May 26, 2004 - 10:17 pm
Title: Yay!

Yet another update coz your entries are flourishing!

PJ edited his blog. Albeit it's the same info, but added on.

I read it, and fortunately i do not have to change my preferred way of doin' things haha just to accommodate the new changes.

Diablo will prob be joinin' da main or beta server after the reset. But atm, he's playing here: (and he wants y'all to join)

Diablo has 9 sad but brave entries. I know i read all of them before, but for those of you who haven't, here it is!

Moonraker has 1 entry in his/her blog (now darn it,.. where are the genders in the profiles?!!!). But to keep it simple, let's assume Moonraker is a 'he'.

The entry is about the controversy in the tourney. I think i agree with Moonraker after readin' all the posts in the AAT forum.

Yet i know that in life, there are many bitter pills to swallow. I'm not sure if it's fair or possible to expect it to be candyland in AAT  tourney where lotsa other unfair stuff happens.

chooie333 updated her blog for the 1st time with a 1 liner. Nothing worth reading actually. (But it's still early stages)

Anyway, i PMed her saying, 'You need to go to options when you're logged into your game, and associate that game with your profile here in AAT.'

Am 3rd now in the beta, above Sokar, Daffy Duck, Snoopy and Mackverick. Quite happy because i've got a good teammate, Pajique =D. I mean he hasn't given me any credits or info (other than his planet bases) but then it's good to know that your teammate is hooverin' around with a razorback. =D i'm buying a voyager after i use up another 3000 turns =D

rambled by Langel around May 26, 2004 - 10:17 pm
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