourself against Anakin Skywalker's superior weaponry. Your ship was destroyed. Luckily, you had an escape pod!


oh well,.. it's sad really that i can't even play a moderate 15 turn game without finding that my turns were being maxed out every time i log in.... but truly DE was the best server i've played in. I think it's more fun playing with lotsa people,... bein' attacked be damned lololz! ^_^

rambled by Langel around Sep 6, 2004 - 5:49 am
Sep 2, 2004 - 11:09 pm


i joined Alien Assault Traders Fast @ Teo's -- http://www.websnz.com/aatrade/aatradef for 3 days. But i don't know what i was thinking joining a fast game... i simply don't have the time to capitalise on the tremendous amount of turns, and even tho' i joined earlier than some of them, they have quickly overtaken me in the number of turns. I think 15 turns/update is the max for me,...

/me wonders if I should join the Alf's 'normal' game server... which,.. is too vast and empty for me,...  hmm,... on 2nd thoughts,.. i think i'd just let myself be purged from both of them,...

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Sep 2, 2004 - 3:13 am


On hearing that another hurricane is hitting florida,.. i quickly went to see the list of updated blogs to see if Rasti is still updating. Hip hip hurray! he is! ^_6

anyway,.. i think this is what he's talking about: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5876681/ (for those of you not living in america)

rambled by Langel around Sep 2, 2004 - 3:13 am
Aug 31, 2004 - 9:49 am


FBM comes up with an idea that Bovine should add 'most loyal & trustworthy team mates' to the list. Lol! The choice will be hotly contested i bet,...  Anyway,.. just in case you didn't know,.. FBM has submitted a 600+ paged manuscript which is currently making the rounds at the publishing companies.

Let me remind you that Stephen King (or maybe it was some other famous author) got rejected 25 times. Okay, FBM? so don't be disheartened if at first you do not succeed. And remember,.. popular authors make much more than proof-readers/editors lololz! ^_^ All the same, you may like to re-read your work just so that you don't make careless mistakes, such as using 'is' rather than 'as'.

Read aboutBig commenting on Vicious to Max Griswald. Y'noe,.. Big's recent blog entries are rather ebullient and frank lololz... i enjoy reading his updates, especially after he's made a concerted go at firming his grasp of English and polishing his blogs so that they sparkle without me noticing the cavities.

Alllllllllrrrriiight! ^_^ K Z has tossed a witty commentary on the eccentricities of the English language into his latest blog entry.

Madman updated that his 5 planets were destroyed after being captured. I don't really agree with Madman tho's i'm glad he's taking the loss with sanguinity. I get distraught if my planets are lost. I understand where he's coming from, but...

Rasti is in a hippie mood today. I recommend he take up ballroom dancing. Then at least the suit will attract more girls than a tie-dye garment. Also,.. 'Shall We Dance' is perfect to watch... if the Japanese are trying to forget the typhoon right now.

Well! Bokuden from the idyllic land of Xanadu (the song, and by Coleridge) is recounting the start of his AAT adventure. I think he's really fresh coz he just speaks in bafflement about being in a ship.

I irritated a guy today. I'm glad, coz hopefully he won't ask out for a date either ever, or at least in the next year or so. It irritates me to no end, when you date a guy (for e.g.) on Tuesday night, and he smses you next Tuesday morning assuming that you're again spending Tuesday with him.

I've to put on braces again. Just the top ones,.. coz a couple of teeth have moved back slightly. So i'll be wearing them again for maybe 4 months. I don't think i will stop dating tho',.. because at least i don't think guys will be so forward with kissing when i've metal in my mouth. It's transparent,.. but still...i think it's a blessing in disguise, so that the guys will like me for myself, my mind, and not just think of what they can get from me.

Maybe if the transparent ones don't repel guys,.. i'll choose this green colour instead! Wouldn't it look as if i've spinach stuck between my teeth? lololz

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Aug 28, 2004 - 1:49 pm


BarrowWardenlives in Eastern USA and thanks Tarnus, DS and FBM for probably sending him PMs on what made their scores sky-rocket. Hey BW,.. don't suppose you could forward those PMs to me too? *hopefully* -- I'm no threat to anyone, i promise! 6_^

reidmar has not updated in more than a month, and in his return, he tells us that he did well in a competition, obtaining 3 medals. He also gives thanks to *BIG*..  ...  ... [what is this,.. the new protocol? lololz.... Maybe we should start a Thank you thread!/New Poll: Vote for your most helpful aatrader!]

KZ says:

Whoever owns GN1-5 really has a nest of liars and theives!

Lol! Big the steamrolling *centreback*,.. thanks for giving them a pummell,.. i do believe i'll try the oddball server now! ^_^ But whoever is hosting the Oddball server, i think you should note that if Big doesn't like the settings, and mentions it,.. i would think the settings are quite awry, coz i don't think he whines about stuff that's only a little skewed, y'noe.

I still feel surprised that Bottom Gun has not had a blog all this while. Coz she has been around for quite a while,... probably even longer than i have. *which isn't saying very much lololz!* Nothing much in BG's last update, just a bit of confusion which KZ has clarified already in his blog update.

I'm still spellbound by the avatar's heaving boobs,... i'm suffering froom boob envy i guess,.. most chinese women don't have big boobs naturally. There are exceptions, and i would love to be one of them,... but then i'll probably be attracting more malay creeps than i already am.

WELL! Max Griswald has the most exciting entry i've read so far,.. my heart is palpitating lololz Max reports on his day's haul. And it's a pretty hefty haul, believe me! awww,... u killed Rasti? That's 40 years in the slammer for ya ( :[ Rasti is the first friend i made playing in AAT.

D S reports that he's unable to connect to the Darkelves game a.k.a. D/E game

Tempest explains why,... admirably clearly. Don't you just love guys who can communicate well? 6_^ Of course,.. that may not apply to real life! *wink* ;-)

Ooof! A Who's Who/Who's the Best List by Bovine. It's bound to stir up some controversy,... anyway, i believe that this list will sink into temporary disuse,... these kinda lists always do. Unless of course,.. heehee,.. people are willing to pay to get on the list heehee, then the poster has the incentive to keep it up.

For e.g. I believe a couple other people have started off doing this list, but.. where are they? I know Big is one of them,.. but i'm sure i read some other half-finished ones too.

Entry Edited 3 times - Edited on Aug 29, 2004 - 3:22 am

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Aug 26, 2004 - 5:10 am


Diablo laughingly and ruefully tells us that he made a colossal mistake (dare-i-say-newbie? - lololz!!) of sleeping in an excelsior without a pod. I think he would have rectified the oversight by now tho',... so no bling bling for those of you who read the blogs and then toodle along to scan Diablo's ship.

Must be rather relieved tho',.. that he got away unscathed. I know i would be,... in the rare times that i actually get to an excel.

Bovine: made another edit. Can't say i blame him,... i'd gotten extremely high for the 1st time in my life on alcohol. Well,.. that and an extremely good art film. So,.. he managed to sound witty, inebriated or not.

K Z uploaded a spreadsheet image for us to peruse. Excellent jobbo,.. ! He also brings to our attention one of his blog entries which admittedly is well-written, a kinda '101 things' you'd always wanted to know about digs.

Spelling highlights:
'thier' is wrong! Try 'their' instead...

Big light-heartedly responds to my wariness about playing with him. I stand by my position that i would prefer to pick battles that i've better odds in,.. the only reason why he was 21st outta 28 in 1 game was because he didn't devote much energy in that one game lol. I mean,.. his profile simply speaks gory blood to me! lololz

The mad dane, who is playing by the saying...:

-"Being no. 2 is okay, but winning is Big"


This is a game and I take it to the max, so if U are not on my team make sure you got a firm grip on your head or else it gets bodyless.

In other words, "Mercy" isn't a word I know of and that's why I don't show it....

* Rasti's off-beat blog reminds me a bit like tempura. Crusty on the outside, soft, tender and juicy in the inside.

As for me,.. in real life,.. seeing that i really have no time to even be updating my blog actually coz i actually came onto the computer to do things that have direct relevance to have real life,... i met a guy with real nice hands. He's actually the first of all the guys that i'd met that i'm actually considering going steady with. Because he's considerate, is hairy in the places that count -- arms and legs and chest(i like hairy guys), is well-brought up,.. and really mentally my equal. The bad thing is,.. now that i've dated so many other guys,... i know that he doesn't kiss very well.

rambled by Langel around Aug 26, 2004 - 5:10 am
Aug 24, 2004 - 2:04 am


Hmm,... i'd like to catch up with a review of the blogs. I've been reading them, but not been doing a summary as i had been doing so in the past. i have been seeing that the standard of grammatical story tellin' hasn't been kept up! Alas,.. i've not managed to convince them that ignoring spelling and grammar is like driving a car without suspension over a rocky plain. If the blog update is really exciting, the car may manage to skim across the rocks somewhat due to speed and breathless anticipation of the reader,... but if it plods along, then the reader feels the jolt of every rock painfully.

Correct spellings to *use* that will help us coast along, and enable us to just focus on your content, rather than detract:

plausible, not plausable

Congrats on:

dignitaries (Max Griswald)

1. Max Griswald updated 3 times since i last reported on his blog. In his latest update, he pleads that we join the D/E server to make it more competitive.


2. Lafeel from Iceland updated for the 1st time,.. hrumphing that he's had it... what with being killed 3 times lololz! From checking his profile,.. i think he's had it with this server: http://www.lonaf.com/aatrade/

3. Bovine updates with a *splendid* entry, briefly eulogising many many players from the tourney. Ohhh,.. did Tempest suffer a lot of flack? lololz... ^_^ I loved reading it coz its tone was buoyant with jubilation...

4. Well! Phaser does the same thing! Only,.. due to his blog layout, it appears neater.

5. DarkSoul lays to rest the tourney, and would like to see a singles/ 4/5 player tourney next... PJ/Tarnus take note i guess ^_^

6. Gemini is from Canada,.. hmm... well,.. i betcha he's one of those who'll lap up blog updates from the more experienced players containing tips. So,... if u're hardworking enough, Gemini, you'll notice a link which opens up all blog updates ever keyed in by a player. I won't make it *so* easy for you to tell you whose blogs to read.

7. Diablo recommends that you join the Oddball server
http://aatrade1.aatraders.com/ I checked it up, and there are currently 8 players, with the top 3 really far ahead in front. Big is in there too, and i'm not playing in any server with Big in there... ^_*

8. Big: what is an "extended area"?

9. Awww... Bottom Gun has that heaving bosoms avatar... it's her first blog update,.. and she walks the well-trod path laid by Bovine and Phaser... congratulating Satman, Moonraker and The Donald.

10. As for me,.. i'm still contemplating seeing that guy from last night even if he was a jerk at the end,... because he kisses well. But one bad thing about settling for the familiar, is that the right guy may be just around the corner. Anyway,.. each guy is different, and i must appreciate that,... and so i emailed him this morn with a list of places I promised to provide where he can get mediation for his work. Coz he wants to leave his company, but his company paid for his training, but he baulks at the sum he is to compensate the company for. The disputed sum is US$10,000, so frankly, he thinks he shouldn't pay that much for a course he deems to only be worth half that.

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Aug 23, 2004 - 2:08 pm


Well,... i guess i get my just deserts then,...

it turns out that this guy i met tonight had the same initials as another guy. And he wouldn't let me go till past 2a.m. Why? By then i'd already made 4 attempts to get away from him. But I don't know,.. he may have wanted more than kissing. Admittedly,... i would rate him 8/10 for kissing and technique and the right attitude. But from a guy of 38, starting out as being solicitous of the age gap and hurting my feelings,... he didn't seem much concerned about me towards the last 2 hours. Maybe he wasn't satisfied till I had the big 'O's, but i'm not having them on the 1st date! Nor am I having relations with him, no matter how great his technique is, or how intelligent he is.

I really really wonder how he made such a great U-turn from thinking that I was too young for him, and yet caring for me so nicely during dinner @ (another) Japanese restaurant, two drinks at a posh bar where i felt at ease, to discarding his reservations and then treating me like a casual lover.

I said a friendly 'good-bye' to him, whilst i walked hurriedly away,... he may have followed, but i don't care to know. I shouldn't have been so frank about my address. Because all these hanky panky thingies aren't de riguer amongst well-brought up women. Nor do we get pregnant at a young age, or have casual boyfriends, even if FHM rates S'pore women as being ranked the 1st in Asia in the category of 'will make the first move'. and i enjoyed the initial stages.

Anyway, I've got to stop feeling a tad mad at this date, because he is led by feelings, whereas i'm an extremely practical, mentally-oriented person. He told me that i kept on spoiling the mood with me being 'logical'. (that's the word he used....) I learned from him that i should be more compassionate during piano student auditions, the difference between dating women in their 20s & 30s. I disagree on him with a no. of points though....

In all,.. i think i met 10 diff men in the last month. Will meet another 2 more by the end of the week.  

rambled by Langel around Aug 23, 2004 - 2:08 pm
Aug 23, 2004 - 4:54 am


Heaven help me! But i've been dating so many guys that i can't remember the face of the man i'm meeting tonight, even though I'd previously dated him recently ...

Or am i sure that i've dated him before? *hesitates*...

maybe i hadn't...

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Aug 16, 2004 - 11:20 am


Am now playing here: http://www.websnz.com/aatrade/aatradel/index.php

quite like it coz that's the way i like to play,.. nobody shooting me,... and in a small universe, where i can almost real space anywhere under 5 turns using just a pioneer.

There's only 1 other player there with me,.. he may be having a voyager i don't know,.. coz sometimes i spot the trail left by a voyager.

rambled by Langel around Aug 16, 2004 - 11:20 am
Aug 11, 2004 - 10:05 pm



Went on 4 other dates in the last 10 or so days because i'd re-organised my piano teaching and made 3 nights free, instead of only 1 night... Altho', with new referrals coming in in bulk, i may yet teach till i'm worn out like a quilt again.

The last was with someone i'd known for going on a year now... meeting so many men have been enlightening. It helps me discover what I like/don't want in a partner. It's also made me more tolerant in my moral code. It stretches my boundaries, shows me exciting things that can happen if I go over to the other side and engage in casual affairs. Yet in the bright light of the day, I'm glad that my head is firmly on my shoulders.

I imagine that if I date 26 other eligible men by the end of the year , I'd find another 4 men i can melt into. But to find someone that I want to be with for a lifetime.... it may need divine intervention lol! Hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeelllp!

But if I do find someone who stimulates me and I want to be his wife,... i must remember not to expect too much romance from him. I understand why those men in romance novels prefer to marry lasses outta the school-room/convent. That's because if a woman has too much past dating history,.. she's bound to have high expectations, and know how she wants to be treated. She knows her own attractiveness, and her own worth in the eyes of men. That means she's more demanding.

I know my own worth in God's eyes, in my family's eyes, in society's eyes as a tax-payer, a humble volunteer, an economic agent. But, to know that you're desired for your superficial features, (even for base agendas) it's exhilarating, even though that means that when I get older, there's more pressure on me to look young, and that's dumb.

Now i will force myself not to abuse Alf's hospitality and instead focus on his server rather than on dating ^_^ The thing is,.. i didn't lose the admin password, i lost my own personal password to my player id... that's what happens when i delay saving it in the 'wand'


For team tourney updates, check out Diablo's blog...



BarrowWarden is enjoying the following AAT game server


and gives a short summary on how he's doing. Not much of a start,... he just wants to put something in his blog. Well,.. slow and steady will do the trick!



Max Griswald will be hanging about for a couple of weeks,... a few lines here and there.



Big seems to be 3rd in blog hits,


... and in his latest entry, he recommends Tempest's blog update.


Whilst Diablo gives team updates in the tourney, KZ lists individual rankings.



A brief, encouraging entry by Dark Soul, praising Alf's recent strategy to make the team stronger.



Lol! Read how Tempest and Co. gunned down Big...



Just when you think all blog entries were about the tourney,.. Rasti updated... about earthquakes and politics (of course... Rasti loves politics lol!)



I have to say that playing on the own universe i created long ago is quite surreal. Firstly, because i'm quite forgetful, it's like i'm totally discovering the universe for the first time, because i couldn't remember the settings that Alf allowed me to toggle.

I'm in my pioneer gambolling around the universe. I say gambolling,.. because even in my pioneer, i seem to be able to real space to any sector in my immediate vicinity... i wonder if that'll still be true if i upgrade to a cargo ship with probably level 1 or 10 engine max stats?

Hmmm,... i see someone has a voyager,.. wonder who it is?

I didn't toggle it for this universe, but it'll be quite cool if for once, there's no need for an energy scoop hehe,... it's useless coz no energy is allowed to be collected during real space...

Why... i can't even remember if the maximum no. of planets that can be constructed in a sector is 4 or 5... so i can't figure which upgrades ports to take note..

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Aug 3, 2004 - 10:02 pm


?,? ???????,??,????????,??,????????,??,??????? ?,??,? ???????,??,??????? ?,??,? ???????,??

went on yet another date. this time it was with a well-mannered gentleman. he went with me and bought a box of Godiva chocolates. Their dark chocolates are the finest i've ever tasted, and believe me, i've tasted lotsa gourmet chocos. however, he is a fine example of a fairly good-looking man, treats me well, is mild-mannered, and yet there's no chemistry with him.

Chemistry is a strange thing.

Later, we went for a Japanese buffet. The food variety was superb, but again he impressed me with his restraint. Even tho' it was expensive, he didn't go more than once, simply because he wasn't hungry. The frugal side of me protesteth quietly within me. But I followed him. And later that night, when I was at home, i was rewarded by still feeling full, despite only having 1 helping. Hmmm,.. maybe the cook put lotsa starch in there? lololz ^+^

Thanks Rasti for your message too

rambled by Langel around Aug 3, 2004 - 10:02 pm
Aug 2, 2004 - 2:01 am


I want to play AAT! But i've been busy dating. Met a man with a loose lifestyle yesterday. But it was fun knowing him, and what I liked was that he's 36,.. i did try dating younger men of 26 and 27, compared to my 24, but i found them darn immature, and continually being dumbstruck with the breadth topics that i was conversant and interested in.

I find young Chinese men irritating!

There was chemistry with this older Chinese man, but I'm kinda outta my league because he's more sexually open than I am. And I don't want to switch partners once every couple of months. I understand his logic, but I find that these relationships should not be glorified. Because, the care for the other person is truly 'casual'. I'll admit that there's care, but it can be quite easily detached. Players see themselves as being in a loosely-structured game, where people come and go, like those roundabout doors in posh hotels that you see in America. And there's one in Singapore, but i can't remember where.

Furthermore, I have a life worth living to live out to the fullest extent, I am answerable to God, my family, myself, my society. I don't want to be struck down even in my middle-age years with HIV. Just for a couple of hours of unabashed pleasure.

Anyway, my two servers are quite desolate,... i really want to go try out the 2nd one that Alf set out for me,... but i can't find the password haiz,.. but if i can just find it soon,.. i'm sure i can surpass rasti coz the scores there are pathetic   

rambled by Langel around Aug 2, 2004 - 2:01 am
Jul 27, 2004 - 12:52 am


Good news! I'm now 48kg all through doing sit-ups and not eating much,..! Obviously, losing weight is easy when you're young. But i hope to find a husband who'll still love me even if i eventually get to a size 10, after having babies

Please read more of Krazy Klingon's blog for the Tarnus Manouevre (amazing! i spelt it right even bein' outta school for so long!) and how he injured his right wrist. Please note that that's what happens to hardworking guys who work on Sundays lololz!


