Jun 14, 2004 - 11:50 am
Title: Golly,..

so many blog updates! wowee...

Anyway,.. caught AAT on one of its server updates this morning,.. PJ wasn't kidding when he said that we would have to cope with server disruption lol! But the other AAT games hosted on other servers went on as normal merrily.


Shuey has graduated from high school and the AAT server he was in went bust (didn't mention which)



Goody! PJ updated! Good news this time (in my opinion)

Recommendation: Have fewer planets (100 or less), so as to decrease the beating a server takes to process thousands of planet info each update. And increased de facto population settings.



Neongreen has a really intriguing entry, he mentioned that PJ let him set up an oddball server. http://aatrade1.aatraders.com/ only 2000 sectors yea! that's what i like! *muack muack Neongreen



FBM   reports on the euro cup,.. seems that France beat England 2-1 ^_^ Oh well FBM, you can always earn your revenge via AAT ^_^ (where are the French players here?)



Seems that diablo is one of those AAT players who will be followin' the Euro Cup lol! Anyway, he urges us to check our ship for spies after clicking on debris. Not sure why though... is it possible for spies to board your ship via debris?

Diablo is still searching for a partner in the 2-player tournament, and wouldn't mind a PM or two.



Just back from teaching,.. it's midnight *yawn* but am still waiting for my password from Neongreen's 2000 sector server to arrive. Usually it arrives immediately, wondering why it's taking so long. It's been 10 minutes since i signed up.

[edit: i tried again to sign up on this Oddball server (not attempting to cheat, but to test if the password will arrive faster this time, but no, no immediate password either,.. have been waiting for 20 mins now]

[4nd edit: 3 hours later: i am outta my mind! *tearin' my hair like an insane woman! WHERE IS MY PASSWORD???? ooooohhh,.. i could die from wanting...!]

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