May 29, 2004 - 8:44 am
Title: 33rd update:

Future Breed Machine updated:

He wants to know if he's the only Brit out there, and to PM him your views on a tax system. He's playing @:

almost exclusively.

wespennest updated for the first time and his blog had 7 views.

He's conquering zoid's former empire--now independant because Zoid did the unthinkable and self-destructed @

Well, if i were you, Zoid, I would tell my team mates where my planets are b4 i self-destruct. So that savagers will not get their hands on your beautiful planets.


ANNIHILATION updated with a blog entry titled,'MY COMEBACK VOL 2'

Now,.. who can resist readin' an entry with that title? lololz =D

Congrats ANNIHILATION! yr blog has reached the 100 views mile-stone! ^_^

Diablo edited his blog,.. nothing much this time. Lookin' forward to his next update tho', if only he shares his knowledge like Tempest does.


I self-destructed. By deliberately selecting the 'leave' option, but before i went, i told Pajique my planets, so he has a much healthy blip on his ratings now.

Before i left tho', i tried to invite Snoopy so that Pajique will not be lonely.

I'm now serverless hahaha! ^_^ I serve no one hehe =D my time is my own, and i chose to use the extra time i would have used to chalk up on ratings to call my old friends from primary school. That's junior school for you americans! ^_^

I arranged to go salsa dancin' with 4 other girlfriends and my boyfriend. Salsa dancin' vs AAT... right now, i would choose salsa dancing,.. especially since the next tourney )2 to a team) doesn't hold an appeal for me.

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