Is Rasti a polar bear in miniature? lol!


A humbly assertive presentation by Bovine about his right to pose his own views,..


and where did he get those smilies?!!!

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Jul 25, 2004 - 2:44 pm



I have just released eChicken 2004, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file your important documents, and balance your checkbook - and Internet Explorer is an inextricable part of eChicken.


It was very pleasant to start off with Big's entry,.. it was extremely refreshing and lightly glossed over.


rare simple spelling mistakes, but they don't detract from the quality of the blog entry,.. so i'm not complaining.


Dark Soul is on a creative spiel, and you can catch a glimpse of the landscapes in his mind here:


regarding the flash game he is building.

however, he's still taking the time to play an AAT game whilst he's at it.


C Simplex hasn't posted for quite a while... but he finally updates with an addition to a code, and an image.



three alien races in appearence but infact could all be humans that have followed a different evolutionary path, this could be facilitated by a large scattering into the cosmo's of the human race for a reason i am keeping secret for now!!

What a fantastic idea! FBM may not have a job as an editor in a newspaper, but he can certainly be a marvellous screenwriter!

He also has some questions for PJ...


rambled by Langel around Jul 25, 2004 - 2:44 pm
Jul 23, 2004 - 10:02 pm



* was praised by PJ for his timeline,.... the 3rd update of which i'd missed.
* complained about jonsjava bein' down,... as he was on the verge of hitting no. 1
* has Big as his new idol,..

spelling: ominously not 'omniously', sporadic raids not ' a few sporadic raids' ('a few' is unneeded and an overkill)

For e.g. you say 'overkill' and not 'too much of an overkill'

'Intelliegnce' is wrong. -> intelligence
'redeployied' -->  redeployed
colony's --> colonies
colonys --> colonies

i find the last time-line especially well-written, and ties up a lot of loose ends.

4.7★ (ignoring all the darn spelling and grammar and punctuation mistakes)

Dear Rasti,.. the first player i call friend,.. seeing that her breasts are being hidden by that bow, i can't say whether i can live up to your expectations, but lol! maybe a well-made inflatable doll could!

Is this the game you were talking about?

Rasti posts a pic of a Sailormoon character, talks about TransFats (thinks guiltily of the empty Cheezels bag lying in the trash), and introduces me to a new game, courtesy of Cedric and Phaser.



Shadowspawn's update is empty. Nada! Shen me dou mei you!



Buzz is getting ahead in UE, with the only endeavour in the game.




posts a short-1-liner not really worth reading, but here's the link if you want:




4.99★ for this supremely well-written update. Whoever said that computing professionals can't write well? 5★ if he can indeed get the new version up in 4 weeks hahaha!




hmm,.... only 1 mistake i managed to catch in my skim through (don't have time to do more than that)


And btw,.. it's 'inches' not 'inch's'




raises an interesting argument about the correlation between time played and ranking,... as he's a more experienced player, he will know better than me,..

i think if the playing field was indeed even as he said, then it may come down to that... but even tho' i read all the blogs, i don't necessarily remember what was said and apply them,.. hence even if i played 24/7, (you're kidding right lol!) i know i will not even beat anyone in the top 10.

4.4★ for the interesting debate.


The Donald

for a comparatively short entry,.. he writes with flair. Great job! It's harder than it looks!





i'd always been suspicious about guys with 69 in their usernames,...


Read his blog update only if you know French,..

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Jul 23, 2004 - 5:07 am


K Z muses how skewed AAT is towards attackers. He gives an insightful overview (nope, that's not an oxymoron). And for miscellaneous, he also gives us a link to an animated parody between Bush and Kerry. Even tho' WinXP can't detect my soundcard after my OS crashed, it's still quite funny without sound




Tempest will be away from tomorrow Friday morning, till probably next Saturday i think,...

but he leaves us with 4 closely-followed updates. To ponder and digest, and for those inconsolable,.. to print out and hug  till they are crushed, whilst he's away i guess lol! *kidding*

Read how Tempest carries off the offensive strategem in his  sequel. But what really intrigues me, was his small-screen template i think, for the blackberry,... Opera has something like that too (for those of you who are still stuck on IE) In fact, if you press shift+f11, when you're using the Opera browser, you'll get the exact look of how you'll be surfing via wap PDA/4th gen phones/other handhelds.

4.6★ for Blog Post Date: Jul 16, 2004 - 10:13am


I think Big edited one time too many,.. he edited 26 times,.. and i think he saved an empty screen the last time.



Fake didn't have internet connection for most of the summer, no wonder we hardly saw his blog being updated, or other players talking about F C,..

His livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/dadarkneo/

and one pic he thinks does justice to Jasmine Trias,.. http://www.allthatjas.net/gallery/data/media/32/FinalThree_01.jpg

Frankly, i liked erm,.. Shannen Doherty, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Witt,.. if i was a Western guy,..red-haired girls would be my preference... lol!


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rambled by Langel around Jul 23, 2004 - 5:07 am
Jul 22, 2004 - 1:42 pm


Siska challenges us to translate his Estonian blog,.. fortunately i've got a best friend who's Estonian. I've never met her, but we've been online friends for probably more than 4 years now.

Loosely translated, it means, 'am i supposed to talk smart in here or what'

Extremely short entry.



Shuey is as usual busy with sports, but wouldn't mind some tips regarding managing planets. you guys may want to PM him with links.



Oh no,.. Rasti takes issue with 'the originality' comment in my last update。 But it's because diet news grounds have been well tilled before i guess,.. so it's hard to turn new ground,.. i am continuing to lose more weight through sit-ups and running,.. but i don't feel so good! but anyway,.. really Rasti thanks for the last update, i was pleased with the standard of advice (it was not intended to sound deningrating). And will try to implement it. Too bad i'm too busy to eat well anyway. But being too busy to eat well really doesn't prevent one from gaining weight,.. if too much fat/sugar is consumed.



rambled by Langel around Jul 22, 2004 - 1:42 pm
Jul 20, 2004 - 11:49 am


Buzz is from Latvia, and mentions knowing Diablo. He's done some Lesoun-kicking in UE and is going to join D/E soon.



What Rasti has,... is a sardonic sense of humour, which is served in style by original packaging, even if the content is the same.

Rasti talks about diets, and intake,.. and modernisation etc. lol! I agree with 85% of what he says. But nonetheless, it's good to read if you want to impress girls, and don't have the brains to come out with your own creative opinion.



Due to how Big patiently and consistently tends to his blog entries,.. i conclude that he'd make a v. good husband. If your girlfriend/fiancee/wife ever wants a testimony in the future, come look for me! ^_^



My fav flash games:




rambled by Langel around Jul 20, 2004 - 11:49 am
Jul 19, 2004 - 11:51 am


Have a date with an old friend tomorrow evening,.. when i mean old,.. i do mean old literally,.. he's in his late 40s,.. but good-looking, compassionate, intelligent, interesting and a vice-president of a bank. However, i ate 3 scoops of ice-cream today,.. for supper. Hopefully, the fact that i ate only vegetables and fungi today would make it an even trade-off.

If you're wondering what i'm doing eating fungi,... let me gross you out further by telling you that it's dark brown. lol! ^_^ Seriously,.. if you'd ever seen what pig's ears look like wrinkled, it's kinda like that. But the brown fungi is actually a Chinese staple,.. and v. good for the joints.

Big is taunting me,.. with his darn joker face,.. he has cleverly edited his avatar, and he has only 1 more segment to go before his update is complete.




Rasti is satirising Jeb Bush in his latest entry,.. and clarifying his previous entry,.. nice post! ^_^

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rambled by Langel around Jul 19, 2004 - 11:51 am
Jul 18, 2004 - 10:07 pm


A friendly warning by Phaser not to get too confident that your more expensive ship is invincible. That there are always holes and chinks in the armour, due to the element of chance and the smaller ship can still come out the winner at the end of a battle.



Get to know Rasti better by reading his blog,.. it's got a dash of politics, and a whiff of philosophy,..


Hey Rasti, is arnold schwarzenegger your governor?


Will PM Neongreen about what he's saying,.. what? the body feeds off muscles first? then fat?

for breakfast,.. i ate half a pack of cheezels,.. i hate myself *sob*

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Jul 18, 2004 - 12:27 pm


My skeleton, my tissue and my weight.

I've got a friend who came back from overseas. The 1st thing she noticed about the girls here were that they were v. slim. So, even tho' she was considered v. slim overseas, everyone here (except me) said 'she put on weight' and 'she felt fat'.

Similarly, everyone in my family says i'm fat. I've managed not to let their onslaught of views affect me for rather long, but now, here's why I should get my weight down.

1. Lower risk of cancer
2. I can lose weight really easily whilst i'm still young
3. I will look good when i'm old
4. No stretch marks
5. No cellulite (hehe, isn't it so degrading of a former miss universe to advertise, 'i'm cellulite-free!))
6. My legs will look longer
7. The great thing about being really slim, is that even a flat chest looks good on you.

Here's why I shouldn't lose weight
1. unexplained bleeding (lol! gross-out!)
2. attract guys who want me because i fit into their narrow definition of 'sexy'

Blogs i'm reading:



Went to the gym today,.. (the day after the wedding dinner) and did 200 sit ups, 30 mins ot the slidemaster lol!

i'm now 51kg,.. having lost 2 kg in just a week of watching my weight.

breakfast: mini-sized white bread-hotdog (i hate white bread)

lunch: 1 cup of roasted chestnuts

dinner: 1 bowl of clear leek and cauliflower soup and 1 bowl of cream of tomato soup.

supper: 15gm of chocolate and 2 scoops of Green's peach ice cream whilst chatting with you guys on AAT

The bad thing about the chocolate is,.. it's milk chocolate, and not the nice delicious & healthy dark bitter chocolate. If you never knew that milk chocolate contained more sugar than chocolate,... well,.. you know now.

To lose another 2 kg and become 49kg, i've to watch my weight for 3 weeks, because i fear what i just lost is water, and not stubborn fat.

And i don't think i can lose 2kg in another 3 weeks coz i love bubble milk tea

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Jul 17, 2004 - 1:42 pm


For Neongreen,... Phaser brought your blog entry to my attention in a PM (thankfully, else i would have missed it until yr next update).

I do so love a commanding man,... and because 1. you obviously have a sound knowledge of nutrition, and you show that you have thought about food 2. no spelling/grammar errors that cause me to wince involuntarily 3. u care 4. i like dominating men sometimes

i've decided that a 4.95★ is well-deserved.


Bloggers who have gotten to the Hall of Fame with 4.5★ and above are (in order of who got it first)...

1. Tarnus with 4.8 (6th July)
2. Kwae Zar with 4.5 (8th July) K Z with 4.75 (17th Jul) 4.5, 4,90
3. PJ with 4.6 (9th July)
4. Phaser with 4.9 (10th July) (4.7 -- 17th July)
5. Rich with 4.6 (13th Jul)
6. Neongreen 4.95 (17th Jul)

Please inform me if i've left out anyone inadvertently.

What i ate today:

breakfast: 15gm silver of chocolate
lunch: water and vitamins
dinner: let me see... it was a 6 course set dinner of:
cold dish, shark's fin soup (please don't ask me how guilty i felt...), noodles, wintermelon with fungus, a kind of oily fish called patin, chicken, chocolate cake & fruits.  

P.S. I was wrong about Tempest lol! ^_

Entry Edited 4 times - Edited on Jul 18, 2004 - 12:30 am

rambled by Langel around Jul 17, 2004 - 1:42 pm
Jul 17, 2004 - 1:23 pm


[I've tried to ignore bad spelling/grammar/punctuation, so do feel free to write zany blog entries in future, and disregard the proper utilisation of English.]



A cheery entry by Bovine, good for him to be fairly upbeat,..he didn't mention the server name, but i'm pretty sure it's K M. it also seems that there's a player called Cornfield being mentioned in his blog. Great nick hehe

4.2★ for the short exposition of KM's happenings.


A superb entry by K Z on digs... Post Date: Jul 16, 2004 - 3:18pm

Let me highlight to you the word 'caveat'. K Z has used it correctly, so i'm impressed to no end.

I discovered via logic whilst playing a few games what K Z just put in black and white in his blog. However, I'm not disciplined enough to put it into practice. But it'll b very useful for newbies.  


a good entry by K Z. (Post Date: Jul 13, 2004 - 12:11pm)


Not really much of a pizazz factor in my humble opinion, but that could be because I'm too tired to fully appreciate K Z's last entry which is error-free. Good job!




Post Date: Jul 11, 2004 - 12:23pm 4★ for his account of D/S

Post Date: Jul 16, 2004 - 5:11am 4.4★ for typing out this guide for newbies about sensor capability.

P.S. Sorry Diablo, the highest score is 5,... not 10,.. and the max i give is 4.99 ^_^ (which hasn't happened yet).



Wrong: where there
Right: were there

Wrong: who's sector
Right: whose sector

Great job,.. my yawns were kept at bay till I finished reading  this blog entry.

4.7★ Post Date: Jul 16, 2004 - 6:57am


Big has a new avatar,.. ooooh! It's that of the joker in Batman i believe... (but i may be wrong)

In his last update, he shares his strategy. As his strat isn't completely updated yet, i will review it when it is finally updated.

<unrated till update is finished>


Tempest is also doing the same as Big is, but because i have higher expectations for Tempest lol, i went back and re-read it in an attempt to nit-pick hee~ unfortunately, i found nothing at all to nit-pick (altho' admittedly i'm exhausted and yawning away hehe. It's times like these when i wish i was married, and then my husband can drag me off to bed. If i really lust after him, then certainly AAT will pall, right Tempest? lol!)

<unrated till update is finished>


DarkSoul gets 4.1★ for his last 2 updates. If you want a leg up on the CSimplex server, you may wish to find a poorly secured, yet cash-rich planet, of which the location is disclosed by solving a riddle hidden in his blog. Kudos to Dark for thinkin' this up!


Here are 2 riddles: (And I pray to God that i can get up on time tomorrow morning *wide grin*)

Q:  How did Mr. and Mrs. Octopus come aboard the ark?

Q:  What animal doesn't play fair?

P.S. a few secs after i posted this,.. DarkSoul PMed me with the answers,.. congrats! ^_^

Computer 0
Player   1

too tired. Just went for my cousin's wedding. Arrived halfway and left 2 big squeaky balloons outside whilst i sidled in. My mom told me that if i was gonna be late, i should just go home and not attend the wedding. But after confirming by sms with 2 close friends, I decided to hold my head up high coz they said there's nothing wrong with arriving later than the bride (haha!). Well,.. at least i was there to hear them bein' pronounced man and wife.

For those interested, i'm pretty sure the lights in the chapel were blue or lavender,.. i'm not sure. For those who have PMed me previously, and like reading my blog entries, please do tell me your views on marriage. (Tempest, i've already replied to your PM, so enjoy!) I've been asked twice, and the 2nd offer is open-ended. The good thing about the 2nd man, is that he is a high-flyer, has his own apartment, so that if I should ever have to seek refuge, I know I am safe with him. However, I have to settle the ethical question, of whether i'm making use of him.

Hope i don't fall asleep at the computer lol! (i don't have an off day cos i've got so many piano students....and I'm a fabulous teacher, but some parents are just so stingy that they won't pay for my transport to their home.) But i'm sure reading your blogs will keep me awake.  (for at least another half hour.. er,.. hopefully coz i'm really so tired I can just sink down on my bed and go out like a light haha!)

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rambled by Langel around Jul 17, 2004 - 1:23 pm
Jul 14, 2004 - 11:09 pm


Just a quick update b4 i go to work to let you know that

I'm starting a fast game on Alf's server in a couple of days.

It has only 1500 sectors, a universe size of 10k, but it's expanding. and a higher than usual interest rate. Dignitaries are *not* allowed. default pop is 200,000,000. Turn rate is 20 turns every 5 mins.

Please PM me if you've other settings ( unusual or otherwise) to suggest.

Okay,.. lesson over, and just to let you know,... since my resolve to lose weight,.. I have been DRINKING WATER and eating vitamins when i feel hungry outside of lunch and dinner.

I'm sooo sick of the taste of vitamins, especially calcium and magnesium. I went down to the hawker centre which is just beside my block earlier on, and didn't get myself anything coz i wanted to lose weight,.. and now i'm filling myself up with water coz i can't stand the taste of another vitamin.

But there's nothing healthy inside my fridge, except an old apple which i ate.

There are lotsa unhealthy stuff that my dad buys, but if i eat any of them, those are nutrients that my body doesn't need. And if you want to know,.. instant noodles (the staple of student life) don't do much except fill you up, but they aren't what your body needs effectively.

Entry Edited 5 times - Edited on Jul 14, 2004 - 11:54 pm

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Jul 14, 2004 - 5:10 am


Neongreen posted his additional contribution to the  time-line.

I'd PMed FBM with the editions tho' to the 1st draft of the 2nd time-line. Both of them are doing just fine with their story. I just hope that they will internalise some of the edited spellings that I gave them, so that there won't be much to edit in the 3rd/4th/succeeding time-lines.

4★ for great effort and content.


Big's last update is a blast. Lotsa sardonic, self-deprecating humour there. Which automatically catapults his ★ rating.

4.8★ for that, - (0.5★ for 3 spelling mistakes, actually i just realised Big is Danish, and he did edit a lot of times, so it shows his effort)= 4.3★ eventually

Will PM him with the edits instead of listing them here. I bet Big doesn't read the language evaluation part anyway, it's usually right at the bottom of each update.


P.S. Just my luck to have read a newspaper article only a couple of hours back where the lady boss of a slimming centre is 1.61m tall, and yet only 41kg. She's definitely underweight, yet she looks so good photogenically when she's thin!

My goal was to lose 5kg and become a size 2 or 4, but,.. oh man,.. she definitely inspires me to become a size 0!

rambled by Langel around Jul 14, 2004 - 5:10 am
Jul 14, 2004 - 1:13 am


Beballs,.. that was a long last entry,.. I'll be surprised if you weren't bored.

Don't read this if you're only interested in AAT stuff... I'm writing down here to put down in words what I'm thinking to myself.

I ate 1 kit-kat sized chocolate, and a violet-crunchie-sized chocolate wafer for lunch. Now i'm undergoin' a good bout of self-recrimination. How am i gonna get from a US size 6, to my ideal size of US size 0? especially since my cousin's wedding is this saturday, and everyone knows that if u're extremely thin, you look better in photos (which unfortunately last for centuries). I can't say how it feels to have a skeleton in the bed of course...

Anyway, i give twice weekly tuition as well as piano lessons to a poor family. My 2nd sister calls them trash and vagrants (in Chinese) and even tells me not to let them use the toilet as she's the one who washes it. I was so indignant, but then I'm kinda used to her being foul-mouthed. I pray that her heart is much kinder than what it appears to be, and that I can love her even as J.C. loves her. But I got side-tracked. I meant to say, that because they are poor, and hardly get to eat one meal a day, they are v. v. thin. Definitely a size 0, even though, the youngest at 7, actually has a round body type, but because of poor malnutrition, her legs are to be envied.

I worry about them because they survive basically on water and sugar. I just hope that they don't develop diabetes when they are in their 30s. Their growth seems normal, and if the 10 year-old  doesn't get stunted, she has the natural build and face to become a model.

