Jun 17, 2004 - 10:35 am
Title: Oh no,..

i think i missed FakeCajun's   2nd last update (or @ least i don't remember updating about him/her),.. although his/her most recent update is simply that s/he knows s/he has been remiss in updating, s/he has been enjoying reading our rants.

The great thing about readin' diff blogs is that diff people give diff advice, and you just have to decide which to follow. For e.g. FC advises us to use our best ship to go debris hunting. Whereas someone else advises us to use a stealth. For me,.. i would use a stealth, but seeing how FC has been so lucky in his/her debris discovery,.. you may want to reconsider using FC's method.

Quite a pity,.. i was just wondering yesterday why FC hadn't updated for so long and today i was lookin' forward to a meaty entry.  But then again,.. too much meat in yer diet can be unbalanced, so we need clear soup like this to keep us nourished. Hehe,.. does this make sense? Hehe,.. nm if it doesn't lol!



Sometimes the level of English from non-British/American people amazes me. Firstly, my youngest sis goes over to Britain to do her high school and we're all amazed that even though her English doesn't meet distinction standards here in a post-colonial country, it seems that the level of English in Britain is so excreable that her writing was commended. Of course i'm v. v. proud of my sis that she's done so well in Britain and will probably do law in Exeter, but it continually re-amazes me when I see entries that are a delight to read, that belong to other countries.

The latest entry that make me go 'wow', is entered by Phaser. Maybe he's really an American/Britisher living in Luxembourg?

Tho' i doubt it, coz he spells Luxembourg the french way, and i had this impression that Luxembourg has maintained the sort of civilised European culture. So he may be native 'Luxembourgian?'? lolol!

Anyway, it was a joy to read about what went on last night on the Darkelves server. I don't remember reading a rendition of a battle that flowed as well as his.


One thing that i doubt will happen are non-native people speaking and writing Chinese as well as the Chinese in Taiwan and China. I wonder if the French in Canada and the rest of the post-colonial territories speak French as well as the French? To me, that's an interesting thing to think lightly about.


rambled by Langel around Jun 17, 2004 - 10:35 am
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