Jun 11, 2004 - 11:14 am
Title: *cough coughhhh* --- ooooh... i'm soooo ill! =(((

anyway,.. i'm still =( down with cough *sob sob*...

But before I proceed with the usual update, can you all please note some rules of the English language?

Common mistakes

1. You shouldn't be using 'your'
* when you actually should be using you are, you were or you're

2. Mistaking one similar sounding word for another e.g. using 'bare' instead of 'bear'

3. tourny instead of the correct word 'tourney' or another alternative -- 'tournament'  


Now,.. to proceed with the updates.

I just caught sight of Max Griswald's blog edit title. hehehe... Max may have a healthy ego, entitling his latest entry, 'a very well said blog', but in this case, it's well-justified.

If you're in the Darkelves server, and want to know how far you have to go before you can loom in =D Big or 5'eyes footsteps,... here's the blog to read!


P.S. Max, trust me =^_^= I don't think you need to look farther than the end of this month for your blog to be in the top 10 blogs =D!


Alf updated!

You know, it's really refreshing with all these new backdrops for the blogs. I really appreciate it for one. For e.g. it's really a nice jolt to the system to go from Max Griswald's blog to Alf's because of the change in colour....

Anyway, Alf's server is enjoying a successful revival! =P


It has good port prices and nice fairly unusual settings.

I wish i could join you Alf! But by the time I come back home from teaching, it's 11.30p.m. usually. I've only one day to play AAT, and that's on tues.. hmm... maybe I should start looking for those really really really slow turn games!
That way only playing once a week will not put me @ a disadvantage (errrk! hahahaha!)

Anyway, Alf is lookin' for a partner in the new tourney Well,.. if Big partners Alf or 5'i's... err... lololz!!! Or Tarnus or Tempest! Then the other teams may have to find some place in the corner of the galaxy to hide hehe!


A v. nice ditty by Diablo... =D



P.S. Regardin' my editorial suggestions,.. i hope i didn't offend anyone. Those are really common mistakes though. I dated an American high-flyer for a few months, and he always made the first mistake that was mentioned in his emails and phone messages.

Having said that, having a well-written blog does much to enhance the enjoyment of the reader.

Kudos to everyone!

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rambled by Langel around Jun 11, 2004 - 11:14 am
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