May 16, 2004 - 6:48 am
Title: Interesting stuff summarised from the last 5 entries of other blogs:

Panama Jack (PJ) has been working hard: ' I have learned alot of new things when it comes to using PHP and MySql the past week. One thing I learned is there are some things you can do hundreds of times faster in PHP compared to letting the database do it.

It's been a fun week.'

He has also been doing a lot of coding. Gosh,.. i wish there were such guys like him in S'pore.

He has also come up with a list of basic changes to the new game format. (dated May 7, 2004)I wish i could post it here, but it may be considered as plagarism, so i won't. Please go read his blog if you're interested.

Future Breed Machine
* has 4 very short breezy entries to his blog. Mainly a personal blog. He says this server has very good port prices:

* has long entries, and updates his blog once every 1-2 weeks. He/she writes very well and excitingly, and i can't really condense his/her last 5 entries,  but advise you to read them yourself whenever he/she updates.

* is kinda humourous in my opinion. He has only 1 blog entry, and this is it, 'Wow - I can't believe I'm in like 16 AATraders games.

That's on top of being the game admin of two others, & admin of the NGS game on cashglow.'

:lol: 16 AAT games!!! i only like to focus on one each time! (the max 3 in the beginning when i was enthusiastically learning) i don't have so much time to dedicate to so many different games....

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