May 3, 2004 - 7:00 pm
Title: Another cheater sysadmin?

CSimplex 05/03/2004 22:39
Yep i just find a BIG bonus

Csimplex's score went from 190,000 to 301,402 in just 4,000 turns. It's impossible because this is a very low priced port game. He just found a big bonus? Get real...  He may have, but he tweaked it somehow.

I must find a server where the sysadmin doesn't play. This is so unfair! It's improbable that a person with such a bad game history and ranking in more than 7 games (all lower middle to the bottom 20%), low efficiency rating before I logged out yesterday, can surpass me in terms of efficiency rating when I have kept a firm track of his progress.

As you may guess, I have resigned, and as Rasti says,.. when there are cheaters, it is simply no fun playing even if I can still be first with my skill. C'mon, the previous sysadmin found 1000 billion in credits once, and there was another debris which gave him 500 billion but i still beat him. I can still beat this one, but it is simply not worthwhile to prove myself in this small game. If he wants to be 1st, let him be first. I don't want to work extra hard to beat a cheater.  

Fortunately, i can just change my start up pages to another AAT server with my Opera.

I have this system whereby I line up all my pages/tabs in the window in the order that i like. So i just have the log in page, 2 galaxy local maps, 1 to keep track of the rankings, 1 to edit my trade routes. All in all, i used to have 7 csimplex pages, out of the 61 tabs i have lined up.  

I am emotionally drained tho',.. so i may not play the tourney after all. Even tho' i would have liked to play with a large team. I never wanted to be alone,.. previously Kai, Rasti, Twan suited me fine.

Say what you will, but Twan was very hardworking and he really worked hard for his score till he saw there was no chance of catching up with me hehe.

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rambled by Langel around May 3, 2004 - 7:00 pm
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