Jul 4, 2004 - 8:15 pm
Title: I had wanted to leave, and was able to.

The disrespect by removing my attachment in the forums, when I said it'll only be a one-time thing, besides being only a 100k attachment. We all want to know we are worth something. To know that I'm not even worth the space that viewing a 100k attachment will take is too much! Chinese know that rules can be bent/keep one eye closed due to friendships, but as some westerners do not apply this way of life, it is not worth a reciprocal gift of politeness and favour.

I don't mean to be controversial, as a Chinese, we really value friendships. I have American friends in their 30s and 40s who count me as their only close friend in Singapore because I make them happy with emotional and practical support. But, when I need help, they don't understand their duty as a friend to provide what I need, even when I state it *explicitly*. They just wait and say,'hope you are fine blah blah'. I find that selfish, whereas just casual acquaintances on my cellular phone will read that same text message, and provide the feeling that they care.  

In Singapore, we have clans according to family names/geography. It's not necessarily true that blood is thicker than water here in Singapore because there's the saying that, the more friends you have, the bigger your family becomes. However, the bad thing about some people, is that it's not worth it being their 'family' because they don't know how to treat their family right in the first place.

The best people I think to befriend are Indians, Australians, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwan Chinese, Malaysian Chinese and S'porean Chinese. (not necessarily mainland Chinese from China [unless they are from the south] because the Cultural Revolution has largely shaken their honorable traditions) In real life, in certain partying circles, S'pore is socially cosmopolitan, so that different nationalities are woven into part of your life. Especially as a piano teacher, I get to teach expatriate children, both western and asian ones.

Anyway, you may not be interested in that, so I'll tell you that only FBM, Tempest reached out to me when I wasn't around. C?dric is also v. friendly. As is Alf. Also, the PMs newbies send to me asking for advice, I need to answer. The people are the only reasons why I came back. Otherwise, the game has ceased to hold my attention.

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rambled by Langel around Jul 4, 2004 - 8:15 pm
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