Jun 22, 2004 - 7:53 am
Title: I'm so pisssssssed!

I work quite hard in the oddball server, when time permits,.. and was quite happily patting myself on the back this morn when i looked @ the rankings and told myself that hard work really pays off, and yet when i logged on after a hard day's work teaching,.. what do i find this from the game admin!

"I just went through the settings and decided what could be changed.

Its wayy to unbalanced; how you getting such high scores?"


WAHHLAUeh! i cheated what else... *half-sarcastically* duh!

how is it wayyy too unbalanced? Everyone has the same game settings,..This unbalanced accusation thing has gone on for too long. I admit i'm a good player, but i'm not a v. strict one,... like for e.g., because this game gives such generous settings of 50 turns per update, i tend to real space everywhere even when i need >70 turns to do so. But who cares? my turns keep on maxing. So admittedly my E.F. could have been 27, but if Tempest or one of those players found on Big's list were on this server, i wouldn't be first!

If it were one of the recognised players around,.. i don't think anyone would query them. Anyway,... I'm too happy with my real life workday to spend too much time in a miff. But i am annoyed with Neongreen's rudeness, not that it impacts him. When can i revel unreservedly in my 1st place, unencumbered with accusations of 'unbalancedness' (which is untrue in the 1st place)  


Lol! FakeCajun would like Jasmine Trias to report live AAT news on 5 hehe i bet.


A perfect entree is FC's latest update. If ever i'd wondered if FC was male/female,... it's definitely encased in stone in my mind that FC is male lol!

I'm really sad that FC didn't have a chance to use his 10 billion mines over at the Darkelves' server before it resetted tho',.. although what with everyone usin' battle cruisers, i'm not so sure how much damage it can do.

These are players on a grand scale oh yeaah!


PJ will be resetting the beta game July 1st and instead putting into place AAT ver 0.25  


Autotrades will not be ready in time for the new version, and if there are any errors in coding, give him a shout,.. and he'll correct it within hours


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rambled by Langel around Jun 22, 2004 - 7:53 am
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