May 28, 2004 - 3:38 am
Title: 30th entry

What a way to start the 30th entry!

You have come upon a booby trapped Nova Bomb. It explodes destroying your ship. Fortunately you have an escape pod.


Seven updated. It's his 1st entry, and totally personal, and non-AAT. Seems that he has diabetes and probably Limes (Lyme's) Disease. I was quite concerned about the latter, as i knew nothing about it. It doesn't occur in S'pore that i know of. So here's a good article url if you wanna check it out:'s%20Disease

I'm not surprised one of us has diabetes here. More americans have diabetes per capita than any other country in the world. the statistics are alarming. And there are many americans playin' AAT.

Those readin' this may wanna exercise regularly for fun and fitness like i do.


Tempest updated!

For those of you who *haven't* been readin' Tempest's blog, here it is:

For those of you who have been readin' Tempest's blog,  go here:

I learnt something new! ^_^ And this entry is really well written,.. go read it! ^_^ (P.S. I now have a heartiest respect for Canadians =D)

(That's not to say that i didn't have a respect for Canadians previously, but the only Canadians i have come across in my small country was the bald guy, Colin in Whose Line Is It Anyway (hosted by Drew Carey) and the band leader in David Letterman)


Now comes my self-absorbed monologue to 'the enemy out there':

Darn you! i had a level 29 endeavour,.. + the others were maxxxxxxxed out =(

and an eff rating of 27,.. now i shudder to look what my eff rating will be... =(


Okay i looked,.. and my eff rating is 17! =( even bein' 3rd in the blog chart doesn't helpppp me... let me drown in my miseryyyyyy.

haiz,.. should i self-destruct out of pride and leave pajique alone?


And even worse! Before i pick up every debris, i always keep all cash in the 1GB,.. but for the first time! i made a mistake! =(
Instead of depositing: 14,885,617,102 credits,.. i left out the 2 at the end... =( which (and let me spell out for you) i only deposited 1,488,561,710 OUCH!


Okay,.. let's see if i can still get 3rd after i use up all 8000 turns,... =D (i'm now like 6th! erkk....)

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