My sister aspires to be a size 2, she's I think a size 8. Coz she's taller than me and runs a lot. (i hate running, altho' it's a reliable way of getting a high) But the 'trash' has something she doesn't have, which is the ability to look good in photos.

Well,.. this is a darn update about size. I'm 157cm, and weigh an honest 53kg (that's so heavy!), but i was 48kg in school, when we had twice weekly physical education classes. In university, they basically left you alone, with no Phys Ed classes. So from then on, I went to gym only when I grew more than 50kg. I'm worried because scientists say that if females put on more than 5kg after they are 20, we're likely to develop cancer. So,.. even though I prefer more cerebral pursuits, for my long-term welfare, I have decided to work out thrice a week, 2 hours each time, and watch my food intake. Fortunately i'm still young. Our metabolism supposedly doesn't slow down until we're 28. And I do know that I can lose 3kg healthily in just 2 weeks, without diets, but just ordinary exercise.  

Today breakfast: meat & prawn dumpling yellow noodles with vegetables in clear soup
lunch: 15g of milk chocolate (milk chocolate is v. unhealthy, as compared to dark chocolate) + 10g of chocolate wafer
tea: young coconut jelly
Dinner: Flat white noodles with vegetables, squid and fish cakes.

Entry Edited 3 times - Edited on Jul 14, 2004 - 5:22 am

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Jul 13, 2004 - 12:12 pm


I open my this update with an evaluation of DarkSoul's *vibrant* entry.

5★ for a breath-taking account of the last tourney.
+ 0.9★ for a wide yet v. fitting vocabulary that entertains
- 1.5★ for spelling mistakes

4.4 ★



DarkSoul and Alf were talking about the same game, and were on the same team,.. yet I found it interesting that Alf seems to be more interested in analysing from a 'team' perspective, he seems to quite unself-centred, this guy.

4.2 ★



Big suffered in the hands of the culpable IE,..

he gets a 4.15★ for a v. good update (i mean,.. who doesn't find Big being killed by Kwae Zar entertaining lol)

Guess he just picked the wrong guy to exercise his aggression on,... and also the wrong browser.

'Merde' is right!

I PMed Big (oooh,.. ) to try this browser,... it's only a 3mb download without java, and a 12mb download WITH JAVA,.. and it's used by the largest number of people after IE and netscape...

Because it even loads webpages very fast on pentium 2 computers. (that's something mozilla FF can't claim, but if you want to use Mozilla for the geek factor, then by all means --- anything is better than IE!)


Look to your right, and if u're using windows, download windows version 7.52, if u're using linux, mac or whatever, it's also version 7.52

* Big also congratulates K Z

Now, since K Z uses lotsa tips from Tempest's blog, I wonder whether all of us has the potential to defeat Big?

Or is it just that K Z was incredibly lucky, or that he has the verve and backbone to resist Big, and that helped him to fulfill his innate potential?


* ooohhh,.. *kowtows to Neongreen so sorry Neon! Yes, you did state in your blog that you wouldn't mind any feedback regarding the game settings, and you even PMed us in the game. So you're a good host! ^_^

I guess I should learn who to trust. And in Asia, there are many cases of cheating, so actually, we've been conditioned to just close an eye or two,... and I passively rebelled against cheaters by leaving the game. I think my partner did too, a week after.

But Oddball is a great server. Excellent, well-thought through settings.


4.8★ -(0.25★x1 for spelling) -(0.25★x1 for punctuation) = 4.3★



* Is looking forward to 0.25
* is writing an online strategy game (let me guess,... u're a programmer)
* Has dreams for his own server, to include rather refreshing settings.

4.4★ - (0.25★x1 for grammar)= 4.15★




4.6★ for his no-frills yet wholesome entry of him getting married. He's even expecting a child during the Christmas season! (12-9 = March lovemaking bears fruit lol!)

I would only give him a 4.1★ usually, but because his entry is laden with bliss, i'm not sure even taking out Big would convey that sense of wonderment to all of us.

Having said that, I look forward to K Z's update, seeing that Big has just been killed by him the first time in more than year.



Ahhh! K Z has the next entry,... and it's divided into two sections as usual, one for DS, and the other for Kitty Matrix.

I really like his humble attitude regarding killing Big. People who crow long and raucously are entertaining, but my personal estimation of them will plummet.

Virtually no spelling/grammar mistakes, but 4.75★ because there are a few rough edges here and there.



FBM updated the 2nd part of his time line here:


and invites comments on it, as well as ideas for a sequel a la George Lucas.


4.2★ (inclusive of the 2nd time-line)

You must read the time-line,.. it's so overweeningly grand, it's excessively funny lol!

(in a good way)

Saw that the timeline needs some spell checks, will PM FBM after this.


Mistakes not from typos:

Wrong: approximitely
Right: approximately

Wrong: aggresion
Right: aggression

Wrong: elimated
Right: eliminated

Wrong: essance
Right: essence

Wrong: occurances
Right: occurrences

Wrong: promission
Right: permission

In order of appearance: (w stands for wrong, r stands for right)

w: copywrite r: copyright
w: countrys r: countries
w: Revolutionarys r: Revolutionaries
w: Citys r: Cities
w: theyre r: their
w: developement r: development
w: all out r: all-out
w: destroyied r: destroyed
w: remanents r: remnants
w: war shattered r: war-shattered
w: post war r: post-war
w: human made r: human-made
w: memorys r: memories
w: referances r: references
w: florishing r: flourishing
w: bountyful r: bountiful
w: disappear r: disappears
w: out lying r: out-lying
w: victorys r: victories
w: illusive r: elusive
w: identifyied r: identified
w: partys r: parties
w: self imposed r: self-imposed
w: build up r: build-up
w: 10 fold r: 10-fold

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Jul 12, 2004 - 10:30 am


大 (Big's nick in Chinese) updated twice. he evaluated my game settings on Alf's server...

and also gives us a holler that he has signed up on DE...

That's nice of him! ^_^



awww poor Neongreen,.. he's suffering from a whole hodge-podge of cold symptoms...

Neongreen gives FBM a prod to get him going on the 2nd part of the timeline,.. as well as extends to Phaser a hearty Thank You.



PJ updated:

There was a nice exploit in the Blackjack program that
would allow players to gain unlimited wealth.

Finally They caught Dowhat! Poor Neongreen, as he was the gameadmin for the oddball server, I thot he was Dowhat... after i ascertained that Dowhat was cheating somehow.

Dowhat told me that he got his spurt of credits from a winning streak in the Casino,.. but I thought that was just an excuse, and that he was the gameadmin in disguise... (sorry Neongreen!-- a thousand apologies Neongreen!)

Anyway, so i left the oddball server quietly,.. coz i didn't wanna call anyone a cheater and get it wrong...

Sorry for even thinking that you could have such low principles, Neongreen! But i'd been in games where the host gave himself a helping hand.

Content: 3.5★
Formatting: 0.5★
X-Factor: 0.5★ for the word, 'perm-a-ban' and phrase 'gnats whisker'

Total for PJ : 5★ - (0.25★ for spelling mistake: 'definately' and another 0.25★ for failing to put the ' in 'gnat's whisker'); = 4.5★



Excellent post by Kwae Zar,...

Initial 5★ (nice title, great expressive way of telling the story)
- (0.25x2★ for 2 jarring spelling mistakes, and another 0.25★ for failing to put the apostrophe where needed)

Therefore final total: 4.25★



Bloggers who have gotten to the Hall of Fame with 4.5★ and above are (in order of who got it first)...

1. Tarnus with 4.8 (6th July)
2. Kwae Zar with 4.5 (8th July)
3. PJ with 4.6 (9th July)
4. Phaser with 4.9 (10th July)

P.S. I was wrong about Tempest lol! ^_^

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Jul 12, 2004 - 10:39 am

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Jul 11, 2004 - 11:30 am


Bureaucracy Warren (Federation Space -- doesn?t allow planets, attacks, or warp edits, basically useless and inflexible, but serves at least to protect the weak most of the time)

Oligarchy Territory (formerly known as Alliance Space)

Unclaimed Space (formerly known as Unchartered Space)

Up Yours! Territory (formerly known as Independent Space)

War-mongerer's Zone (formerly known as War Zone)


P.S. Which is your favourite name? I know i'm not as good as The Donald in thinking up creative names, but just humour me....

Have been game admin for the first time... feel quite protective of the players there.

Will be setting 30 beacons in another rung of treasure hunting. So that it's multi-layered...

If any of you have ideas for prizes, please PM me.


Diablo spins a good entry, as always. 4★

Read this if you want to know what happened after Tempest went on his rampage. Despite bein' warned, the damages were substantial hehe


P.S. What i find attractive about anyone who has gotten above 4.5★, is that they are highly likely to be good in *ahem*.

That's because anyone who can hold his/her own in blogs/forum entries in Opera, probably has these qualities (in order of importance)

1. stamina (length & consistency in quality of session)
2. details (angle of the stroke/amount of pressure in different areas is reflected by grammar)
3. hygiene (is echoed in cleaning up of spelling/punctuation)
4. creativity (vocabulary and entertaining content)  
5. sensitivity & receptivity (enuff said?... if not, there's always openness to observations/new tactics from people around you, leading to more interesting content and internalisation of knowledge)


Okay,.. Namibia updates with a good entry. 3.8★


I'm not exactly sure what he's saying in his 1st paragraph, but he's saying something interesting. I'm sure of it. (lol!)


My sister went on a rampage today,.. I was playing softly on the piano old cherished pieces and she came storming out of her bedroom and grabbed hold of the music sheets, crumpled them as best as she could and threw it on the floor and slammed the piano lid.

She has always resented me playing on the piano. There's an old story behind it.

Now I have a headache. But I can't go to sleep. Coz I'm not tired.

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Jul 10, 2004 - 7:49 pm


DarkSoul --

reports on his attempt to bring down Tombstone's score...  unfortunately he didn't succeed, so he congratulates Tombstone on being the clear winner.




Tempest --

I am far from being critical of Tempest, so as I wonder if Tempest is foolhardy by giving advance warning in his blogs and shoutbox... don't think i'm judging,.. i'm not. I'm just 'puzzled' and very 'curious'.

The fact that he has 300 spies worth of data might send some people cleaning, and by writing that he wonders if he can break through 2bn of SDs,... if i had 2bn or so in my sectors, I'd definitely beef it up even further because i was forewarned. And to know that he's gonna upgrade his fighter bays and probably warp around to different parts of the universe to find the sector numbers he doesn't know how to get to,... I would take note.

Having said that, Tempest is a v. generous person, and he gives an open invitation to those who aren't in the top 10 to PM him if they want to take his leavings.

I consider that generous coz even the leavings that Tempest doesn't want under his aegis would cause a blip in your score.

Tempest then praises K Z on his fine lair, and extends to him the finest compliment of all by declaring that he wouldn't mind K Z in his team.


[In response to Tempest's edit, I shudda known he still has some tricks up his sleeve *wink* ;] I thoroughly approve. Although I don't think that any Chinese would be as confident of himself as yet to use this strategy. Because we are quite risk averse, and it is a gamble, but I hope the gamble pays off for Tempest.]


The Donald,...

Lol! The greatest selling point of The Donald's blogs is his cocky yet suave attitude.


All that schmooze! One of the major things why I didn't stay in the banking sector, was that it's all so ephemereal (let me see, the spelling looks right!), and it's full of smooth people who can't be trusted.

I mean, i certainly wouldn't trust them with my money. Because sometimes it's more surface than substance. So I turned to teaching piano coz that was concrete, and I was seeing for myself how I was making a difference.

I truly think The Donald can be trusted, but then that's perhaps what he wants us to think.

You've gotta read his latest entry, if only for the inventive and spot-on descriptions he gives the various players. I honestly don't think it can be bettered. He's gotta flair for this sorta thing....



What i'm eating for breakfast: soupy mouse noodles, fish balls, scallops and chicken liver. If these sound gross to you,... you're obviously not adventurous/open-minded in food

For my own use: http://www.websnz.com/aatrade/aatradex/index.php


P.S. Everyone of the 19 players is still flying a pioneer,.. so if you still want to play, please jump right in. And please stick with the game to find the 30 planets.

All 30 planets have had their average levels reduced to below 10, so if u're able to find and conquer them faster than the rest, you get a shot at being the 2nd winner.

I'm also thinking of putting 30 beacons as the 3rd treasure hunt objective so eventually there will be 3 real life winners.


Task for the week: To get myself organised. Change my personality a bit to become more dispassionate.

I realise that being a piano teacher has made me a more 'wholly there' and yet balanced person. Yet, I like my INTJ self, and don't want to go over to INFP,... so I've decided to re-orientate myself. One bad thing about being an INFP is that my 'things to do' list hardly gets followed, and i hate that.


Entry Edited 5 times - Edited on Jul 11, 2004 - 6:32 am

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Jul 10, 2004 - 8:29 am


Ahh,.. it seems that the trio updated again!

Another interesting update by K Z

He is developing an interesting, inimitable way of writing. That i didn't think was present at the beginning.




Phaser started out as one of the better bloggers out there, and he still maintains his edge, as i was considering giving him a perfect score,...


Why? Because in addition to having a good analytical yet descriptive entry, he invented this phrase, 'pull a Kwae Zar' and started calling Kwae Zar, 'KZ'... These little surprise crackers are a delight to discover.

After some consideration, i decided to give him a 4.9★. His update was perfect except for this misappropriately separated word -- 'A fter'


FBM wants help with Japanese,.. so any of you Jap speakers out there,... go PM him begging to be able to help out.

He's working on the 2nd segment too...

3.65 ★


Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Jul 10, 2004 - 8:42 am

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Jul 9, 2004 - 10:24 pm


A 4.3★ entry by Kwae Zar

Worth reading coz he really gives you the high and lows of his play in Kitty Matrix and Dark Elves. It is neatly categorised, and it's not often that the play gets so interesting. As with good players, they keep a watch on other players in their side mirrors



FBM,... well done! 4.4★ on his effort on the time line He managed to make it interesting too!



Neongreen also did superb work on the timeline. 4.4★



Namibia talking mainly to Kwae Zar, and saying something about removing cash from his planets.




Big has joined CSimplex... in an effort to fine tune his building skills.




A very lucidly expressed and balanced entry by PJ about his computer misadventures. It's worth reading coz it's well formatted, he's perfected the art of placing smilies, and it's not just a 1-liner.


The only jarring point was using 'sorrow', instead of 'sorrowful'



Krazy Klingon

seems that he formed a team called, 'Just Married' (well, gotta give him a star just for that innovative name lol!)

He also talks about Kitty Matrix, his own server, and another AAT server called CSRL. He could implement a bit of BBCode style tags though,.. there are some of you who aren't on this update who use them brilliantly, which made your own blogs cleaner-looking, and yet with the Ooomph! factor....




Common mistakes:

spies, not 'spys'
countries, not 'countrys'
cities, not 'citys'
territories, not 'territorys'
using 'to', instead of 'too' where appropriate.

Entry Edited 6 times - Edited on Jul 10, 2004 - 5:51 am

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Jul 8, 2004 - 10:28 am


这是我的母语。。。 您读得懂吗?哈哈!

用这一样工具做翻译吧!---> http://world.altavista.com/


FBM is carrying me away with his grand ideas,... I am charmed by the CD compilation idea, however, the time-line I must see to believe hehe... what momentous events in AAT history can there be? (aside from the real life tragic car accidents which I feel should be included, even if it didn't occur in AAT virtual space, and had nothing to do with the Federation or conspiracy theories of the Kabal ....)




A good entry by Phaser,... well-written, exciting happenings and interesting musings.




Lol! Everyone is watchin' their language! P all of a sudden, i get two perfectly grammatical entries with flawless spelling... (Kwae Zar & Phaser this time)



Bovine is relishing coming from behind. He doesn't mention the server or anything else coz it's just a 2 line entry:




Don't worry Big,.. your grammar and spelling may not be perfect, but i'm too afraid of you to attempt to correct any of yours

Big has completed (i think) his entry with a final (i presume) addition as to why he quit. I think his reasoning was sound. But it's up to the reader to draw his/her own conclusions.




Namibia is suiting up... and an aside to Kwae Zar regarding Bovine.




Recommendations(ones that i've mentioned before...)

Correct: it's as a short-form for 'it is' [note the apostrophe]

Wrong: its as a short-form for 'it is' ['its' is used on animals/insects/non-human forms of life etc]

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Jul 6, 2004 - 11:09 pm


Kwae Zar's blog updates usually has substance, so it's a good read of what happened when he adopted Big's style in the Kitty Matrix Server.



Namibia ruminates on his team, the Midnight Riders, and wants to help those who have completed 4000 rounds in getting a leg up. (With strings attached of course )



FBM's latest update is rather amusing. Sometimes we need to read blogs coz our minds may be a bit too focused that we fail to see how things can be creatively developed.

Like for e.g. FBM's suggestion of music for the 'agressive killing machine' vs the builder (civilisation 2/AOE2 music anyone?) [i really like the name, 'a compilation to kill' (coz it reminds me of 'a compulsion to kill' )

P.S. FBM,.. v. minimal grammar mistakes, and just a suggestion that if you want to use 'too', you may want to use 20 instead of 2

to - 2
too - 20 or 2o


DarkSoul soliloquizes in his latest entry about the 2-player tourney.  



Aha! a blog with no spelling/grammar mistakes (also a virgin entry)

Johnna is on http://aatraders.maddnet.com/ playing as Velouria,... i'm beginning to think she's a girl!



Kore reveals that he's posting in this blog about AAT/BNT related stuff so that his RL friends wouldn't think him geeky. If you'll check his xanga blog, it's also interestingly written. (Altho it's mainly non-AAT)

But a suggestion that there's nothing to be ashamed of in your friends knowing that you play AAT. And it's always good for friends to find more common interests.



Tarnus asks for volunteers to administer the next tourney. he also asks for feedback regarding the type of tourney that should be organised next round.

Nice appropriate use of smilies, a quick debrief of the tourney and i always like that template style.



For my own use: http://www.websnz.com/aatrade/aatradex/index.php


P.S. Everyone of the 15 players is still flying a pioneer,.. so if you still want to play, please jump right in.

Entry Edited 6 times - Edited on Jul 7, 2004 - 3:53 am

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Jul 6, 2004 - 3:44 am


I can't believe Tempest has a blackberry! ^_^ It's freakingly expensive for a multi-function device with an innocuous name... The length of my shortest finger is 4.7c.m., tallest finger is 6.9c.m. (to the base below and including the wrinkly lines that separate your palm from your finger). What is yours? And the circumference of my index finger is *i just discovered* the same size of an M&M. How about yours?

(and *ahem*, i may have small hands, even for an asian, so if the blackberry ever gets spoiled or u don't have any use for it... )

Tempest edited his last 2 entries only. The only significant update in his 2nd last entry is in point 4.



Big edits his blog. But when Big edits his blog,.. it's generally an update. He enlightens us on what went on before he ended his rampage ;< in the tourney.

Generally, for Big, i don't comment any on spelling and tenses. I only stick to safe, nice guys like Shermond/Tempest whom I think are safe to tease.  



Neongreen is aiming high. Too bad for him (if I recall correctly,) Big seems to have said sorry to Phaser for killing him... so I wonder if there are still 2-person teams around?


But Neongreen seems the resourceful sort,..

Does anyone know how the orange smiley is done here in the blogs?


namibia updated.... http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=26 just a couple of lines. nothing much really. only that he's still looking for people to hunt down.

