Jun 13, 2004 - 3:38 am
Title: 55th entry

Actually I had updated last night after i returned from work at 11p.m. +, before I slept.

However, due to my overtiredness, i closed my Opera internet browser before I saved the entry. Now... Opera can do lotsa things including open closed windows exactly the way it was last time. However, i was too tired to realise my mistake until i re-logged in as usual and discovered to my dismay that i didn't save my update. Thus i've to re-do everything! ^_^


Neongreen updated twice.

It seems that on the game server his playing on (which is sometimes down http://www.goodrich-oh.us/aatrade/ ), 1GB is the way to go, not planets coz you can earn 10b per tick it seems.

Lol! It seems Neongreen  wants to be on a rampage on both the blog hit charts and the server he's on.


Read Phaser's account of his joint effort with Big to attack Fiveyes!


[ Warning: not a happy story (]


FBM updated (Future Breed Machine)

A gaily written entry about FBM's spell on this server: http://www.thevikingsaatraders.janddhosting.com/aatrade/index.php

Also a short denunciation of the British National Party and a lamenting prediction of England's chances against France in soccer.


Ryan updated.. woohoo! a new face! ^_^ i was so eager to read his blog. Turns out that he came across this game whilst browsin' through artistic concepts.



Panama Jack updated.

Bad news i'm afraid... (at least in my opinion)...

The essence of it is that there will be fewer planets bein' created at the beginning. And the price of Planet Genesis Devices is to be multiplied 100x eventually.



Common mistakes:

Damnit not 'Dammit'

Strategist not 'Stratetigist'

Blatantly not 'Blantently'

Incredibly not 'Incredably'


P.S. Differences between Brit & American English will be ignored. Abbreviations, short-forms in spelling etc. are allowed.

P.P.S. I'm not some high-falutin' player here. For e.g. (i think it was) Max Griswald who said that some of the blogs hurt his eyes, and so i looked at my last entry,.. and saw that i could be one of the guilty culprits. And so from then on, i stuck to the normal font colour, instead of tryin' to distinguish my blog usin' BB codes.

rambled by Langel around Jun 13, 2004 - 3:38 am
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