Jun 4, 2004 - 9:45 pm
Title: I look upon the fact that FBM's blog has recently

been updated with much anticipation,.. =D however, as i read the bottom most (the ones gonna disappear from the recently updated list first) and he's at the top,.. it means that i'm reading and updating on his blog entry last. =D


Well,.. Kwae Zar updated us on a v. testosterone-driven entry: (ever wondered if Kwae Zar is a woman? coz his/her profile pic is of a woman)


Even tho' he/she lost his ship, the entry doesn't sink into the morass of self-pity.


Yet another plug for the server Diablo plays in... i think whoever attains the loyalty of Diablo is blessed. I think it's the 3rd time or so that Diablo has praised his server and the programmers and whoever behind it.


But besides the plug, there's also a hunk of meat in the content, so go chew on it!

P.S. No Diablo,.. i'm not a newspaper reporter,... altho' I'm editor for some youth and community newsletters


Ooohhhh FBM is doing good, and that AAT is takin' his mind off things. However, i found out from his blog that he has younger siblings, and given that FBM is only in his early 20s,..



:cries: i don't have much time to dedicate to AAT coz i'm working! so even tho' Adera is a newbie, she's 1st (and i'm 2nd). but what the heck, she deserves it, she spends more time on AAT than I can.

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rambled by Langel around Jun 4, 2004 - 9:45 pm
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