May 1, 2007 - 10:49 pm
Title: Hehe! I'm finally in a game! ^_^

The server i first signed up on, never gave my pw despite me checkin' over 10 times and double-checking that i gave the correct password! (is that what it means by the water never boiling when you watch it lol!?),.. that's why i like Alf's server,.. where the pw is immediately given.

Anyway,... i was doing fine, with an ER of 13,.. then it plunged because i hit a debris where i lost 10 levels all around,.. so that brought my ER down to 6 (bbbbbooooo!) that really hurt,..  since my last 1500 turns or so was wasted.

Why do people wanna collect debris anyway? The rewards are slim,.. and the punishments are severe,.. kinda like gambling, no? Now i remember why being risk-averse is good. And it all comes back to me now, why i stopped collecting debris.  I mean,.. out of the 20 debris i collected, only 1 gave me a meagre hoard of mines, (500 or so), the bad debris made me lose 40 turns, the extremely bad one made me lose 10 off ALL my tech levels.

Do you still collect debris? Had good fortune in doing so?

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rambled by Langel around May 1, 2007 - 10:49 pm
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