Entry Edited 3 times - Edited on Jul 6, 2004 - 6:15 am

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Jul 5, 2004 - 10:42 am


lol! mistakes that Tempest made (as yet unrevised @ the time of this update) *chuckles delightedly*

'sugggestions' (smirks)

'more services means that'

From point 4 of the previous update, 'When you want to go back in, go to sector 1, and from there real space to the lair entrance. There are no warp trails left from sector 1.'

don't you find the last sentence in point 4 strange... (?) [warp trails?]



*described his trip to Malaysia
*a message to Tempest and Kwae Zar on the D/E server.
* Also a jubilant shout that brilliantly conveyed his euphoria that Greece won.


some nit-picking for you! (my fellow S'porean -- muack muack!)

never use, 'All in all', especially in school essays, or in verbal debates. It's a v. bad cliche. 'In all' would be better.

grammar: 'I am perplexed as why PJ have not installed the new...'

Slight dyslexia (?)/typing too fast somewhere else.

Kudos to you for spelling stalagtites and stalagmites correctly. I learnt them when i was 7 though,.. because there was a v. melodious song that i played about them. ^_^ Too bad I can't seem to find the music books that I played when I was which inspired me so much. ;(


Big's latest entry left me wondering if I'd wandered into a soap opera lol! It ends on a cryptic note, and well, ... i can only say that it's his best entry yet.



Lol! Okay FBM made a very valid point,.. http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=406

about AAT fanfics being a viable alternative. As i'm only qualified to write romances, I admit I was biased, but now I see the light!

Wh'dya noe,.. FBM may even come up with a songfic for AAT, and I bet it'll be good! ^_^ [I used to like the Lexx series very very much,... only it was criticised as bein' soft porn, so after 2 or 3 seasons, it was withdrawn, but the music was a plus)


A short cynical firing shot by Moonraker about the tournament.


He/she doesn't believe that winners get bored. I'll quote, '...who believes one gets bored when winning.' I do believe that one can get bored winning. It depends on the personality type. I've friends who are like that in real life, and it does translate, doesn't it?  :[

------[I'm editing only to add smilies ]

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Jul 5, 2004 - 10:47 am

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Jul 4, 2004 - 10:25 pm
Title: Recent Updates

Due to Tempest's wish that I give feedback on his blog entry titled, 'Secrets & Lies - Building A Lair', I will do so first. (Even tho' Max Griswald is in the most in danger of disappearing from the 'recent updates' list]


* Anyone who wants to join Tempest's team may like to read his blog entries very well, so that both can be on a the same wavelength and lingo. There are conclusions we arrive at about how to evade detection, but with Tempest around, we arrive at the same conclusions quicker haha!

I for one, didn't practise point 4. but now I will.

6a requires a couple of reads, but you'll ultimately understand it. And for point 4, i think there's an error in the last sentence. But that's because it really requires a lot of effort to put into words how the mind works unconsciously. [But did you know that Tempest is losing weight because his mind is working so diligently? your brain burns a lot more calories when it's working actively] And I think only Tempest has the ability to really write so cogently. 7a. needs to be broken up into at least 2 paragraphs.

i'd want to take Tempest to task for not mentioning Opera, when it has a larger userbase than Mozilla & FF & Safari combined. But that's because i'm the chinese moderator for Opera. So,.. haha!

So, Tempest, we all look forward to your next segment on 'Attacking Lairs'.

Tempest also wants more feedback on his updates. Please PM him if you want to comment/ask for clarification.

Also Tempest, CSimplex got his server hacked into,.. hence he had to reset his game. It's too bad too, as he had a good game going with many many players. Did you hear about it, hence your most recent update?



Max Griswald is playing a lone game in the tourney. However, he's achieved 10th place! I wonder how much is due to reading Tempest's blog religiously lol! ^_^


P.S. But of course individual effort does count for at least 70% probably imho.


Dilvish updated with a long list of questions which he also posted on the AAT forum, so that's alright coz most of them were answered satisfactorily.



CSimplex is hosting a new game as his server got hacked into:



Big has an entertaining entry. I found it self-deprecating, and it has a nice flow about how generous he is, and what winning wins to him.



Diablo tells us his fatal mistake in the tourney, and he wishes his teammate Bottom Gun all the best, as well as sending well-wishes to 'The Donald'.



Lol! The last paragraph in The Donald's blog has me chuckling. Anyway, good that The Donald is surviving in the tourney.


FBM suggests a kind of fan area for AAT. I can understand about artwork, but I'm not sure if fanfiction is feasible, because AAT kinda lacks characters. I mean,.. the Federation/Alliance ships are NPCs...


besides, in fanfiction, there's romance, horror, drama, humour...  horrorific and dramatic tales may be concocted. But the blogs do good accounts at times of suspenseful thrillers. So,.. i promise to PM you FBM, if i come across a blog account which is written in the style of a fan fic.

P.S. You all may want to check out fanfiction.net or *ahem* adultfanfiction.net

P.P.S. FBM is one of a few players who rely heavily on music to set an engaging background to play AAT on.


Namibia seems an old hand at AAT, even though that's just his/her short 1st blog entry, as s/he mentions missing the excitement Bovine provides.

Namibia has a personal message for Kwae Zar, so if you're Kwae Zar, go peeek at the blog.


P.S. Namibia,.. you spend 8 hours on AAT? my goodness...


Common Spelling Errors:

Using [wrong] 'loose' and 'loosing' instead of [correct] 'lose' and 'losing'

my pet peeve: 'tourny' [wrong] instead of 'tourney' [correct]

'Availible' (or other incorrect variants) instead of 'available'

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Jul 4, 2004 - 8:15 pm
Title: I had wanted to leave, and was able to.

The disrespect by removing my attachment in the forums, when I said it'll only be a one-time thing, besides being only a 100k attachment. We all want to know we are worth something. To know that I'm not even worth the space that viewing a 100k attachment will take is too much! Chinese know that rules can be bent/keep one eye closed due to friendships, but as some westerners do not apply this way of life, it is not worth a reciprocal gift of politeness and favour.

I don't mean to be controversial, as a Chinese, we really value friendships. I have American friends in their 30s and 40s who count me as their only close friend in Singapore because I make them happy with emotional and practical support. But, when I need help, they don't understand their duty as a friend to provide what I need, even when I state it *explicitly*. They just wait and say,'hope you are fine blah blah'. I find that selfish, whereas just casual acquaintances on my cellular phone will read that same text message, and provide the feeling that they care.  

In Singapore, we have clans according to family names/geography. It's not necessarily true that blood is thicker than water here in Singapore because there's the saying that, the more friends you have, the bigger your family becomes. However, the bad thing about some people, is that it's not worth it being their 'family' because they don't know how to treat their family right in the first place.

The best people I think to befriend are Indians, Australians, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwan Chinese, Malaysian Chinese and S'porean Chinese. (not necessarily mainland Chinese from China [unless they are from the south] because the Cultural Revolution has largely shaken their honorable traditions) In real life, in certain partying circles, S'pore is socially cosmopolitan, so that different nationalities are woven into part of your life. Especially as a piano teacher, I get to teach expatriate children, both western and asian ones.

Anyway, you may not be interested in that, so I'll tell you that only FBM, Tempest reached out to me when I wasn't around. C?dric is also v. friendly. As is Alf. Also, the PMs newbies send to me asking for advice, I need to answer. The people are the only reasons why I came back. Otherwise, the game has ceased to hold my attention.

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Jun 25, 2004 - 10:34 am


Here's something cute,.. and something that i'd not repeat again! Sorry to PJ and Tarnus for taking up their server width here: http://profiles.aatraders.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2092

rambled by Langel around Jun 25, 2004 - 10:34 am
Jun 25, 2004 - 4:17 am


My game is starting soon,.. in 1 hour,.. but the thing is, i can't find the 'allow player creation setting before game start'!


[Edit: i think i have found it,.. and hope i toggled the right settings.]

Please go here for rules and if u've any queries:


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Jun 24, 2004 - 11:55 am
Title: A summary of

Big updated 4 times since i last reported yesterday:

Big has a classy clean blog, with nice bold letters where it matters when he wants emphasis.

If u remember, the last time you read Big's blog was when he told us how he chose his username, as well as confirming what we already knew about his playing style.

In the 1st update since tho' on Jun 23, 2004 - 4:41am, he reports that he's under attack by a few players on the DarkElves server, namely Chriton (who is he? he doesn't have a profile under that username!) and Tempest.


In his 2nd update, he tries to strike fear into our hearts by telling us that he tried out a new planet tending strategy, and it turned out fine in Darkelves. :>

In his 3rd update, he evaluates the tourney settings on the main server.

In his 4th update, a personal message to Tunder (nope i didn't mispell it, alas he might have) as well as a listing of teams he considers strong. :]


Black Panter updated twice

is from Norway,.. one of my favourite countries His English reminds me of olde Britanny (the middle ages) though lol! (Chaucerian period) I had simple pure fun figuring out his first update


In his 2nd update, he was agonizing about bein' up against the better players and surviving for 8 weeks.


Tarnus has a jingle-like title for his latest entry, 'Something Wicked this way comes!' I approve heartily!

Unfortunately, when it came to the .wav files, i had to give them a pass, as my sound card is spoilt.

If u're signing up for the tourney, kindly do so as soon as possible so that any possible probs can be reported to PJ. And beware! Tarnus is on the warpath hehe



PJ updated twice:

1st update: New detailed trade goods and routes implemented. Energy, SDs can also be traded. [Help me,.. oooh my pauvre weak mind! it boggles!]

2nd update: Change in graphics code in the AAT templates. also for the default blog template, it can't have the 'quote text' functionality yet.


Thank you PJ for your spurt in vitality to finish all these in 1 go!


lol! it was amusing reading Phaser's blog. i usually don't look at whose blog i'm reading when i click on it and i thought i was reading Tempest's blog coz the blogger was talking about planets maxing during the night hahaha

Now that's the sort of catchphrase you usually hear from Tempest.

Phaser is urging us to join the AAT game @ www.csimplex.com and please,.. if you do find my ship,.. i was shocked to see that i hadn't be killed yet, i don't mind being killed this time so that you can rise in score. The host is a great guy too!  I'm working 14 hour days at times as a piano teacher,.. so i just returned home and am too tired to check more than a third of the Slow Game settings @ Teo's. So i do log in to give CSimplex my support, but i'm not moving my ship off its big fat butt.

Humour is injected when Phaser talks about neongreen as his teammate in the tourney. And Phaser says good luck to everyone,.. what with the strong teams in the tourney.




Dilvish updated for the first time. because he asked in his blog, i PMed him telling him that 300k beginning can still be found on www.csimplex.com

He's playing on the Czech server currently. Well dilvish, if you could also sign up for the slow game i'm gonna start in a couple of days, i would appreciate it! ^_^ it starts with 600k i think tho',..



The Donald talks about the chatroom yea i popped into it a few times during the last tourney, but the people in there just ignored me lol so i never went back.

But anyway, i see 4 people in there now,.. http://profiles.aatraders.com/irc.php

Maybe you're one of them?

Anyway, The Donald has been practising nova bombing, as well as suffering the repercussions of borrowing from the IGB. He's still a magnet for snakes and his mom is one finalist at the
41st Pillsbury Bake Off on the 28th and 29th of June.

FBM from the UK is hunting for a job and a game server.



Lol! Kwae Zar,.. we chinese are very humble,.. we use the smaller 'i' and we don't capitalise names

Read Kwae Zar's blog for a scan of what he and Phaser conversed about, his doing well in D/E, a sincere note of thanks to Tempest and the best shout box quote he found



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Jun 23, 2004 - 4:00 am
Title: New game starting soon

My slow game


Hope it all works out (Err,.. starting either this Friday or Sunday or next week,.. depends what Alf says )

I haven't put the planets in yet,... but get ready for a rumble hee! ^_^ (as much as this slow game will allow)

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Jun 22, 2004 - 7:11 pm


An earnest entry by Kwae Zar that he wants to improve his game mainly so that he'll be an asset to his team, and not weigh them down.



FBM hasn't got any time to play much on the AAT servers that he's in,.. and prob even if he did play, his dream girl will be occupyin' mucha his mind! Therefore,... you know how you can take advantage! *cough cough bliiitzzz* hahaha!



Correct English:
'excel' instead of 'accel'
'cruiser' instead of 'crusier'
'you're' or 'you are' instead of 'your' (which has a different meaning)
'too' instead of 'to'

I use to be a beta-editor for fanfiction stories,.. the last 2 mistakes could be found everywhere in the stories i beta. That's why i am continually delighted by a few good men here who have blogs with uncringeworthy english

rambled by Langel around Jun 22, 2004 - 7:11 pm
Jun 22, 2004 - 7:53 am
Title: I'm so pisssssssed!

I work quite hard in the oddball server, when time permits,.. and was quite happily patting myself on the back this morn when i looked @ the rankings and told myself that hard work really pays off, and yet when i logged on after a hard day's work teaching,.. what do i find this from the game admin!

"I just went through the settings and decided what could be changed.

Its wayy to unbalanced; how you getting such high scores?"


WAHHLAUeh! i cheated what else... *half-sarcastically* duh!

how is it wayyy too unbalanced? Everyone has the same game settings,..This unbalanced accusation thing has gone on for too long. I admit i'm a good player, but i'm not a v. strict one,... like for e.g., because this game gives such generous settings of 50 turns per update, i tend to real space everywhere even when i need >70 turns to do so. But who cares? my turns keep on maxing. So admittedly my E.F. could have been 27, but if Tempest or one of those players found on Big's list were on this server, i wouldn't be first!

If it were one of the recognised players around,.. i don't think anyone would query them. Anyway,... I'm too happy with my real life workday to spend too much time in a miff. But i am annoyed with Neongreen's rudeness, not that it impacts him. When can i revel unreservedly in my 1st place, unencumbered with accusations of 'unbalancedness' (which is untrue in the 1st place)  


Lol! FakeCajun would like Jasmine Trias to report live AAT news on 5 hehe i bet.


A perfect entree is FC's latest update. If ever i'd wondered if FC was male/female,... it's definitely encased in stone in my mind that FC is male lol!

I'm really sad that FC didn't have a chance to use his 10 billion mines over at the Darkelves' server before it resetted tho',.. although what with everyone usin' battle cruisers, i'm not so sure how much damage it can do.

These are players on a grand scale oh yeaah!


PJ will be resetting the beta game July 1st and instead putting into place AAT ver 0.25  


Autotrades will not be ready in time for the new version, and if there are any errors in coding, give him a shout,.. and he'll correct it within hours


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Jun 21, 2004 - 9:50 pm
Title: A recap of all the blog updates that i missed :)

Please read the rules of the game i'm hosting please...? it's in the previous update...


1. Max Griswald is back! I was so pleased when i logged on dat i can report on his blog again! And did you check out his profile? hilarious! (yaya,.. i know i said dat b4!)


Anyway, in his blog, he berated BIG for leavin' him out of an unfavourable category in his list. He's also lookin' 4 a team-mate in the tourney.



2. CSimplex's templates are out for sharing! i hope to use them on Alf's server!~~~



3. Lol! Big reveals himself to be HoxD13 in the tourney (well, now you know!). Big should also know that Tempest revealed himself to be Big's partner much earlier on, in Tempest's blog update.



4. PJ posted one mug shot of the new ratings page whereby there are now only 3 categories: GOOD, EVIL and NEUTRAL, for those of you who are agog to find out what it looks like. No announcements of new rules or settings.



5. I really understand FBM's angst as that was what happened to me in 1 server. Seems that Rod has been handed out credits, and that resulted in an uneven change in the rankings.

On a slightly thoughtful note, i also hand out credits if i get tired of a game server,.. but because i gave the same amount to everyone, i don't think it changed the rankings at all.


FBM also met a girl he liked,.. too bad he didn't rhapsodise about her lol! Or even provide us with a description...


6. DarkSoul is advising that you'll learn from the last tourney and use the experience to do better this round.



7. Zeon2 has joined up with Killa in the tourney.



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Jun 21, 2004 - 11:20 am
Title: In honour of my country...

Rules of the game i'm serving as SysAdmin for Alf's server... (hope i don't break it hehe!)

In addition to the normal slow game, there will be 30 planets in (an undisclosed number of sectors). The first person to PM me the sector numbers accurately of ALL the planets, will get *drum roll* a real life prize of your choice (within a reasonable price range) posted to you from me!

P.S. Teams are disallowed in my initial planning... (if i can find the option ;( to turn it off that is hehe)

In honour of my preference, there'll be *no* 'destroy debris*, no expanding universe so that latecomers will also have a good chance, 30 mins idle time.

Singapore, which starts with 'S', and the famous touristy attraction Sentosa,.. i've named my planets with 'S' words for my first (and hopefully all goes well, if not,. it'll definitely be my last!) game that i'm supervising.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER,.. here are the names of my independent 30 Planets... let's see how many of you can discover the sectors numbers P.S. The are an indeterminate and *undisclosed* number of sectors that these planets will be found in












The 1st person who collects the sector numbers of all these planets will win the 1st challenge.

A 2nd challenge is,.. the person who has occupied or taken over the most no. of these former indy planets of mine will also win the same prize! (P.S. Pls keep the names intact!)

It's challenging because i've decreased the price of mine deflectors, and based planets only have a +1 advantage, so ...


The normal winner (i.e. highest in rankings) will get just that honour,.. but no 'real life' prize from me!


P.S. This game will start next week, after i've gotten approval and guidance from Alf. It's a challenge for me,.. coz i'm a pretty ditsy person at times, altho' as a music professional i'm precise in certain matters such as quality, and effect etc. of musical tones.

Please think of supporting this game, and do PM me if you've any suggestions or comments and pre-feedback, thank youuuuu!

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Jun 21, 2004 - 4:59 am
Title: Hello all!

In his simple 1 line update, CSimplex says the templates are still @ testing stage, and will be released only after that.


Hiya Phaser! i've got a dutch bass in my 10 member a cappella group. he speaks english but with a quirky accent,.. quirky guy too. i think he has trouble fitting in with some of us coz he's about 30 years old, married and has 2 kids. Whereas most of the group are students. That's about the only Dutch person i know in my social circle. Unless you count the young Dutch girl i tutored in english many many years back hahaha

oops my student is here! bye all!~~~

rambled by Langel around Jun 21, 2004 - 4:59 am
Jun 20, 2004 - 11:26 pm


Zeon2 updated for the 1st time,..


He states that he likes his background (the one with the jap babe in a swimsuit). Well Zeon,.. i like the backgrounds v. much too,.. and i'm not even a 1% lesbian! but they stir me up!


The game servers and the blog servers are much better today! Altho' it still took a longer time than usual to get FBM's profile page fully loaded. But today no 'remote connection etc' rejected! or havin' to press the enter key twice! yayaya!

the strange thing is,.. when i checked FBM's profile, it says i've 3 messages waiting for me, but when i checked my PMs, there were none! wahh!


FBM updated sayin' dat he's up to 4th ranking in the rod and win's server. which is excellent because rod and win probably gave themselves extra credits as sys admins, that or they gave themselves extra time before opening the server for public play. he also asks why his battle cruiser/ or was it an excel? couldn't even kill a pioneer.  



