May 31, 2004 - 3:35 am
Title: Firstly,

he is a fool. He didn't play for weeks on this server as he claimed. I was the first player who logged in just a couple of hours after the server started. He joined about half an hour after i did.

Even then, he was foolish and wasted turns.

Secondly, he didn't analyse the settings, and know where the profit is to be made.

Thirdly, I'm no 'dude',..! Call me a dudette,.. but i'm not a dude, dumbo!

Someone needs to hex him for me.

Someone needs to put this pathetic newbie in his place,.. and if he doesn't resign, i'm gonna crush him with much pleasure, because after politely explaining to him, this is what he says,

Message Sender Trader 2004-05-31 10:24:12
Captain of the Avrora
Subject RE: RE:
what ever you are a cheat!!


C'mon! The settings are there for everyone! It's not some darn debris where it's cloudy. The settings are so darn transparent. What can i say,.. he is a fool.

Anyone mediocre like me can get an efficiency rating of over 1000, i bet if Fiveyes/FakeCajun/Tempest/Big or those big players,.. they'd be getting twice my efficiency level at 2000 coz i'm lazy. Whereas they are hardworking!

Here are the settings for the unbelieving:

gb Interest rate per update 0.005
igb Loan rate per update 0.06
Tech Level upgrade for Bases 2
Colonists Limit 100,000,000
Maximum number of accumulated turns 800,000
Maximum number of planets per sector 5
Maximum number of traderoutes per player 400
Colonist Birth Rate 0.5
Unit of Energy used per sector fighter 0.006
Sector fighter degradation percentage rate 0.5
Maximum number of spies per planet 10
Spy success factor 1.0
Spy kill factor 1.0
Colonists needed to produce 1 Fighter each turn 4
Colonists needed to produce 1 Torpedo each turn 4
Colonists needed to produce 1 Ore each turn 2
Colonists needed to produce 1 Organics each turn 2
Colonists needed to produce 1 Goods each turn 2
Colonists needed to produce 1 Energy each turn 1
Colonists needed to produce 1 Credits each turn

Ticks happen every 5 minutes
turns every 25 turns every 5 minutes
5 minutes
Interests on igb accounts will be accumulated every 1440 minutes
News will be generated every 5 minutes
Planets will generate production every 2 minutes
Spies will act every 2 minutes
Ports will regenerate every 2 minutes
Ships will be towed from fed sectors every 10 minutes
Rankings will be generated every 30 minutes
Sector Defences will degrade every 10 minutes
The planetary apocalypse will occur every 1440 minutes
Planetary Independance 1440 minutes
Dignitaries will act every 2 minutes

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