Jun 15, 2004 - 1:41 am
Title: Aiyah!

Tuesday is my day off... but i've lesson plans to do though,.. and lesson materials to prepare. Anyway, just taking a breather to come and play as much AAT as i can!

Am now on Csimplex's server: http://www.csimplex.com/aatrade/index.php

But only cause Oddball ain't giving out any passwords. Anyway, although i wish Csimplex had fewer sectors and more extraordinary settings, the few turns it gives (10 turns every 5 mins) give me a chance to at least stay in the game by trying to use each precious turn wisely. Even if other players have more time to devote to AAT, at least they are constrained by the really miniscule turn churnings.


Tempest updated: http://profiles.aatraders.com/readblog.php?player_id=534

A really brilliantly written entry. He analyses player game styles, and the effectiveness peaking and ebbing of each strategic position. He uses material from the Darkelves server in the main, but draws upon his keen experience from past forays to give it breadth. Rather diplomatically written, i would strongly urge the U.N. (if it wasn't such a well-fed and impotent cat) to co-opt his services hehehe.

P.S. Tempest, i use British spelling as well. Compliments of British colonial rule in Asia hehehe,.. talk about bringing RL to the fore. Ooohh,.. a team? Thankee kindly, as i feel that my knowledge isn't as well-honed as it could have been, and i seem to have reached a plateau. Thanks 4 makin' yerself available,... will try to banish the nagging demands of my job to hell.  


The Donald updated!

Seems that he doesn't destroy planets that he captures. Hence his undeservedly high 'goodness' rating lol!


Boy, it's a blog alright. What with the music he's listening to, a mish-mash recipe and a sprinkling of UEFA,..

P.S. I call soccer football. And if you want to know the origins of this linguistic divertion, you can look this up: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=6442

Of course,.. i like to watch 'Australian football' best,... hehe...


I'm bein' quite irked with the Oddball server,.. it's like flaunting itself in my face with 2 people managing to get registered, and the rest of us left out in the cold!

CRUEL ;( cruel :[ Cruel!

rambled by Langel around Jun 15, 2004 - 1:41 am
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