Aug 4, 2005 - 8:40 pm
Title: i don't like the 'a subject is required!'

I don't know how eudorabanks does it,..

i'm not irritated, just chaffed that i can't figure out how to get such an enviable e.r.,... my aim in any game, is not to be first, but to try to be the most efficient player in the fewest turns,... so it's not that i'm eating sour grapes at not being first,... i can't care less. As for ubex, i think he is simply a more efficient player than i am.

Could almost give up,... can anyone  PM any 'features' of 0.14 hehehe I promise i won't exploit them,.. or use them at all. Cross my heart. Call it intellectual curiousity. Or did PJ/TH ban telling too,... hmm,.. kinda remember them banning telling in the forums *sulks*


Xeven's gets his point across more lucidly in print than any 17 y/o American i know and 99% of the expats here in Singapore. Too bad I can't smell even a whiff of AAT in that potpourri.


Another entertaining blog entry by Big by the way it's titled,


ROFL.... Noobs just don't get it...

Have to say, readin' Big's past subject titles, he really does a nice flair for copy-writing and encapsulating the contents of his blogs.


Ak,... you're a genius! (even if you can't spell the word right)

For you,...

Mystery of Time & Space,... i solved that in 2002 so i'm not sure if i remember the solution,...

if that doesn't work,.. try this:

these were game other Chinese users played a few years ago and recommended it to me. If you've any you'd like to recommend to them, pls PM me.

The most frustrating one i hate:

Uninvited - The Quest for the Red Diamond


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rambled by Langel around Aug 4, 2005 - 8:40 pm
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