Aug 3, 2005 - 10:21 pm
Title: Thank you Tarnus for your PM

altho' he didn't reveal any cheats ... and to PJ for trying out the Crimson room,.. trust me it works,... I'm also on this site by an ex-Opera browser employee (H-kon),.. and posted almost the same thread there. He also had trouble finding the safe combination. *pats PJ's head fondly* hehehe,...

I'm known as Gdrep there, because my chinese name sounds like 'good reputation', altho' the meaning is more feminine.

Wow,.. 1599 active profiles,... tried joining a spanish AAT server,... haven't gotten my confirmation email yet bah! But PJ & TH's AAT is making its presence felt,... don't think there was a spanish server before?


Ai chan updated her blog for the 1st time with a 1-liner 'I have no ideal of who is fighting who or why.' There's more in her profile page, than her blog page actually.

i've PMed her with my answer.


BW,... ahhh,.. my friend,... he's suitably thankful to Alf, and looks forward to to another tourney with AAT stalwarts.  He also appreciate's Big's support hehehe,.. Big has mellowed!


Phaser begs a leave of absence from us for suitably worthy causes,... well,.. at least he explains unlike some others hehehe,.. everyone who faces real life probs,... could do it like Rasti does,.. and garner support from us as an internet community.

By the way,.. did FBM post in his blog that he is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl called Miyavi?


stalker is from Latvia, and his 1st post is a self-intro,... he's been playing AAT for 2 years.


rampage is from PA, USA,...

nice bites of AAT-related blog entries.


neongreen is another responsible AAT member,... who doesn't leave us hanging by informing us he'll still be contactable via email. He'll be kinda busy in the next few months.

Caught up with his past blog entries,... nice one on subliminal messages he


Darthvaderrocks is a joke. Maybe he just joined for the free blog?


Rama's virgin entry reveals he's from the military,...


Sorry can't type more as i've to work in 10 mins.

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rambled by Langel around Aug 3, 2005 - 10:21 pm
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