Sep 26, 2004 - 11:25 am
Title: I dated a Canadian...

Due to a friend (you know who you are), I was convinced to try Canadian men. So, I asked my friends if they knew any Canadian guys. One of them knew someone,... an auditor in PWC, so gave me his number, but told me that he was in a serious relationship. After my aunt died, i've not had any interest in dating at all. So,.. a few days ago, I called this guy up and asked if he wanted to meet up with me. He agreed.

So I met up with him,.. we went for coffee, and then later on to a pub with live music. But frankly, I thought the music wasn't brilliant or creative.

I wasn't really attracted though,.. here are the reasons:
1. He was kinda schizophrenic. He repeated stuff unnecessarily, stuff that he told me once. And repeated it all over again, as if he couldn't remember that he told me before.
2. He was single when he met me, and as my aunt just died not even 3 weeks ago, I didn't want to meet up with single guys.
3. He's leaving for 3 months almost immediately.
4. Tried many last-ditch attempts to convince me to return home with him
5. No mental stimulus from him
6. No common interests.
7. Poor verbal communicator
8. Sloppy dressing

Good things going for him:
1. He was well-mannered.
2. Considerate, empathetic
3. Pleasant-looking.
4. Nice soft hands and feet, arm hair

rambled by Langel around Sep 26, 2004 - 11:25 am
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