May 24, 2004 - 11:04 pm
Title: Ah!

it seems that there have been 4 players updating their blogs, so it's time for me to update mine too! ^_^

Wahhh! i got a mention in DarkSoul's blog!!! And yes ahem, Darksoul,.. you haven fallen in the beta lololz =D i saw your planet bt i just went merrily along =D (didn't even bother to scan) But you can easily climb up! ^_^ I mean, it's really easy to climb up still coz only 5 out of the top 10 players are really playing actively y'noe.

Shuey is being considered male athlete of the year in his school. now i know why his blog is riddled with sports stuff (!)

Max Griswald posted his best entry yet! Here is a link to it: (just in case you don't bother going to the 'M' section of the player profiles). He analyses strat like me and vice versa. Wonder what his occupation is?

Tempest is 4th in the draft tourney, frankly, i don't think i'm gonna beat Tempest in anything other than blog hits hahaha! ^_^ Well definitely not in an AAT game anyway. Tempest updated his/her blog. Going back to DarkSoul's comment about players sharing their strategy. I think Tempest can easily afford to share, because even if we knew his/her strat, we're not gonna put so much effort into applying it unless our personality was that way inclined. Tempest's strat takes a lot of attention to detail. But of all the top 5 players in the draft tourney, i think his/her strat applies to me: 0 kills/ 0 deaths. Just the way *I* like it! ^_^

Darn! Wish this profile thing had a gender to it. I don't know if Tempest is a male/female!


As for my own game, i'm 4th on the beta server, but i could have been 3rd if not for >2000 wasted turns when i got lost and had to real space early on. I also like my team mate Pajique. Although he's Czech so we have fun communicating in broken English lolol! ^_^

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rambled by Langel around May 24, 2004 - 11:04 pm
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