Jul 21, 2005 - 11:25 am
Title: A Subjeccccccct ios required

Am drunk,... can almost walk in a straight line. Almost Almonst..... oh no, just spotted a spelling error. Went to a pub called 'One Night Stand' because if i'm getting married next year, i won't be getting any more 'good' kisses. My fiance doesn't excite me with his kisses. With his touches yes.,... but he takes 30mins to get me to the peak. Or so. Other guys have taken only 2 mins. It's not dependent on the guy, it's the girl.... and yet,.. why can other guys get me excited faster?

I'm pleasantly buzzed,... wion't go to bed with any guys since he has proposed to me. So i've come home alone. Must play more AAT. Don't get me beat up in a game if i remind u of your girlfriend. I apologise if I've offended anyone. I am sdorry for being away for so long.

<Edit: I see Shermond has come back! Can't wait to read yoru blog,... but i'm rather rather loose in the head,...' >

<Edit 2: See lots aa changess,... see rss templates? rss teampltes? huh? must be rss newsefeeds.?> Why is there a need.... oh well,... let me bogo sign up a for a sierver and edit this really really ununcharactereistic blog entry. after that.> tomrorrow morning. TYes....

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rambled by Langel around Jul 21, 2005 - 11:25 am
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