May 27, 2004 - 12:29 pm
Title: This is the 29th entry in my blog =D

29th entry! 6_^

So for those of you who :| wonder why i'm third (which is most probably the highest rank i'm ever gonna be, in terms of times viewed...), and want to join me, i suggest you update more too! ^_^  :mrgreen:

The simplest way to get the most :twisted: hits, is probably to describe your sex life, and rub our noses in for those of us who haven't one hehe. =D  but that wud probably get your blog officially banned hehe =D Oooof the sleaze :evil:! ^_^ Well, that's one less blog for me to worry about! heheheee!~~~ :shock:


anyway, on with the pudding! (before i go to bed):

Vote for your next 8)  tourney type here:


*3 entries, 1 of them let's us catch a glimpse to what's been goin' on in his personal life, and revealin' dat fakecajun is really a hero!/heroine (?)

Hey don't blame me! i really honestly don't know who's female here for sure, except Wild Angel.


Evil Ash updated:

Has 3 entries, but amazingly enuff, i'm the first person to ever view his blog!

Nothing much to read there tho',.. mostly him sayin' how bored he is.


Just came back from a dinner date with a friend. Even tho' we're just platonic friends (he's a doctor, i'm a piano teacher), we're never bored with each other, and spend an average of 7 hours each time we date each other. Then again, it's only been a year since we met. So we might get bored of each other soon...? :x

Anyway, I've decided to stop giving Caucasians the brush-off, because I think i've run out of eligible S'porean men that i haven't dated.

Going to bed now!~ Sweet dreamz all! ^_^

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rambled by Langel around May 27, 2004 - 12:29 pm
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