Jun 24, 2004 - 11:55 am
Title: A summary of

Big updated 4 times since i last reported yesterday:

Big has a classy clean blog, with nice bold letters where it matters when he wants emphasis.

If u remember, the last time you read Big's blog was when he told us how he chose his username, as well as confirming what we already knew about his playing style.

In the 1st update since tho' on Jun 23, 2004 - 4:41am, he reports that he's under attack by a few players on the DarkElves server, namely Chriton (who is he? he doesn't have a profile under that username!) and Tempest.


In his 2nd update, he tries to strike fear into our hearts by telling us that he tried out a new planet tending strategy, and it turned out fine in Darkelves. :>

In his 3rd update, he evaluates the tourney settings on the main server.

In his 4th update, a personal message to Tunder (nope i didn't mispell it, alas he might have) as well as a listing of teams he considers strong. :]


Black Panter updated twice

is from Norway,.. one of my favourite countries His English reminds me of olde Britanny (the middle ages) though lol! (Chaucerian period) I had simple pure fun figuring out his first update


In his 2nd update, he was agonizing about bein' up against the better players and surviving for 8 weeks.


Tarnus has a jingle-like title for his latest entry, 'Something Wicked this way comes!' I approve heartily!

Unfortunately, when it came to the .wav files, i had to give them a pass, as my sound card is spoilt.

If u're signing up for the tourney, kindly do so as soon as possible so that any possible probs can be reported to PJ. And beware! Tarnus is on the warpath hehe



PJ updated twice:

1st update: New detailed trade goods and routes implemented. Energy, SDs can also be traded. [Help me,.. oooh my pauvre weak mind! it boggles!]

2nd update: Change in graphics code in the AAT templates. also for the default blog template, it can't have the 'quote text' functionality yet.


Thank you PJ for your spurt in vitality to finish all these in 1 go!


lol! it was amusing reading Phaser's blog. i usually don't look at whose blog i'm reading when i click on it and i thought i was reading Tempest's blog coz the blogger was talking about planets maxing during the night hahaha

Now that's the sort of catchphrase you usually hear from Tempest.

Phaser is urging us to join the AAT game @ www.csimplex.com and please,.. if you do find my ship,.. i was shocked to see that i hadn't be killed yet, i don't mind being killed this time so that you can rise in score. The host is a great guy too!  I'm working 14 hour days at times as a piano teacher,.. so i just returned home and am too tired to check more than a third of the Slow Game settings @ Teo's. So i do log in to give CSimplex my support, but i'm not moving my ship off its big fat butt.

Humour is injected when Phaser talks about neongreen as his teammate in the tourney. And Phaser says good luck to everyone,.. what with the strong teams in the tourney.




Dilvish updated for the first time. because he asked in his blog, i PMed him telling him that 300k beginning can still be found on www.csimplex.com

He's playing on the Czech server currently. Well dilvish, if you could also sign up for the slow game i'm gonna start in a couple of days, i would appreciate it! ^_^ it starts with 600k i think tho',..



The Donald talks about the chatroom yea i popped into it a few times during the last tourney, but the people in there just ignored me lol so i never went back.

But anyway, i see 4 people in there now,.. http://profiles.aatraders.com/irc.php

Maybe you're one of them?

Anyway, The Donald has been practising nova bombing, as well as suffering the repercussions of borrowing from the IGB. He's still a magnet for snakes and his mom is one finalist at the
41st Pillsbury Bake Off on the 28th and 29th of June.

FBM from the UK is hunting for a job and a game server.



Lol! Kwae Zar,.. we chinese are very humble,.. we use the smaller 'i' and we don't capitalise names

Read Kwae Zar's blog for a scan of what he and Phaser conversed about, his doing well in D/E, a sincere note of thanks to Tempest and the best shout box quote he found



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