That's all folkies!~~

rambled by Langel around Jun 20, 2004 - 11:26 pm
Jun 20, 2004 - 4:03 am


To Tempest: What's wrong wif the automatic insertion of smilies? this is a bloooogggg! U must give smilies a home! ^_^


The Donald: [hates snakes] hahaha! u ninny... snakes are yer friend! hahaha oopsie! /me reminds myself not to use the 'N' word. Yeayea,.. the donald,.. you are white yes? ^_^ not octoroon? ^_^

Anyway, anyone who's interested in having a guy who's #10 on the main server as your partner in the upcoming team tourney, do PM him!


/me stretches and logs off for an ice cream cone... slurp! y'all till next time!!

rambled by Langel around Jun 20, 2004 - 4:03 am
Jun 19, 2004 - 11:50 pm
Title: I can't believe you guys....

erk! That's why i sometimes have to update my blog twice a day,.. coz i was just gone one day... and plack! a whole slew of updates had landed hahaha! Keep up the good work! ^_^

Let's see what's up with the other AAT players

P.S. The official servers are slowing down a lot. For e.g. just to get any blog to load,.... And each time i click on other people's updates, it takes at least 40 seconds before the next page starts to load, and if you leave it alone without pressing 'STOP', it never finishes loading the images, trust me,.. it's now 3 minutes since the planet menu loaded and Opera is still counting away.

CSimplex updated 1st after my last update, so as always, i start in that order:

CSimplex: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=182 if you want to see pictures of spaceships he's implementing on his new template. I must say the excelsior overleaf looks menacing!

CSimplex has put in a substantial amount of effort, and i'm really admiring that he has put so many strands together to form a cogent whole.


Lol! v.   funny Krazy Klingon   ,... aren't u afraid that i'd loook in places where you didn't want me to look? *wide grin & wink*

Krazy Klingon's 3rd entry is a stimulating entry of how Jonsjava let Krazy Klingon set up a game... wahhh! That's what Alf may be doing for me,.. but he offered! ^_^ i didn't have to ask wahhh! )) how generous!

But seein' Krazy Klingon's dilemma over possible multiple usernames/schizoid identities and how other people couldn't get their game listed on the main server... am i up for it?


Krazy Klingon also posted a couple of bites of other issues,.. you may want to read it in more detail


Big edited,.. to make his previously more descriptive and colourful. [/me reminds y'all that i only read edits when time permits, and not when time is tight]



  Bovine   updated. It's worth reading!


But if you've no time, Bovine just talks about how his feud with Elite Evil started @ Darkelves started and the lessons of emotional intelligence learnt when attacking other people.

This brings to mind my attack of the game host Anakin in his server because i thought he had cheated (either that, or he scanned my planet),... i regret it now. He didn't self-destruct though,.. and i admire him very much then and now.  

Kudos to Bovine for not whining when Big called him a whiner. I wouldn't whine,.. i would get mad and even! But then again,.. it's kinda hard to do so with a player of Big's calibre heheh,.. Oh well,.. that's what blog entries are for,.. if they were non-controversial all the time,.. what would life be? lol!


fbm HAS exams so his is a short entry thanking shermond 4 bein' so good-natured when FBM attacked shermond in the game.



Diablo   updated with an energetic profile.


He's in 2nd place at Universe Empire, and wants us to sign up for a tourney @  http://aattour.paisums.lv He also notes that when players without profiles are deleted, there'll only be like 10 players in the AAT official tourney.


Shermond's latest entry is an image showin' 6 debris together lol



If you know what this means, 'Remember that the Apple of one's eye is the Peach with the best Pear' by all means read   Alf's   latest update lol!


Alf's latest Fast game @ Teo's seems very exciting... he's tweaked it according to feedback from the players and PJ, so you'll get to be the first to experiment with how you'll do with most of the things PJ says he'll be implementing.


I don't know about you,.. but i can't seem to connect to this official server periodically,.. either for the blogs here or to the Oddball game server...


Yay! i'm able to connect to Tempest's blog again!

Sometimes, i feel that i'm in the company of a wise man,.. either that or i'm listening to a woman hahaha! *totally kidding*

But anyway, it's been scientifically studied that 90% of the couples who last and have a v. happy & satisfying relationship together are those with no extremist or even moderate gender roles,.. so in a sense it's a compliment and a wish to Tempest that he'll be happy with his gf.

Anyway,.. i totally forgot whose blog i'm reading, so involved was I reading Tempest's blog. The 1st 9 paragraphs are devoted to analysing how the person's internal self.

Since Tempest PMed me asking for my opinion on his latest update, I would like to ask which category perfectionists fall into, or is it a disease, not a category? lol!

I couldn't figure out if Tempest took the categories out from a book, but if so, he has well synthesised/internalised it and made it his own. It's just like Fantasia/Diana/La Toya (in no particular order) took other people's songs and made it their own.

Tempest will also be partnering with Big. For you opponents out there,.. i would suggest you take it bravely to give your skills full-rein, and who knows you may triumph!


After readin' Tempest's explanation of the diff French styles, and concluding that it's too natural to come from an encylopedia, I am awed that Tempest may just well be a strong analyser who communicates extremely well.

It seems most major languages has its variations in parallels,..  for e.g. Chinese,.. the snootiness factor in the mandarin spoken in Beijing would more than equal your parisienne French. For me, Taiwanese --> Belgium, southern China --> Canada, Singapore & Malaysia --> not so much Quebecois, but maybe the french spoken in the African colonies? I think French was also spoken in Asia,.. in Vietnam or Cambodia or Laos,.. one of them.

Anyway,.. thank goodness this is my blog and i can type what i want and not have to worry about writing crap!

P.S. I must go out and teach even on a Sunday,.. so i'll leave the my own personal update for later.

[Edit: I'm back after 4 hours. And i'm personally rather irritated with how Oddball's server can't be contacted. 3 out of 4 times. When you click on a link.

Anyway, even tho' i'm   still 1st on the Oddball server, anyone with skill can overtake me in 3 days. I'm thinking Tempest But definitely neongreen/Bottom gun/Selles/Excite,.. i've seen your usernames before... can do it given the patience and dedication. Just a few scuffles on the oddball server by other players, but nothing serious.

I tried to attack a planet (1 of those planets that look like the planet pic in sector 1, or you know that dried oranges studded with those spices?), because planets only offer +2 levels, however, i wasn't able. Hence i set up another planet and made it even better than the 1st planet in all ways, and offered to make it a team sector with 1 planet by me, 1 planet by him, and a 3rd planet with any new teammate, but that player has ignored 2 PMs in 4 days... so i'm startin' to feel scorned.

Pardon for my jumpy terse writing,.. i did edit lyrically 20 mins ago, but the server rejected my edit, ;( and i closed the browser before realising.


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Jun 18, 2004 - 3:37 am


aww,.. poor shermond! his battle cruiser got wiped out by FBM lol! i see shermond is updating after FBM, so i'm really agog as to what he'll be saying/learning about this experience hehee. It's true that FBM is rather merciful tho',.. to leave Shermond's planets alone. At least Shermond can borrow against them using them as collateral with the IGB. [Edit: Read Shermond's entry for an example of a gracious player]

FBM is getting his own server. I always try to appreciate the host of the servers i play on. Csimplex (one of the servers i play on) made his own template for low-bandwidth and it's wonderful! (Reminiscent of some Dark but elegant time)



Big updated,.. seems that he's questing for a skilled teammate to play with...



Oh no,... *shudders*, before you enter any tourney/game where there are aggressive players right, I suggest that you read this entry by Tarnus .

It really puts having your ship destroyed in the proper perspective. But for me,... i'll always try to equip myself with at least 3 of those warping things... But if you're gonna  feel overly badly about having your ship destroyed,.. i.e. it's gonna send you reeling into depression, i suggest you check out the game rankings and see if there are players who have multiple kills and stay outta that particular game server.


I just made my 1st kill for a very very long time, and i didn't enjoy it one bit. Not even an ounce!


Wow everyone! Be sure to read PJ's latest entry even if you don't bother to read the rest. Because this latest entry scores in my book as being the entry where the author made the most effort.

Look @ all those cute neat thumbnails!!! To get those screen shots pelted up there in order,...

PJ certainly deserves all the applause my hands can give till they turn sore!



In his first post in 2 months, DarkSoul is also looking for a teammate,.. seems that both him and Big are looking for teammates... wonder if they'll find each other hehehe ^_^



CSimplex tells us about his new template here... i think it's for sharing ))



FakeCajun asks how to customise his/her blog,.. anyway, i PMed him/her so you need not feel obligated to reply. An update on that FC tends to his planet when his internet connection slows down. I totally empathise. However, a faster, more stable internet connection is what FC demands, to allow his/her ability full rein.



Read Kwae Zar's latest entry for a long definition of Macro Banking (a term he coined hehe).



Wow! A v. nice and bright blog entry Shermond has,.. just goes to show that sometimes plain and simple designs works best. My eyes blinked twice @ the striking  blog template,...


And the content backs it up. V. nice formatting there too! Read Shermond's blog if you want a nice sum of 9 trillion offered to you if you join the server he plays on.


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Jun 17, 2004 - 10:35 am
Title: Oh no,..

i think i missed FakeCajun's   2nd last update (or @ least i don't remember updating about him/her),.. although his/her most recent update is simply that s/he knows s/he has been remiss in updating, s/he has been enjoying reading our rants.

The great thing about readin' diff blogs is that diff people give diff advice, and you just have to decide which to follow. For e.g. FC advises us to use our best ship to go debris hunting. Whereas someone else advises us to use a stealth. For me,.. i would use a stealth, but seeing how FC has been so lucky in his/her debris discovery,.. you may want to reconsider using FC's method.

Quite a pity,.. i was just wondering yesterday why FC hadn't updated for so long and today i was lookin' forward to a meaty entry.  But then again,.. too much meat in yer diet can be unbalanced, so we need clear soup like this to keep us nourished. Hehe,.. does this make sense? Hehe,.. nm if it doesn't lol!



Sometimes the level of English from non-British/American people amazes me. Firstly, my youngest sis goes over to Britain to do her high school and we're all amazed that even though her English doesn't meet distinction standards here in a post-colonial country, it seems that the level of English in Britain is so excreable that her writing was commended. Of course i'm v. v. proud of my sis that she's done so well in Britain and will probably do law in Exeter, but it continually re-amazes me when I see entries that are a delight to read, that belong to other countries.

The latest entry that make me go 'wow', is entered by Phaser. Maybe he's really an American/Britisher living in Luxembourg?

Tho' i doubt it, coz he spells Luxembourg the french way, and i had this impression that Luxembourg has maintained the sort of civilised European culture. So he may be native 'Luxembourgian?'? lolol!

Anyway, it was a joy to read about what went on last night on the Darkelves server. I don't remember reading a rendition of a battle that flowed as well as his.


One thing that i doubt will happen are non-native people speaking and writing Chinese as well as the Chinese in Taiwan and China. I wonder if the French in Canada and the rest of the post-colonial territories speak French as well as the French? To me, that's an interesting thing to think lightly about.


rambled by Langel around Jun 17, 2004 - 10:35 am
Jun 17, 2004 - 12:16 am



is hosting a science-fiction role-playing forum and for you bright sparks out there,.. email him with suggestions on alien races, as well as keep a look out for his blog for future updates!



Ooohh,.. Annihilation is suffering from withdrawal symptoms as he can't find unbountied planets to attack. Teammates are safe... but not necessarily allies hehe,...



P.S. For you students out there, let me just tell you that the stress doesn't go away when you start working,.. in fact it becomes harder, imho.

P.P.S. Thanks for PMing me... =^_^=

rambled by Langel around Jun 17, 2004 - 12:16 am
Jun 16, 2004 - 10:50 am
Title: Ooohhh

wah! It's surprising stuff like these which prevent updating from ever bein' monotonous!

Read Kwae Zar's blog for what i mean. [Warnin': has hints of lesbian tendencies which i won't delve too much into lololz!] Now i know you're just gonna head over and read it! hehee!

Seems that Kwae Zar is a man (awww,.. the only other female i've talked to or about is Tshal) and read Kwae Zar's future updates for how you can become a macro banker!


Seriously thinking of self-destructing on the Oddball server because i don't have time to spare... don't suppose any newbie would like my account? You will have over 1 billion in ready credits to buy yourself an endeavour if you like. Feel free to PM me!


rambled by Langel around Jun 16, 2004 - 10:50 am
Jun 16, 2004 - 6:10 am
Title: 61st entry

Phhhewy! A v. near miss by Phaser that he didn't lose his Excelsior. I can count the no. of times i got an Excel, and losing one of them was exceptionally hard to take. Kinda like a 100000000km/h wind buffetting me against a reinforced steel wall.


All because of internet connection fcuk up... i know the feeling. It wasn't that long ago that i had dial up... (well actually, my past dial up is tons more reliable than my present cable connection but don't get me started hehehee)


Am 1st on the Oddball server, but it's so exceedingly easy to surpass me that i'm puzzled as to why no one has made the effort yet. I don't think i'll have enough time to dedicate myslef to it either coz my only off-day each week was over yesterday, and i found i couldn't cope with logging on in between teaching classes, even though there are half hour breaks. I'd better go back to Csimplex's server and play a slow game.


rambled by Langel around Jun 16, 2004 - 6:10 am
Jun 15, 2004 - 11:15 am
Title: 60th entry

I take back everything i've thought about guys. I used to think that guys have stiff upper lips and big soft gooey sticky egoes,.. but truly the maturity of the blog entries and quality of content, overall grasp of the language (Tempest beats all of us hands down in his latest entry), make me re-think my knowledge of guys. Of course this isn't exactly IRL, but rather IVL, but to have blogs that are so open, and worth reading because the authors do not withhold skill-knowledge, tactics etc. continually makes me amazed in a good way.

The person who sparked off my 2 long sentences above was Phaser . Well,.. who knew that a player who has only a few entries could have such inner substance?


Read his blog for a positive evaluation of Max, Tarnus and a clarification of his previous entry.


CSimplex's virgin entry:



  Bovine edited with additional remarks in 2 paragraphs to Phaser and how our victories/losses has zilch effect ultimately to our real life. i agree with him, hence the constant blindsiding by my real life job which interrupts me in my AAT play *sob sob* ...



hehehe,.. if you want to read about   Shermond's trip to Genting, go here:


A slight tussle between Rodriguez and Shermond, the discovery of planet loss and annihilation even, a rough and ready commentary about getting your own server if you're afraid of host interference and (surprise surprise!) Eurocup commentary.


Ooooh no... i wish something down and dirty will ensue when i read Big's categories,.. coz it'll be fun, but i don't think the whiners will be so immature as to engage in a slanging match heheh


P.S.,.. there's no trader category?


P.P.S. I'm getting lonely,... will someone talk to me? I've not received a fresh PM in a few days....

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Jun 16, 2004 - 10:51 am

rambled by Langel around Jun 15, 2004 - 11:15 am
Jun 15, 2004 - 7:17 am
Title: Please join Csimplex's new server

Please join Csimplex's new server,.. it has v. nice conveniently located ports,.. middle range prices. P.S. I was kind and only sipped from 1 port near Sector 1. So you should all have plenty of ports to sip from to get your columbus or cargo ship. I promise not to attack newbies.


Here are the settings:

Game version: CSimplex Alien Assault Traders
Averaged Tech level When Emergency Warp Degrades 1
Number of Sectors 10,013
Maximum Links per sector 10
Maximum average tech level for Federation Sectors 8
igb Interest rate per update 0.005
igb Loan rate per update 0.06
Tech Level upgrade for Bases 2
Colonists Limit 100,000,000
Maximum number of accumulated turns 8,000
Maximum number of planets per sector 5
Maximum number of traderoutes per player 40
Colonist Birth Rate 0.0005
Unit of Energy used per sector fighter 0.06
Sector fighter degradation percentage rate 5
Maximum number of spies per planet 10
Spy success factor 1.0
Spy kill factor 1.0
Colonists needed to produce 1 Fighter each turn 20,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Torpedo each turn 8,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Ore each turn 1,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Organics each turn 500
Colonists needed to produce 1 Goods each turn 1,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Energy each turn 500
Colonists needed to produce 1 Credits each turn 100

P.S. This is one server whereby you get your password immediately, and the French host is friendly. He is also not playing on his own server due to impartiality reasons, but drops by frequently just to make sure that the server is running smoothly.

Entry Edited 4 times - Edited on Jun 15, 2004 - 10:52 am

rambled by Langel around Jun 15, 2004 - 7:17 am
Jun 15, 2004 - 1:41 am
Title: Aiyah!

Tuesday is my day off... but i've lesson plans to do though,.. and lesson materials to prepare. Anyway, just taking a breather to come and play as much AAT as i can!

Am now on Csimplex's server: http://www.csimplex.com/aatrade/index.php

But only cause Oddball ain't giving out any passwords. Anyway, although i wish Csimplex had fewer sectors and more extraordinary settings, the few turns it gives (10 turns every 5 mins) give me a chance to at least stay in the game by trying to use each precious turn wisely. Even if other players have more time to devote to AAT, at least they are constrained by the really miniscule turn churnings.


Tempest updated: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=534

A really brilliantly written entry. He analyses player game styles, and the effectiveness peaking and ebbing of each strategic position. He uses material from the Darkelves server in the main, but draws upon his keen experience from past forays to give it breadth. Rather diplomatically written, i would strongly urge the U.N. (if it wasn't such a well-fed and impotent cat) to co-opt his services hehehe.

P.S. Tempest, i use British spelling as well. Compliments of British colonial rule in Asia hehehe,.. talk about bringing RL to the fore. Ooohh,.. a team? Thankee kindly, as i feel that my knowledge isn't as well-honed as it could have been, and i seem to have reached a plateau. Thanks 4 makin' yerself available,... will try to banish the nagging demands of my job to hell.  


The Donald updated!

Seems that he doesn't destroy planets that he captures. Hence his undeservedly high 'goodness' rating lol!


Boy, it's a blog alright. What with the music he's listening to, a mish-mash recipe and a sprinkling of UEFA,..

P.S. I call soccer football. And if you want to know the origins of this linguistic divertion, you can look this up: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=6442

Of course,.. i like to watch 'Australian football' best,... hehe...


I'm bein' quite irked with the Oddball server,.. it's like flaunting itself in my face with 2 people managing to get registered, and the rest of us left out in the cold!

CRUEL ;( cruel :[ Cruel!

rambled by Langel around Jun 15, 2004 - 1:41 am
Jun 14, 2004 - 9:21 pm


Max Griswald   updated twice ^_^ So u may like to read the last 2 updates if you've been followin' his blog:


Nah, Max, i think in the soreness of losing the planets, you misunderstood that i really was questioning, not stating that it's 'a very easy thing to bounce back from losing 600+ planets'. Are you kidding me? I hate to even lose 1 planet!

In the 1st update since i last edited my blog, Max states his dislike for 0.22 games, and for his 2nd update, Max states his dislike of battling against Tarnus's team. Hmmm,... maybe if Max was on Tarnus's team, he will find out how true/ false his conclusion was. =^_^=

Anyhow, peace everyone!


Nice update by Bovine ... http://www.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=157

Can so totally understand his reason for quitting. I had always thought there is a difference between mindlessly continuin' to knock yer head against an immovable brick wall and hardly making a dent. Vs finding a new more rewarding server to play on.

Fact: human beings try to gain optimal satisfaction for each minute they put into the day. And no one should judge them for their choices. (Altho' it makes for fun reading! hehehe)


Tarnus updated.


