Jun 15, 2004 - 11:15 am
Title: 60th entry

I take back everything i've thought about guys. I used to think that guys have stiff upper lips and big soft gooey sticky egoes,.. but truly the maturity of the blog entries and quality of content, overall grasp of the language (Tempest beats all of us hands down in his latest entry), make me re-think my knowledge of guys. Of course this isn't exactly IRL, but rather IVL, but to have blogs that are so open, and worth reading because the authors do not withhold skill-knowledge, tactics etc. continually makes me amazed in a good way.

The person who sparked off my 2 long sentences above was Phaser . Well,.. who knew that a player who has only a few entries could have such inner substance?


Read his blog for a positive evaluation of Max, Tarnus and a clarification of his previous entry.


CSimplex's virgin entry:



  Bovine edited with additional remarks in 2 paragraphs to Phaser and how our victories/losses has zilch effect ultimately to our real life. i agree with him, hence the constant blindsiding by my real life job which interrupts me in my AAT play *sob sob* ...



hehehe,.. if you want to read about   Shermond's trip to Genting, go here:


A slight tussle between Rodriguez and Shermond, the discovery of planet loss and annihilation even, a rough and ready commentary about getting your own server if you're afraid of host interference and (surprise surprise!) Eurocup commentary.


Ooooh no... i wish something down and dirty will ensue when i read Big's categories,.. coz it'll be fun, but i don't think the whiners will be so immature as to engage in a slanging match heheh


P.S.,.. there's no trader category?


P.P.S. I'm getting lonely,... will someone talk to me? I've not received a fresh PM in a few days....

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rambled by Langel around Jun 15, 2004 - 11:15 am
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