May 26, 2004 - 7:42 am
Title: Wowweee! ^_^ More blog entries yay! =D

1st on the 'about to disappear' list is 'The Donald'

Hahaha! nah,.. i'm no magician and 'The Donald' didn't offend me, i read in a blog that 'The Donald' is a player with quite a distracting sense of humour in a game. Well, you can catch his irreverently funny entry in his blog here:

I gotta post the link here coz nowadays people are updating so fast that the list of recently updated blogs changes daily. so hopefully these links will save you one step instead of inconveniently going alphabetically to their profile.

Check out his blog for extremely spot-on descriptions of players. Darn wish i played in the tourney now... (if only to earn a moniker from 'the Donald'); --> Did you see yourself mentioned in The Donald's blog?

Anyway, there are 9 entries in his blog, and i suspect The Donald is maybe around 30 years old?

Max Griswald has just graduated from college! ohhhh wow. Well Max, i recommend you work for Cisco or Lucent Tech/Tyco Intl, then you can come and visit me in S'pore on the company's account in biz trips!

If anyone here has a job for an IT/Networking exec, do PM Max!

P.S. u're lucky u're not S'porean, Max =D over here, a jail term will ruin yer career prospects immediately. Then again, we don't jail people for driving too fast. Only when they actually hit someone... o.O

3. Tempest
* another well-measured blog entry
about advice on the darkelves server. still not sure if Tempest is a girl/guy... maybe i should PM him/her.

I don't think Tarnus/PJ/anyone in the top 10 of the tourney need to read Tempest's latest entry, but for newbies, it gives food for thought. =D I'm hoping for more gems and updates in future because this latest entry isn't ground-breaking for me.


4. Future Breed Machine is also graduating from college/uni in a few days! FBM and Max Griswald must be around the same age! ^_^


Awwight,.. now down to my own blog entry,.. am bein' bitten by mosquitoes here in Singapore whilst providing summaries for you guys. Ate too much chocolate so my blood is sweet i guess.

Am nearly catching up to 3rd place in the beta server, but rather bored and wish more good players were around. I don't mind kneeling in the exalted presence of excellent players and surpassed in rankings so long as they leave my planets alone. I don't want to be 3rd either when my competitors aren't very competitive.

But right now, only one of the renowns, Fiveyes (who seems quite friendly), is on the beta server in the top 10.

rambled by Langel around May 26, 2004 - 7:42 am
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