For what it's worth, i do trust Tarnus, and i think that he's the sort whereby the bad vibes from cheating or unfair advantages would undermine his enjoyment of the game.

I also think he's the sort who would accept an apology unreservedly without bearing grudges if an apology was offered!~~~ *hint hint heehee*

P.S. But of course, these are our blogs, and each player has a right to air their own opinion.

We're just lucky we aren't playing politics in my country hehe. Such a charge would bring out the attorneys and defamation suits. Check out S'pore's lurid history Really glad Tarnus doesn't bully the small/young guy, only states his point without bringing out the big guns. Attaboy!

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Jun 14, 2004 - 9:22 pm

rambled by Langel around Jun 14, 2004 - 9:21 pm
Jun 14, 2004 - 11:50 am
Title: Golly,..

so many blog updates! wowee...

Anyway,.. caught AAT on one of its server updates this morning,.. PJ wasn't kidding when he said that we would have to cope with server disruption lol! But the other AAT games hosted on other servers went on as normal merrily.


Shuey has graduated from high school and the AAT server he was in went bust (didn't mention which)



Goody! PJ updated! Good news this time (in my opinion)

Recommendation: Have fewer planets (100 or less), so as to decrease the beating a server takes to process thousands of planet info each update. And increased de facto population settings.



Neongreen has a really intriguing entry, he mentioned that PJ let him set up an oddball server. http://aatrade1.aatraders.com/ only 2000 sectors yea! that's what i like! *muack muack Neongreen



FBM   reports on the euro cup,.. seems that France beat England 2-1 ^_^ Oh well FBM, you can always earn your revenge via AAT ^_^ (where are the French players here?)



Seems that diablo is one of those AAT players who will be followin' the Euro Cup lol! Anyway, he urges us to check our ship for spies after clicking on debris. Not sure why though... is it possible for spies to board your ship via debris?

Diablo is still searching for a partner in the 2-player tournament, and wouldn't mind a PM or two.



Just back from teaching,.. it's midnight *yawn* but am still waiting for my password from Neongreen's 2000 sector server to arrive. Usually it arrives immediately, wondering why it's taking so long. It's been 10 minutes since i signed up.

[edit: i tried again to sign up on this Oddball server (not attempting to cheat, but to test if the password will arrive faster this time, but no, no immediate password either,.. have been waiting for 20 mins now]

[4nd edit: 3 hours later: i am outta my mind! *tearin' my hair like an insane woman! WHERE IS MY PASSWORD???? ooooohhh,.. i could die from wanting...!]

Entry Edited 6 times - Edited on Jun 14, 2004 - 2:08 pm

rambled by Langel around Jun 14, 2004 - 11:50 am
Jun 13, 2004 - 6:44 am


A good healin' sleep on...

I wake up to find that RL is caught up. Oh well,..


Phaser's update

In an update rife with ironical humour, Phaser noted that Drakula (could it be Skywalker?) may well die of starvation if DOA doesn't find fresh blood.


But c'est la vie!

P.S. Phaser, who is Ann=S=Thesia?


Neongreen's update

Oooh,.. nice player id he got...

IGB not 1GB okok... (would you believe that i was right when i 1st started as a newb, but someone told me it was 1GB, and so i changed my habit? hahaha)


Neongreen urges us to play on the oddball server when it starts up in his latest edit, and to email him minersoft1@hotmail.com your rants/ observations etc.

P.S. I simply have no time to do more to contribute to AAT than to do my blog updates. But i will try!

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Jun 13, 2004 - 6:45 am

rambled by Langel around Jun 13, 2004 - 6:44 am
Jun 13, 2004 - 3:38 am
Title: 55th entry

Actually I had updated last night after i returned from work at 11p.m. +, before I slept.

However, due to my overtiredness, i closed my Opera internet browser before I saved the entry. Now... Opera can do lotsa things including open closed windows exactly the way it was last time. However, i was too tired to realise my mistake until i re-logged in as usual and discovered to my dismay that i didn't save my update. Thus i've to re-do everything! ^_^


Neongreen updated twice.

It seems that on the game server his playing on (which is sometimes down http://www.goodrich-oh.us/aatrade/ ), 1GB is the way to go, not planets coz you can earn 10b per tick it seems.

Lol! It seems Neongreen  wants to be on a rampage on both the blog hit charts and the server he's on.


Read Phaser's account of his joint effort with Big to attack Fiveyes!


[ Warning: not a happy story (]


FBM updated (Future Breed Machine)

A gaily written entry about FBM's spell on this server: http://www.thevikingsaatraders.janddhosting.com/aatrade/index.php

Also a short denunciation of the British National Party and a lamenting prediction of England's chances against France in soccer.


Ryan updated.. woohoo! a new face! ^_^ i was so eager to read his blog. Turns out that he came across this game whilst browsin' through artistic concepts.



Panama Jack updated.

Bad news i'm afraid... (at least in my opinion)...

The essence of it is that there will be fewer planets bein' created at the beginning. And the price of Planet Genesis Devices is to be multiplied 100x eventually.



Common mistakes:

Damnit not 'Dammit'

Strategist not 'Stratetigist'

Blatantly not 'Blantently'

Incredibly not 'Incredably'


P.S. Differences between Brit & American English will be ignored. Abbreviations, short-forms in spelling etc. are allowed.

P.P.S. I'm not some high-falutin' player here. For e.g. (i think it was) Max Griswald who said that some of the blogs hurt his eyes, and so i looked at my last entry,.. and saw that i could be one of the guilty culprits. And so from then on, i stuck to the normal font colour, instead of tryin' to distinguish my blog usin' BB codes.

rambled by Langel around Jun 13, 2004 - 3:38 am
Jun 12, 2004 - 12:33 am


Max Griswald

* updated. An entry that's v. pleasurable to read. A question tho',.. if Big attacks the bases, couldn't 5yes get them back coz of the damage done to the planets? And so long as the game is not skewed in favour of the raiders or builders, I think it's fair. There are checks and balances after all.

Having said that,.. I will keep outta the way of Big hahaha!


Max Griswald behooves us to join that tourney as only 19 people have signed up. I thought that surely more would have joined since he last updated,.. but no! there's still only 19!... http://tourney.aatraders.com/ranking.php


Tempest updated ... lol! I would rate it 10/10 for fluidity... and the images conjured up by his blog are really vivid. He talks about his sojourn in Greece, and how girls out number guys 3:1.... (can't say it's my dream vacation then hahaah! since i'm of the wrong sex)

A dash of panache and a sprinkling of incise observations later, he says he might need a partner if the tourney opening is delayed till June 21st =D coz he can turn up then.


P.S. Err lol! everyone is mindin' their grammar... good! Your blog is like a garden,.. free of weeds, and i bet you're proud to show it off,.. than it were riddled or  overgrown with glaringly long untended grass.


Entry Edited 4 times - Edited on Jun 12, 2004 - 12:46 am

rambled by Langel around Jun 12, 2004 - 12:33 am
Jun 11, 2004 - 11:14 am
Title: *cough coughhhh* --- ooooh... i'm soooo ill! =(((

anyway,.. i'm still =( down with cough *sob sob*...

But before I proceed with the usual update, can you all please note some rules of the English language?

Common mistakes

1. You shouldn't be using 'your'
* when you actually should be using you are, you were or you're

2. Mistaking one similar sounding word for another e.g. using 'bare' instead of 'bear'

3. tourny instead of the correct word 'tourney' or another alternative -- 'tournament'  


Now,.. to proceed with the updates.

I just caught sight of Max Griswald's blog edit title. hehehe... Max may have a healthy ego, entitling his latest entry, 'a very well said blog', but in this case, it's well-justified.

If you're in the Darkelves server, and want to know how far you have to go before you can loom in =D Big or 5'eyes footsteps,... here's the blog to read!


P.S. Max, trust me =^_^= I don't think you need to look farther than the end of this month for your blog to be in the top 10 blogs =D!


Alf updated!

You know, it's really refreshing with all these new backdrops for the blogs. I really appreciate it for one. For e.g. it's really a nice jolt to the system to go from Max Griswald's blog to Alf's because of the change in colour....

Anyway, Alf's server is enjoying a successful revival! =P


It has good port prices and nice fairly unusual settings.

I wish i could join you Alf! But by the time I come back home from teaching, it's 11.30p.m. usually. I've only one day to play AAT, and that's on tues.. hmm... maybe I should start looking for those really really really slow turn games!
That way only playing once a week will not put me @ a disadvantage (errrk! hahahaha!)

Anyway, Alf is lookin' for a partner in the new tourney Well,.. if Big partners Alf or 5'i's... err... lololz!!! Or Tarnus or Tempest! Then the other teams may have to find some place in the corner of the galaxy to hide hehe!


A v. nice ditty by Diablo... =D



P.S. Regardin' my editorial suggestions,.. i hope i didn't offend anyone. Those are really common mistakes though. I dated an American high-flyer for a few months, and he always made the first mistake that was mentioned in his emails and phone messages.

Having said that, having a well-written blog does much to enhance the enjoyment of the reader.

Kudos to everyone!

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Jun 10, 2004 - 10:39 pm


Max Griswald and Phaser....

Max Griswald updated thrice...since i last updated. Therefore, please don't only read his last entry, but his THREE entries. It's mainly about how he's been doing in the darkelves server.



Phaser updated twice (inclusive of 1 virgin entry)

Phaser's from Luxembourg.... wow! (only we seem to spell that country differently)

It's about why he was away for so long (employer blocked access to AAT.com), but how he climbed up so fast by doing his homework, and his 2nd entry is mainly an encouragement to people not to give-up and self-destruct.


I usually want to self-destruct tho' sooner or later,.. because I simply can't find enough time to play AAT.


Kwae Zar surprised me with his/her sage conclusion as to what to do next.



rambled by Langel around Jun 10, 2004 - 10:39 pm
Jun 10, 2004 - 3:08 am
Title: Hmmm... (51st entry)

am writin' to you whilst wrestling with flu. Have had the flu, cough, sore-throat and the works for at least 5 days, the the troublesome cough doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. And my work is tiring me out, that's why i guess my immune system became susceptible to the flu bug.  

Anyway, ate lychees (it's a kinda red tropical fruit) and durian (a big green prickly fruit) at Geylang (that's our red light district) last night so it didn't help my cough at all but worsened it because these fruits are considered 'heaty' in Chinese health lore. Which means that it'll worsen your cough. Mangoes (orange in colour) too. Which kinda makes me wonder how stupid I could be to eat it regardless, just because they taste good!

It's durian season you see, so the roadside stalls are laden with cheap and abundant fruits.


FBM updated with a breezy entry. http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=406

He sounds like he's high on drugs or alcohol to me lol! I hope it's only alcohol... He wants to know how much it costs to host his own AAT server. Anyone knows?

He's also got a new job with an internet banking firm. Hope it's legal and above board and not a scandalous vessel for laundering money to off-shore banks! But then I may be over-cautious coz of all these warnings from our government.

Entry Edited 5 times - Edited on Jun 10, 2004 - 3:16 am

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Jun 9, 2004 - 4:57 am


Boohoohoo,.. these are the players signed up for the tourney: http://tourney.aatraders.com/ranking.php and I'm not one of them!

That's because if I sign up, i won't be able to play for the whole tourney as i'm leavin' for a rural part of India on July 12, and that place has electricity for ONLY THREE HOURS! Obviously there aren't any computers there either, let alone internet access... (i kid U not!)

Anyway, I've been so busy i don't have time to dedicate to the one and only server I'm playing on (Teo's fast server) I haven't logged on for 2 days. So if anyone attacks me, I deserve it.


Diablo updated: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=283

thanking everyone for reading his blog and giving him over 200 hits. He's looking for a partner in the 2 player tourney, and wants someone who's preferably hunter-inclined.


P.S. If anyone would like to leave a comment regarding my blog, you can PM me, or publicly put it in my profile.

rambled by Langel around Jun 9, 2004 - 4:57 am
Jun 9, 2004 - 1:12 am


Neongreen updated!


He'll be missing out on AAT for a while to work mostly on his website: http://www.ineedcheese.tk


Kwae Zar is pondering on strategy on the correct timing to capture planets. Whether to hold back or pounce immediately:



Max Griswald does a 'shermond' by contributing to Shermond's earlier philosophical treastise on fallacy. Ad hominen (not sure of the spelling)


For Shermond's description and link, please look to my previous entry.


A valiant entry by Tarnus


The tourney will not be starting anytime soon because of the need to update DNS entries. Fiveyes should also be warned that Tarnus is targetting him. But 5eyes hides well.


rambled by Langel around Jun 9, 2004 - 1:12 am
Jun 8, 2004 - 1:15 am


Diablo updated with a basic summary of when to trade up your ships. V. well done! http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=283


a frank and brutal entry by Max Griswald,.. saying that the new blog templates hurt his eyes. U know what? he may have a point. (Even tho' i love colours)

He also updates us on how he used 7 SG torps deep, without hitting an upgrades port. He says opening up 7 deep is darn expensive. I agree with him, however, i don't think that the chances of hitting an upgrades port should even be considered. I mean,.. even getting a 5 star port is already v. rare..

I don't know what he's doing spending so much money on building SGs. I think it's too early to build so deep. My nest egg has to be much bigger before i build that deep coz i like a lot of spare credits. But to each his/her own.



Another elegant entry by Shermond:


If you'd ever thought philosophy couldn't be applied to AAT, or that AAT couldn't help you understand your lessons better,.. reading his blog will get this fallacy revoked quickly hehehe =D

rambled by Langel around Jun 8, 2004 - 1:15 am
Jun 7, 2004 - 8:14 am
Title: 47th entry...

FBM updated in a short entry, saying that he was at this tremendous rock festival!


Well FBM,.. 3 pounds for a beer? that's the usual price in my country,.. wat r u complainin' about? =DDD it can even go up to 6 Brit pounds... =(
*truly so!*


Alf is announcing new fast server! http://www.websnz.com/aatrade
hehe,.. naturally i registered, and the settings look v. attractive to me! ^_^ (almost exactly my preferred settings actually although i've not actually played on one like that b4, only in my dreams. )

Here's the settings page: http://www.websnz.com/aatrade/aatradef/settings.php

And here's Alf's blog url! http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=41 (he chose LOTR)


Captain Turnip updated... (his first blog entry, and is currently playing his first AAT game ever!)


Frankly,.. i would have thought that callin' myself Captain Turnip was like asking to be squashed hehehe,.. although personally, i like Turnips. In fact, I know how to make turnip cake. That's seriously a delicacy in my country =DDD *insane grin*


Nice chatty entry from ANNIHILATION there...


Seems that he got lucky with the sun, sand and sexy babes in Bermuda.

AWWWW,.. well whdya noe,.. my prayers *WORKED*!

Entry Edited 3 times - Edited on Jun 7, 2004 - 8:27 am

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Jun 6, 2004 - 6:58 pm
Title: Forty-sixth entry...

This is the Sunbather's template,.. a bit sassy, don't u think? I was choosin' between this and the TikiGirl =D

Kwae Zar updated for the 3rd time =D with over 40 hits! ^_^ Not bad! ^_^ It's a good entry. Not very clearly expressed, but if you read it again a couple of times, you'll like it!

Mainly that he/she is going to show the opponent's no mercy!
So if you're on Kwae Zar's server and you aren't on his/her team,... watch out heh!



Tempest edited,.. and for a few moments I couldn't really see the difference between his last edition. But it was my lager-cloudeded mind that was at fault! I drank 2 glasses and am feeling heavenly now hahaha!

anyway, Tempest is away for a Europe tour. If you happen to live in Athens, Rome, Copenhagen, or Frankfurt and wants to meet him for a beer or three, drop him an email: tempest@darkelves.com courtesy of Greg, the admin @ darkelves! Wahhhh,..... I wanna play on Greg's server too! Bahhhhh

Maybe next time in the future then!

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Jun 7, 2004 - 7:59 am

rambled by Langel around Jun 6, 2004 - 6:58 pm
Jun 5, 2004 - 9:29 pm


chooie33 has updated for the 2nd time. i suspect chooie33 has dyslexia. But everyone knows that people who are slightly dyslexic are supremely intelligent such as our ex-prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.


Her blog looks different from mine. I'm not sure but i *don't think* it's a css template.

P.S. U may not want to check out the AAT game hosted by zoid coz it has supremely and unbelievably high scores. But if you do,.. do PM me and tell me how the server is =D Does it have ads?


Seven updated, and I don't think it's funny to decry a bible made in China. What's wrong with China? My ancestors and grandparents are from China.

I hope you will understand if I don't put his blog's url here. U can suss it out if you want from one of my past entries when he didn't put any deningrating remarks about countries that may be poorer currently in GDP, but will be future powerhouses.

Frankly though, Seven,.. if you are reading this... you're not growing up to be an emotionally-healthy person, and I don't think you are doing the sister you have raised you proud, because you're just not emotionally-healthy. Scars can disappear and not cause painful reminders, but you're just inordinately proud of those scars and flashing it to everyone everytime.


I'm off!~~ Goin' outta the house for a cappella rehearsal but I must try to find an upgrades port first. Cya'll tonight!

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rambled by Langel around Jun 5, 2004 - 9:29 pm
Jun 4, 2004 - 9:45 pm
Title: I look upon the fact that FBM's blog has recently

been updated with much anticipation,.. =D however, as i read the bottom most (the ones gonna disappear from the recently updated list first) and he's at the top,.. it means that i'm reading and updating on his blog entry last. =D


Well,.. Kwae Zar updated us on a v. testosterone-driven entry: (ever wondered if Kwae Zar is a woman? coz his/her profile pic is of a woman)


Even tho' he/she lost his ship, the entry doesn't sink into the morass of self-pity.


Yet another plug for the server Diablo plays in... i think whoever attains the loyalty of Diablo is blessed. I think it's the 3rd time or so that Diablo has praised his server and the programmers and whoever behind it.


But besides the plug, there's also a hunk of meat in the content, so go chew on it!

P.S. No Diablo,.. i'm not a newspaper reporter,... altho' I'm editor for some youth and community newsletters


Ooohhhh FBM is doing good, and that AAT is takin' his mind off things. However, i found out from his blog that he has younger siblings, and given that FBM is only in his early 20s,..



:cries: i don't have much time to dedicate to AAT coz i'm working! so even tho' Adera is a newbie, she's 1st (and i'm 2nd). but what the heck, she deserves it, she spends more time on AAT than I can.

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Jun 3, 2004 - 9:29 pm


Well! Thanks so much to PJ for putting in colours! I had requested that in the Suggestions forum. Even if there isn't a smiley panel, i am content!


Kwae Zar updated his blog for the first time... it's a good entry telling us the unique foibles of the server he played in.


Unfortunately, his url links don't seem to work... the server lonaf.com doesn't seem to respond.


Annihilation updated. It is a good entry,.. v. upbeat,.. and you'd better check out his blog to see if you're the one he's targetting in his comeback hahaha! ^_^



PJ updated his blog on 'good ratings' and 'cargo ships' in the new game version. I say they are brilliant implementations, however, if this game gets any more difficult too soon,.. my poor weak brain will deflate hahaha!

Main changes: 1. cargo ships can be attacked when they are unloading at your choice planet. 2. If they are attacked, the attacker will get his good/evil rating increased depending on whether you're good/evil player. 3. Each cargo ship for 1 type of cargo. 4. Autotrades timing will vary depending on the distance. The shorter, the faster. 5. U can set autotrades with other planets.



