Jul 4, 2004 - 10:25 pm
Title: Recent Updates

Due to Tempest's wish that I give feedback on his blog entry titled, 'Secrets & Lies - Building A Lair', I will do so first. (Even tho' Max Griswald is in the most in danger of disappearing from the 'recent updates' list]


* Anyone who wants to join Tempest's team may like to read his blog entries very well, so that both can be on a the same wavelength and lingo. There are conclusions we arrive at about how to evade detection, but with Tempest around, we arrive at the same conclusions quicker haha!

I for one, didn't practise point 4. but now I will.

6a requires a couple of reads, but you'll ultimately understand it. And for point 4, i think there's an error in the last sentence. But that's because it really requires a lot of effort to put into words how the mind works unconsciously. [But did you know that Tempest is losing weight because his mind is working so diligently? your brain burns a lot more calories when it's working actively] And I think only Tempest has the ability to really write so cogently. 7a. needs to be broken up into at least 2 paragraphs.

i'd want to take Tempest to task for not mentioning Opera, when it has a larger userbase than Mozilla & FF & Safari combined. But that's because i'm the chinese moderator for Opera. So,.. haha!

So, Tempest, we all look forward to your next segment on 'Attacking Lairs'.

Tempest also wants more feedback on his updates. Please PM him if you want to comment/ask for clarification.

Also Tempest, CSimplex got his server hacked into,.. hence he had to reset his game. It's too bad too, as he had a good game going with many many players. Did you hear about it, hence your most recent update?



Max Griswald is playing a lone game in the tourney. However, he's achieved 10th place! I wonder how much is due to reading Tempest's blog religiously lol! ^_^


P.S. But of course individual effort does count for at least 70% probably imho.


Dilvish updated with a long list of questions which he also posted on the AAT forum, so that's alright coz most of them were answered satisfactorily.



CSimplex is hosting a new game as his server got hacked into:



Big has an entertaining entry. I found it self-deprecating, and it has a nice flow about how generous he is, and what winning wins to him.



Diablo tells us his fatal mistake in the tourney, and he wishes his teammate Bottom Gun all the best, as well as sending well-wishes to 'The Donald'.



Lol! The last paragraph in The Donald's blog has me chuckling. Anyway, good that The Donald is surviving in the tourney.


FBM suggests a kind of fan area for AAT. I can understand about artwork, but I'm not sure if fanfiction is feasible, because AAT kinda lacks characters. I mean,.. the Federation/Alliance ships are NPCs...


besides, in fanfiction, there's romance, horror, drama, humour...  horrorific and dramatic tales may be concocted. But the blogs do good accounts at times of suspenseful thrillers. So,.. i promise to PM you FBM, if i come across a blog account which is written in the style of a fan fic.

P.S. You all may want to check out fanfiction.net or *ahem* adultfanfiction.net

P.P.S. FBM is one of a few players who rely heavily on music to set an engaging background to play AAT on.


Namibia seems an old hand at AAT, even though that's just his/her short 1st blog entry, as s/he mentions missing the excitement Bovine provides.

Namibia has a personal message for Kwae Zar, so if you're Kwae Zar, go peeek at the blog.


P.S. Namibia,.. you spend 8 hours on AAT? my goodness...


Common Spelling Errors:

Using [wrong] 'loose' and 'loosing' instead of [correct] 'lose' and 'losing'

my pet peeve: 'tourny' [wrong] instead of 'tourney' [correct]

'Availible' (or other incorrect variants) instead of 'available'

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