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Jun 3, 2004 - 5:00 am
Title: I need to be leavin' now!

Okay okay,.. i've bathed, changed and should be headin' outta the door RIGHT NOW! But saw i'm at the last of the 'recently updated' blogs, so it's my responsibility to at least be at the middle, so i better update.


ANNIHILATION wrote a pathos-filled entry, that his mom had died, and that she's better off, given the injuries she had faced.



Shermond updated. I'm quite surprised that a male shows such emotional maturity at his age.



Krazy Klingon updated. lol,.. it's quite a funny entry about server problems and how he taunts cheaters. =D


That's all folks! I'm off to be a speech evaluator!

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Jun 2, 2004 - 9:34 pm


Max Griswald: a pleasant refreshing update, considering that the car accidents are still fresh on my (our?) minds. He writes poems, and I read 2 of his previous poems before,.. but he wrote Ragnarok (sorrow of the gods), 4-Letter Words, Why not Love?, These Bars, Geek, Tombstone, and Anyone?

Erm,.. they aren't posted in his blog. Probably they'd be posted in his own personal website.



It's hard to concentrate with Donald Trump's face peering outta ya from 'The Donald's' blog. But Donald updated with a succinct and stylish entry that may give you food for thought:



FBM updated his blog,.. and it's great to see you back again!


I won't summarise coz it's a short entry.

A fitting dessert from Shermond


and thus concludes my blog update this time.


Aren't doing so well in my game servers coz of the terrible lag from my isp. So i hate glancing at the slow loading AAT pages, but somehow even if i fall behind in the 2 game servers where i'm first currently, i simply have better things to do than waste my emotions on an inanimate game.

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Jun 2, 2004 - 6:31 am


Diablo updated on his 2 game servers. about his DarkElves and Paisums.lv game...

Frankly though, i've also wondered like Diablo if there was an AAT curse, and if so whether we should stop playing. But car accidents just don't happen in Singapore. So,.. we've got excellent public transport.

Diablo missed the update that ANNIHILATION'S mom is also in critical condition due to a CAR ACCIDENT. Therefore I'm emphasising it here. You can read about it in my next entry which has a link to ANNIHILATION'S blog.

I'm no political spokesman, and I believe we all feel very deeply for them even though some of us may never have played with these players before. I will try to look for words of comfort and PM them if I were you.

Annihilation's profile link:


As for Future Breed Machine/a.k.a. Sir Sparhawk,.. you may not want to PM him coz he says he may not be returning to AAT any longer. If so, there are other ways you may want to just be with him in spirit by emailing him: curryorchinese@hotmail.com

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Jun 2, 2004 - 6:14 am
Title: Oh no! I've been so irresponsible!

I've been waitin' for a new server to come out that i totally forgot to check on blog updates for ONE whole day!

And if I hadn't remembered, we would have missed ANNILATION's update that his mom is in critical condition due to a car accident as he was about to log on and play AAT, therefore, fellow players, if you have any decency or sporting spirit at all, please leave ANNIHILATION alone.



Future Breed Machine lost LOST BOTH OF HIS PARENTS.....!!!


Big updated his blog, just a farewell memorial actually to the tourney. If u're not from DD, I advise you to stick well away from this blog, else u'll get jealous again.



tEMPEST edited:


Nothing much really, (I mean,.. compared to FBM and Annihilation,.. it's really good to have a 'nothing much' entry.) I would like to have a nothing much entry as well.

Anyway, as a proper reporter, i'd just like to do my job in summarising that Tempest bet 6 trillion in the casino, and that put him just slightly behind BIG, from VERY behind BIG.

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May 31, 2004 - 11:29 pm
Title: A nice retirement zone...

as i told ANNHILIATION,.. i'm licking my wounds from bein' called a cheater. So I went to this good server:


actually i only started playing 5 mins ago

and it's perfect 4 me to recover,.. (coz the scenery is soooo striking -- i've not seen one this beautiful b4) and there are so many turns for me to waste =D 8000, instead of 5000 or 2500.

And the bandwidth is reasonably fast too! Maybe that's bcoz there's nobody else there hehe =D

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May 31, 2004 - 3:35 am
Title: Firstly,

he is a fool. He didn't play for weeks on this server as he claimed. I was the first player who logged in just a couple of hours after the server started. He joined about half an hour after i did.

Even then, he was foolish and wasted turns.

Secondly, he didn't analyse the settings, and know where the profit is to be made.

Thirdly, I'm no 'dude',..! Call me a dudette,.. but i'm not a dude, dumbo!

Someone needs to hex him for me.

Someone needs to put this pathetic newbie in his place,.. and if he doesn't resign, i'm gonna crush him with much pleasure, because after politely explaining to him, this is what he says,

Message Sender Trader 2004-05-31 10:24:12
Captain of the Avrora
Subject RE: RE:
what ever you are a cheat!!


C'mon! The settings are there for everyone! It's not some darn debris where it's cloudy. The settings are so darn transparent. What can i say,.. he is a fool.

Anyone mediocre like me can get an efficiency rating of over 1000, i bet if Fiveyes/FakeCajun/Tempest/Big or those big players,.. they'd be getting twice my efficiency level at 2000 coz i'm lazy. Whereas they are hardworking!

Here are the settings for the unbelieving:

gb Interest rate per update 0.005
igb Loan rate per update 0.06
Tech Level upgrade for Bases 2
Colonists Limit 100,000,000
Maximum number of accumulated turns 800,000
Maximum number of planets per sector 5
Maximum number of traderoutes per player 400
Colonist Birth Rate 0.5
Unit of Energy used per sector fighter 0.006
Sector fighter degradation percentage rate 0.5
Maximum number of spies per planet 10
Spy success factor 1.0
Spy kill factor 1.0
Colonists needed to produce 1 Fighter each turn 4
Colonists needed to produce 1 Torpedo each turn 4
Colonists needed to produce 1 Ore each turn 2
Colonists needed to produce 1 Organics each turn 2
Colonists needed to produce 1 Goods each turn 2
Colonists needed to produce 1 Energy each turn 1
Colonists needed to produce 1 Credits each turn

Ticks happen every 5 minutes
turns every 25 turns every 5 minutes
5 minutes
Interests on igb accounts will be accumulated every 1440 minutes
News will be generated every 5 minutes
Planets will generate production every 2 minutes
Spies will act every 2 minutes
Ports will regenerate every 2 minutes
Ships will be towed from fed sectors every 10 minutes
Rankings will be generated every 30 minutes
Sector Defences will degrade every 10 minutes
The planetary apocalypse will occur every 1440 minutes
Planetary Independance 1440 minutes
Dignitaries will act every 2 minutes

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May 31, 2004 - 3:32 am
Title: What a pathetic driveller....

Want to see what a player (pathetic player...): Trader said to me?

Firstly, let me tell you exactly what I think of him.


\Ex"cre*a*ble\, a. [L. excreabilis, exscreabilis, fr. exscreare. See Excreate.] Capable of being discharged by spitting. [Obs.] --Swift.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, ? 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.


Message Sender Trader 2004-05-31 10:14:26
Captain of the Avrora
who are you and what the hell is going on with your score?

Message Sender Trader 2004-05-31 10:19:19
Captain of the Avrora
so dude what the hell? we played for weeks and did not have a score like that?
did you hack something?

Message Sender Trader 2004-05-31 10:20:41
Captain of the Avrora
Subject RE: RE:
and you are a cheat!!!

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May 30, 2004 - 8:06 pm
Title: I hate to say this,...

but this new server i'm playin' on seems a bit cuckoo to me...


After less than 3000 turns, i have an efficiency rating of 40? !!! FORTY!

Oh well,.. *now* I get it! (hehe,... no i don't really,... i now have an efficiency rating of 118 in less than 3000 turns still!)

Soon i'll be gettin' dat excelsior,... soon.... dat is if only my planets don't revolt coz of overcrowding!

i can't believe i have more than 1 million colonists on each planet (in less than an hour of starting play),... oh well,.. the settings really are cuckoo lol!

Alriiight! I've an eff rating of 348 =DDD i mean,.. i pride meself on me trading efficiency,.. but even then,.. lololz!!!

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May 29, 2004 - 8:27 pm
Title: Yawn,... i just woke up!

Brainisgone updated:


He talks about his AAT love for aggression in one whole long sentence of 8 lines.


Seven updated: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=687

By now, if you've been readin' my blog, you'd know that Seven only updates on his personal life.

Poor guy,.. there are 4 main personalities. The one most likely to fall into depression are the melancholics,.. they are however, the most innately creative and talented. And if their energies are channelled into art/music, it can be good for the world.


Dark (oops! i was about to say Dark Elves hehe) Tempest has updated. Read an edit to Tempest's previous entry for how his evil mind works.The section is called, 'THE ART OF MISSDIRECTION'

It's definitely a pleasure to read Tempest's blog because it makes for quick and snappy reading.



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May 29, 2004 - 8:44 am
Title: 33rd update:

Future Breed Machine updated: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=406

He wants to know if he's the only Brit out there, and to PM him your views on a tax system. He's playing @: http://www.goodrich-oh.us/aatrade

almost exclusively.

wespennest http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=685 updated for the first time and his blog had 7 views.

He's conquering zoid's former empire--now independant because Zoid did the unthinkable and self-destructed @ http://dedicated.oddessey.org/aatrader

Well, if i were you, Zoid, I would tell my team mates where my planets are b4 i self-destruct. So that savagers will not get their hands on your beautiful planets.


ANNIHILATION updated with a blog entry titled,'MY COMEBACK VOL 2'

Now,.. who can resist readin' an entry with that title? lololz =D


Congrats ANNIHILATION! yr blog has reached the 100 views mile-stone! ^_^

Diablo edited his blog,.. nothing much this time. Lookin' forward to his next update tho', if only he shares his knowledge like Tempest does.


I self-destructed. By deliberately selecting the 'leave' option, but before i went, i told Pajique my planets, so he has a much healthy blip on his ratings now.

Before i left tho', i tried to invite Snoopy so that Pajique will not be lonely.

I'm now serverless hahaha! ^_^ I serve no one hehe =D my time is my own, and i chose to use the extra time i would have used to chalk up on ratings to call my old friends from primary school. That's junior school for you americans! ^_^

I arranged to go salsa dancin' with 4 other girlfriends and my boyfriend. Salsa dancin' vs AAT... right now, i would choose salsa dancing,.. especially since the next tourney )2 to a team) doesn't hold an appeal for me.

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May 28, 2004 - 9:43 pm


Firstly: Thanks so much Tempest for your generous comment in my profile. I got up early in the morn ready to start building up my ship again and had to look twice when i saw 1 entry had been added to my profile! Will add to your profile too!


Max Griswald updated twice: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=610 -- 1 is a poem, and the other is an account of what he's seeing in the Darkelves server.


A very exciting account by Diablo http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=283
in his blog. It also makes my heart pitter-patter, and i know i'm simply not cut out to be an aggressor or a victim of those aggressors =(


Seven updated. A personal entry as before: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=687

What greets you when you first come into his blog is the tons of ways to contact him. He has every instant messenger known to man. =D you know,.. if he applied that thoroughness and enthusiasm to AAT, he's probably gonna be very good.


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May 28, 2004 - 5:25 am
Title: 31st entry


ANNHILATION met with the same fate as i did. So,.. if you'll go to his blog: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=289

what he's doin' is exactly what i'm doin now =(


Shermond posted his letter to PJ in his blog,.. it's kinda sweet and innocent (read naive) actually,.. http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=549

Those are requests that have been made in the AAT forum previously. And nothing has been done about them. (altho' some good things have been done about other stuff, like the 3D map) But,.. maybe PJ (i think PJ's is the knick-knack in programming) will get round to these when he revamps the game and adds in a new resource.

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May 28, 2004 - 3:38 am
Title: 30th entry

What a way to start the 30th entry!

You have come upon a booby trapped Nova Bomb. It explodes destroying your ship. Fortunately you have an escape pod.


Seven updated. It's his 1st entry, and totally personal, and non-AAT. Seems that he has diabetes and probably Limes (Lyme's) Disease. I was quite concerned about the latter, as i knew nothing about it. It doesn't occur in S'pore that i know of. So here's a good article url if you wanna check it out: http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Lime's%20Disease

I'm not surprised one of us has diabetes here. More americans have diabetes per capita than any other country in the world. the statistics are alarming. And there are many americans playin' AAT.

Those readin' this may wanna exercise regularly for fun and fitness like i do.


Tempest updated!

For those of you who *haven't* been readin' Tempest's blog, here it is: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=534&date=all

For those of you who have been readin' Tempest's blog,  go here: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=534

I learnt something new! ^_^ And this entry is really well written,.. go read it! ^_^ (P.S. I now have a heartiest respect for Canadians =D)

(That's not to say that i didn't have a respect for Canadians previously, but the only Canadians i have come across in my small country was the bald guy, Colin in Whose Line Is It Anyway (hosted by Drew Carey) and the band leader in David Letterman)


Now comes my self-absorbed monologue to 'the enemy out there':

Darn you! i had a level 29 endeavour,.. + the others were maxxxxxxxed out =(

and an eff rating of 27,.. now i shudder to look what my eff rating will be... =(


Okay i looked,.. and my eff rating is 17! =( even bein' 3rd in the blog chart doesn't helpppp me... let me drown in my miseryyyyyy.

haiz,.. should i self-destruct out of pride and leave pajique alone?


And even worse! Before i pick up every debris, i always keep all cash in the 1GB,.. but for the first time! i made a mistake! =(
Instead of depositing: 14,885,617,102 credits,.. i left out the 2 at the end... =( which (and let me spell out for you) i only deposited 1,488,561,710 OUCH!


Okay,.. let's see if i can still get 3rd after i use up all 8000 turns,... =D (i'm now like 6th! erkk....)

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May 27, 2004 - 12:29 pm
Title: This is the 29th entry in my blog =D

29th entry! 6_^

So for those of you who :| wonder why i'm third (which is most probably the highest rank i'm ever gonna be, in terms of times viewed...), and want to join me, i suggest you update more too! ^_^  :mrgreen:

The simplest way to get the most :twisted: hits, is probably to describe your sex life, and rub our noses in for those of us who haven't one hehe. =D  but that wud probably get your blog officially banned hehe =D Oooof the sleaze :evil:! ^_^ Well, that's one less blog for me to worry about! heheheee!~~~ :shock:


anyway, on with the pudding! (before i go to bed):

Vote for your next 8)  tourney type here: http://aatraders.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2030&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=

ANNIHILATION updated: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=289

*3 entries, 1 of them let's us catch a glimpse to what's been goin' on in his personal life, and revealin' dat fakecajun is really a hero!/heroine (?)

Hey don't blame me! i really honestly don't know who's female here for sure, except Wild Angel.


Evil Ash updated: http://profiles.aatraders.com/index.php?player_id=354

Has 3 entries, but amazingly enuff, i'm the first person to ever view his blog!

Nothing much to read there tho',.. mostly him sayin' how bored he is.


Just came back from a dinner date with a friend. Even tho' we're just platonic friends (he's a doctor, i'm a piano teacher), we're never bored with each other, and spend an average of 7 hours each time we date each other. Then again, it's only been a year since we met. So we might get bored of each other soon...? :x

Anyway, I've decided to stop giving Caucasians the brush-off, because I think i've run out of eligible S'porean men that i haven't dated.

Going to bed now!~ Sweet dreamz all! ^_^

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May 26, 2004 - 10:17 pm
Title: Yay!

Yet another update coz your entries are flourishing!

PJ http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=1 edited his blog. Albeit it's the same info, but added on.

I read it, and fortunately i do not have to change my preferred way of doin' things haha just to accommodate the new changes.

Diablo will prob be joinin' da main or beta server after the reset. But atm, he's playing here: (and he wants y'all to join)


Diablo has 9 sad but brave entries. I know i read all of them before, but for those of you who haven't, here it is! http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=283&date=all

Moonraker has 1 entry in his/her blog (now darn it,.. where are the genders in the profiles?!!!). But to keep it simple, let's assume Moonraker is a 'he'.

The entry is about the controversy in the tourney. I think i agree with Moonraker after readin' all the posts in the AAT forum.


Yet i know that in life, there are many bitter pills to swallow. I'm not sure if it's fair or possible to expect it to be candyland in AAT  tourney where lotsa other unfair stuff happens.

chooie333 updated her blog for the 1st time with a 1 liner. Nothing worth reading actually. (But it's still early stages)

Anyway, i PMed her saying, 'You need to go to options when you're logged into your game, and associate that game with your profile here in AAT.'

Am 3rd now in the beta, above Sokar, Daffy Duck, Snoopy and Mackverick. Quite happy because i've got a good teammate, Pajique =D. I mean he hasn't given me any credits or info (other than his planet bases) but then it's good to know that your teammate is hooverin' around with a razorback. =D i'm buying a voyager after i use up another 3000 turns =D

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May 26, 2004 - 7:42 am
Title: Wowweee! ^_^ More blog entries yay! =D

1st on the 'about to disappear' list is 'The Donald'

Hahaha! nah,.. i'm no magician and 'The Donald' didn't offend me, i read in a blog that 'The Donald' is a player with quite a distracting sense of humour in a game. Well, you can catch his irreverently funny entry in his blog here: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=503&date=all

I gotta post the link here coz nowadays people are updating so fast that the list of recently updated blogs changes daily. so hopefully these links will save you one step instead of inconveniently going alphabetically to their profile.

Check out his blog for extremely spot-on descriptions of players. Darn wish i played in the tourney now... (if only to earn a moniker from 'the Donald'); --> Did you see yourself mentioned in The Donald's blog?

Anyway, there are 9 entries in his blog, and i suspect The Donald is maybe around 30 years old?

Max Griswald has just graduated from college! ohhhh wow. Well Max, i recommend you work for Cisco or Lucent Tech/Tyco Intl, then you can come and visit me in S'pore on the company's account in biz trips!

If anyone here has a job for an IT/Networking exec, do PM Max!

P.S. u're lucky u're not S'porean, Max =D over here, a jail term will ruin yer career prospects immediately. Then again, we don't jail people for driving too fast. Only when they actually hit someone... o.O


3. Tempest
* another well-measured blog entry
about advice on the darkelves server. still not sure if Tempest is a girl/guy... maybe i should PM him/her.


I don't think Tarnus/PJ/anyone in the top 10 of the tourney need to read Tempest's latest entry, but for newbies, it gives food for thought. =D I'm hoping for more gems and updates in future because this latest entry isn't ground-breaking for me.


4. Future Breed Machine is also graduating from college/uni in a few days! FBM and Max Griswald must be around the same age! ^_^


Awwight,.. now down to my own blog entry,.. am bein' bitten by mosquitoes here in Singapore whilst providing summaries for you guys. Ate too much chocolate so my blood is sweet i guess.

Am nearly catching up to 3rd place in the beta server, but rather bored and wish more good players were around. I don't mind kneeling in the exalted presence of excellent players and surpassed in rankings so long as they leave my planets alone. I don't want to be 3rd either when my competitors aren't very competitive.

But right now, only one of the renowns, Fiveyes (who seems quite friendly), is on the beta server in the top 10.

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May 24, 2004 - 11:04 pm
Title: Ah!

it seems that there have been 4 players updating their blogs, so it's time for me to update mine too! ^_^

Wahhh! i got a mention in DarkSoul's blog!!! And yes ahem, Darksoul,.. you haven fallen in the beta lololz =D i saw your planet bt i just went merrily along =D (didn't even bother to scan) But you can easily climb up! ^_^ I mean, it's really easy to climb up still coz only 5 out of the top 10 players are really playing actively y'noe.

Shuey is being considered male athlete of the year in his school. now i know why his blog is riddled with sports stuff (!)

Max Griswald posted his best entry yet! Here is a link to it: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=610 (just in case you don't bother going to the 'M' section of the player profiles). He analyses strat like me and vice versa. Wonder what his occupation is?

Tempest is 4th in the draft tourney, frankly, i don't think i'm gonna beat Tempest in anything other than blog hits hahaha! ^_^ Well definitely not in an AAT game anyway. Tempest updated his/her blog. Going back to DarkSoul's comment about players sharing their strategy. I think Tempest can easily afford to share, because even if we knew his/her strat, we're not gonna put so much effort into applying it unless our personality was that way inclined. Tempest's strat takes a lot of attention to detail. But of all the top 5 players in the draft tourney, i think his/her strat applies to me: 0 kills/ 0 deaths. Just the way *I* like it! ^_^

Darn! Wish this profile thing had a gender to it. I don't know if Tempest is a male/female!


As for my own game, i'm 4th on the beta server, but i could have been 3rd if not for >2000 wasted turns when i got lost and had to real space early on. I also like my team mate Pajique. Although he's Czech so we have fun communicating in broken English lolol! ^_^

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May 22, 2004 - 9:00 pm
Title: Newest Blog Updates

Sometimes blogs get updated so fast that we miss entries coming out. So i got feedback from appreciative readers that they are reading my blog for a summary and review of the blog updates.

DarkSoul: has 7 brief but interesting entries. He doesn't discuss strategy, but more a fairly exciting description of his impressions in the tourney.

Tarunus: updated his blog for the first time since the tourney started. he vowed revenge on satman, as satman destroyed his ship, but Tarnus had enuff credits to buy back an exact ship so all's well.

Vagabound updated for the 1st time. Ha! a virgin blogger! =D still have a many left though. it's just 2 sentences to thank the administrators of aatraders. He thinks it's awesome. We think so too! ^_^

PJ edited his blog,.. but i'm not gonna read editions now as too much time is spent. I always browse back to see if any changes have been made when blogs get updated the next time.

For me,.. i'm the 8th in the beta server,.. not too bad but i can do better. I still fret over my 2500 turns lost.

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May 20, 2004 - 10:24 am
Title: Yay! 4 Singaporeans! ^_^

Wow! Wow Wowwwwweeeee! There are FOUR singaporeans here!

Arturis, Veracity, Shermond and me! ^_^ (to find out more about singapore, do check here: www.sg  )

anyway, i signed onto the beta server yesterday. did pretty well,.. at my highest point i had an efficiency level of 25, despite getting lost twice. But now is my third time of getting lost, and i had to real space twice, thus costing me 2500 turns. That's rrreeaally sore for me because it's only 10 turns every 5 mins in this server.

So now my eff. rating is 21,.. darn darn!

I hope when i log on again i don't get attacked and find my ship destroyed. =( i better stock up on EWDs...

For the blogs,
PJ updated his blog and erm, despite it being a rather long and interesting entry, i simply cannot remember what it was all about after reading Triskai's blog.

Triskai has only 2 entries in his blog. U can find an earlier summary below, anyway, for his updated entry, he talks about how his plan to plant spies failed.

Truly, if you're a newbie with an agressive/sly bent, do read Triskai's blog to learn from his mistakes. Triskai's plots have rather humorous outcomes.

Max Griswald writes longer entries, but i can't really see where he edited it. the blog seems the same to me as his last edition.

Triskai's self-deprecating humour is nice.


Went to Bar None to celebrate my birthday with a few girl friends. (i'm a girl by the way) I was chosen to a Guimness girl for the night and went upstage! ^_^

P.S. it was a Guinness night (y'noe, the irish stout)

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rambled by Langel around May 20, 2004 - 10:24 am
May 18, 2004 - 5:31 am
Title: darn! server bug!

-245.03 K <--- this is the amount of credits i got after i upgraded my small pioneer ship. Previously i had 266k or so, but after upgrading to a size 10 hull, (which should cost 256k), i'm left with -245.03 K ?

The bug happened here: http://www.dacity.com/SubDomains/onlinegames/aaTrade2/

but as it's not an official server, i can't report it to the PJ.

I have logged back (i logged off in the hope that when i log back, it'll be back to normal), but no!

i give up! i had only used 100 turns when this happened! =(

rambled by Langel around May 18, 2004 - 5:31 am
May 17, 2004 - 1:39 pm
Title: Update to the AAT Draft T1

Update: 3 days into the game!

(No. of each team in the top 10!)

5 DDs
3 TBCs
2 GMGs

Not bad! the TBCs managed to catch up,.. unfortunately the GMG lost ground overnight!

Please vote for the team you think will win here:


Viewed Max Griswald's blog (has 4 entries). He uses pretty colourful language, and is gonna delete his profile soon. Seems that he's deleting his profile because he only created one to play in the tourney and he's now out of it. Max Griswald uses plenty of Nova Bombs i must say! lol! and his success rate seems rather high!

Now viewing Triskai's blog. He has just made his first entry. Basically about how he got blown up because he didn't scan. Happens to all of us if we become arrogant too early.

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rambled by Langel around May 17, 2004 - 1:39 pm
May 16, 2004 - 6:48 am
Title: Interesting stuff summarised from the last 5 entries of other blogs:

Panama Jack (PJ) has been working hard: ' I have learned alot of new things when it comes to using PHP and MySql the past week. One thing I learned is there are some things you can do hundreds of times faster in PHP compared to letting the database do it.

It's been a fun week.'

He has also been doing a lot of coding. Gosh,.. i wish there were such guys like him in S'pore.

He has also come up with a list of basic changes to the new game format. (dated May 7, 2004)I wish i could post it here, but it may be considered as plagarism, so i won't. Please go read his blog if you're interested.

Future Breed Machine
* has 4 very short breezy entries to his blog. Mainly a personal blog. He says this server has very good port prices: http://www.cyber-dreamers.com/aatraders

* has long entries, and updates his blog once every 1-2 weeks. He/she writes very well and excitingly, and i can't really condense his/her last 5 entries,  but advise you to read them yourself whenever he/she updates.

* is kinda humourous in my opinion. He has only 1 blog entry, and this is it, 'Wow - I can't believe I'm in like 16 AATraders games.

That's on top of being the game admin of two others, & admin of the NGS game on cashglow.'

:lol: 16 AAT games!!! i only like to focus on one each time! (the max 3 in the beginning when i was enthusiastically learning) i don't have so much time to dedicate to so many different games....

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rambled by Langel around May 16, 2004 - 6:48 am
May 13, 2004 - 6:09 am
Title: Hmmmmmmmm....

I've been reading all the blogs i could get my hands on, and discover that even though we are all good players, there are differences and similarities that we discovered ourselves.

For e.g. for the planets i do not really care about, although i'm possessive about all my planets, is that i will just put the credit % = 0 and increase the fighters and torps.

Only now did i realise that other people have been doing the same thing! gollee...

shuey has updated his blog today, (it has only 2 entries so far though) but unfortunately it's not an AAT blog, but probably a baseball blog.

i've also read DarkSoul's blog, but it's only got 5 small entries. I think Dark Soul will be a good teammate to have though, because his strat is so much like mine.

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rambled by Langel around May 13, 2004 - 6:09 am
May 3, 2004 - 7:00 pm
Title: Another cheater sysadmin?

CSimplex 05/03/2004 22:39
Yep i just find a BIG bonus

Csimplex's score went from 190,000 to 301,402 in just 4,000 turns. It's impossible because this is a very low priced port game. He just found a big bonus? Get real...  He may have, but he tweaked it somehow.

I must find a server where the sysadmin doesn't play. This is so unfair! It's improbable that a person with such a bad game history and ranking in more than 7 games (all lower middle to the bottom 20%), low efficiency rating before I logged out yesterday, can surpass me in terms of efficiency rating when I have kept a firm track of his progress.

As you may guess, I have resigned, and as Rasti says,.. when there are cheaters, it is simply no fun playing even if I can still be first with my skill. C'mon, the previous sysadmin found 1000 billion in credits once, and there was another debris which gave him 500 billion but i still beat him. I can still beat this one, but it is simply not worthwhile to prove myself in this small game. If he wants to be 1st, let him be first. I don't want to work extra hard to beat a cheater.  

Fortunately, i can just change my start up pages to another AAT server with my Opera.

I have this system whereby I line up all my pages/tabs in the window in the order that i like. So i just have the log in page, 2 galaxy local maps, 1 to keep track of the rankings, 1 to edit my trade routes. All in all, i used to have 7 csimplex pages, out of the 61 tabs i have lined up.  

I am emotionally drained tho',.. so i may not play the tourney after all. Even tho' i would have liked to play with a large team. I never wanted to be alone,.. previously Kai, Rasti, Twan suited me fine.

Say what you will, but Twan was very hardworking and he really worked hard for his score till he saw there was no chance of catching up with me hehe.

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rambled by Langel around May 3, 2004 - 7:00 pm
May 1, 2004 - 7:36 pm
Title: Started on a new server! ^_^

I was waiting for a new server to come up in May. =D Didn't touch my previous AAT game, and after transferring the maximum 100,000,000,000 to 13 players, i saw my rank slip from 1st to 2nd,.. by now, after leaving it untouched for 5 days, i bet i'm like 2nd or 3rd.

Anyway, this new server i'm at: http://www.csimplex.com/aatrade/index.php

is cool! It may have only 3 players, but we are all so talkative, that even if we aren't on a team, it's still very nice and unlonely.

The sysadmin is French, but speaks English very well. The other player is from America. I'm from Singapore... so we're all playing on different time zones, but we play at the same time! ^_^

rambled by Langel around May 1, 2004 - 7:36 pm
Apr 29, 2004 - 11:00 am
Title: I stopped playing from yesterday,...

after transferring the maximum allowed of 100,000,000,000 to each player (whom I'm not sure cheated or not, but my doubts were never addressed) except 1 to help them along.

I still have a lot of credits on all my planets tho',.. so i collected them all, even from my 2 money planets and and have decided to put them in my ship and just let it be, without resigning, but never logging on. I really don't think anyone can kill me because my ship is on my planet, and the total levels of both my ship and planet is like 55... =D

Let the teams try and kill me. hmph =(

But my other 14 planets,... i've made their energy levels and other planet levels so high that they will never be captured. Unless they go indy,.. that is. But with such high levels,.. i really don't think  they are likely to go indy before the server resets.

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rambled by Langel around Apr 29, 2004 - 11:00 am
Apr 27, 2004 - 9:35 am
Title: FAQ Help

I want to assist in helping newbies answer questions about AAT. I am collecting all the different questions asked in the AAT forums, but putting them in an organised manner. The names in the brackets refer to the person who graciously provided the best answer)

So here goes nothing!

How do you make a zone yours?
To make the zone yours, you have to have a base on the majority of the planets in that sector (ie. 1 of 1, 3 of 5), otherwise it'll still remain as Unchartered Space. (TwoTone)

What if there is a problem with my account?
While logged into the game, send a message to the Webmaster/Sysadmin -- that should at least get things started on fixing the mess. (PokerFace)

Erm,.. i got stuck on the 3rd question of variables,.. darn,..

rambled by Langel around Apr 27, 2004 - 9:35 am
Apr 27, 2004 - 7:09 am
Title: I'm still around,..

still first, but it's getting boring without a teammate. A newbie was disheartened and quit. Offered him 10 billion credits, but he still left.

Yea, it's hard not being on a team. He was alone too.

I wish I had Rasti, Kai and Twan with me. They were fantastic team mates who could carry their own weight.

I am seriously thinking of quitting, but not because of cheating this time, but because i'm bored. I'm not really the offensive sort of player, and don't want to attack anyone.

I only attacked the sysadmin because he didn't invite me to be on his team. But now... i've got nothing to play for, except to be like a hen who sits on her eggs... i.e. planets.

But i'm not a hen! I've my own life. I've got nothing to live for.

Okay, I will try to summon up the willpower to delete myself from the game.

Maybe give all my credits to the lower rung players. =D

rambled by Langel around Apr 27, 2004 - 7:09 am
Apr 18, 2004 - 10:24 pm
Title: i've got a serious allegation to make

i'm know of crooked sysadmins who do not play fair.

I wonder if the sysadmin of this new game server i'm on is playing fair. How is it possible to get another voyager when his former voyager was destroyed by my sector defences and he is able to get his new voyager up to an average level of 28-30, when he's only the 5th position?

it's not as if formerly he had lotsa credits from trading like i do?

i'm disillusioned,.. =( with the 'help' from just toggling buttons,.. a sysadmin can get fresh injections of credits. I'm thinking of quitting.

rambled by Langel around Apr 18, 2004 - 10:24 pm
Apr 17, 2004 - 8:02 am
Title: I'm tooooooo merciful,.. =(

I discovered all the hide outs of newbies,.. there's one in particular who has 5 planets, but i laid 1 mill mines & fighters in his sectors,.. but i took them back,.. haiz,..

i was worried he'll be disheartened if he can't get through,.. and his planets turn indy.

I don't want to be responsible for someone hating AAT,.. there may be even a few with weak minds who go into a prolonged depression, instead of regarding it as game play/tactics.  

rambled by Langel around Apr 17, 2004 - 8:02 am
Apr 14, 2004 - 11:24 pm


Nowhere to add comment to Tarnus' blog,..( http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=17 ),.. and as an afterthought,.. surely it's a good thing, else those experts will get lotsa beggers/questions about their strat etc. and how to best score...

But i hope Tarnus' will not seek too much emotional support from the comforting familiarity of this game.

It sure was a good entry,.. quite emotionally intelligent. I will make sure to talk to my parents more. My sisters now... that's another thing altogether... they are so prickly. Like they've got huge chips on their shoulders.

Darn I wandered off,.. for the game,.. I'm seeking revenge on a player who's spurned my offer of being on the same team as me... Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

rambled by Langel around Apr 14, 2004 - 11:24 pm
Apr 11, 2004 - 8:31 am
Title: Woohoo!

Finally got meself an excelsior minutes ago! ^-^ This is my 2nd excelsior =D of the 5 games i played. I could have gotten it 5 days ago but chose to wait because the start-up specs of an excelsior are only 25,..

Anyway,.. because i was lonely, i thought the bigger, the better,.. i'm so unconfident and lonely that i've got to buy a stupid excelsior when i was perfectly happy with my voyager.

Oh well,.. i guess my overall ranking will drop by a third,.. because the money going to purchasing the excelsior is gone!

rambled by Langel around Apr 11, 2004 - 8:31 am
Apr 10, 2004 - 9:54 am
Title: Damn!

As you approach the debris a message comes over the communications saying that planet killer weapons are not allowed in this area of space. Your Nova Bomb immediately becomes unusable for no apparent reason.

rambled by Langel around Apr 10, 2004 - 9:54 am
Apr 10, 2004 - 8:04 am
Title: A Plea to my former teammates...

I know that y'all are scattered amongst the various small games everywhere,.. but if y'all want to join the server i'm on,... i'll be glad to sponsor an endeavour for you to play with,..

rambled by Langel around Apr 10, 2004 - 8:04 am
Apr 10, 2004 - 8:01 am
Title: I feel soooo lonely!

I would rather stick to my average level 30 voyager,.. but since no one would invite me to their team,.. maybe i'll get an excelsior to play with =( out of an inferiority complex!

I wish Rasti/Twan/Kai was here. Rod  invited me to be on his team,.. but he's not been around.... i'm soo soo soo lonely! *stamps my foot -- hmph!*

rambled by Langel around Apr 10, 2004 - 8:01 am
Apr 2, 2004 - 10:55 am


Donated some credits to new players above 4000 turns on my game server,.. 20000000 - 30000000, but my good/evil didn't go up at all! bwahahahahahooo =((

Also can't really figure out the experience thing. Haiz,.. It seems that even though i'm overall top,.. i'm very low on the scale for a few categories.

rambled by Langel around Apr 2, 2004 - 10:55 am
Apr 1, 2004 - 10:53 am


Read from that Twan used copyrighted material for the ships... my poor friend. Sometimes when we are under pressure, we do silly things. I hope he is doing alright now,...

Game Ship Graphics - [Mar 31, 2004 - 5:04pm]

Well, it has been brought to our attention that all of our ship graphics came from a commercial game. The developers of this game contacted me yesterday about this and after looking at the ships in their game I have to agree. The game is called DarkSpace and is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game that has been in developement since 1999 with their first release in 2001.

The person who supplied these graphics nolonger has a working web site or valid email address which lends creedance to the graphics being liberated from DarkSpace .

We will be changing all of the ship graphics in the default and low bandwidth templates back to the original graphics in all of our servers. We will be releasing a 0.21 version that has those graphics removed as well. We will also be releasing a replacement graphics package for those templates. We ask all server admins to replace the graphics with this package.

Everyone should check out DarkSpace as it is a gorgeous Real Time MMPOG.

We are deeply embarrassed by this and appologize to the creators of DarkSpace and server admins currently running our game.

rambled by Langel around Apr 1, 2004 - 10:53 am
Apr 1, 2004 - 10:49 am


Am now 1st on the game server i'm playing http://aatrade.sdf1.net/index.php -- bt it's not a big deal as there are 10 players. 3 people joined today,.. and the playing field is quite equal because this game server gives you the maximum 8000 turns every 12 hours,.. so there are lotsa turns to use up! lolol... And I can't log on so often to use up my excess accumulated turns,.. it'll be too tiring as i've a full-time job.

rambled by Langel around Apr 1, 2004 - 10:49 am
Mar 31, 2004 - 10:22 am


On Rasti's blog,.. he says 0.20 favours traders. I'm not so sure,.. because i love trading,.. but my experience points are way below my fellow players even though i'm top overall.

I still have got a lot to learn,.. i think i'm a slow learner coz even though i've played many games,.. i don't really know the finer points of the game, and am continually having to seek clarification on the NEWBIE thread on http://aatraders.com/phpBB2/

rambled by Langel around Mar 31, 2004 - 10:22 am
Mar 31, 2004 - 10:19 am


I'm now a bag of popcorn on http://aatrade.sdf1.net/index.php... miss playing with Twan and Rasti especially, although have caught up with Rod and joined his team for old times sake.

0.20 has its good and bad points,.. i really like the new layout, and shortcuts,.. and the pics really make a nice change (courtesy of Twan), but i think the server i'm playing on has too big a universe for me to play my usual style. Oh well,.. i just have to adjust i supppose.

Request; can MORE players join http://aatrade.sdf1.net/index.php because there are currently only 7 of us. And if u notice mines lying around,.. it's really not me. i swear,.. i'm not nasty at all. Just ask Rasti =D ^_^

rambled by Langel around Mar 31, 2004 - 10:19 am
Dec 23, 2003 - 9:02 pm


Isnt' it strange that this blog doesn't have "add comment" for readers? ^_^

Like for e.g.,.. if u wanted to remark on what da hell am i doin' wif a psychedelic mound of jello,.. u have no place to feed back on your opinionated views haha!~ =^_^=

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rambled by Langel around Dec 23, 2003 - 9:02 pm
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